Classroom Scandal

Classroom Scandal

Murmuring amongst the living dead

She progresses with extreme dignity

Here & there & god knows where

She moves like a wind seen very rare

I stop, I gaze & I breathe out

She intercepts, she feels & shouts loud

The mask is off the stone cold face

The burden too heavy to resume the race

I am off the road, into the wild

Walking amongst the rest like a forbidden child


JSS Whereabouts

Whereabouts of JSS known for their particular specialty or they can be.Enjoy.

CENTRAL COURTYARD: Careful, you may fall in love here.

you may fall in love here
you may fall in love here

If Kashmir is the heaven of earth then surely CC is the heaven of JSS. If late Yash Chopra had seen JSS courtyard, he would have shot an entire movie on a single set. How romantic would that scene have been when Sharukh and Kajol reanimate the DDLJ’s mustard field iconic scene in JSS central courtyard!- “Sharukh is sprinting in slow motion from the R.O. plant and Kajol is approaching him from FC and both embrace at the centre of the central courtyard.” But Alas! This couldn’t happen. But no worries, if you are at courtyard, you may witness many Sharukh and Kajol of JSS on the round tree-platforms.
Oh! I was about to end this here. How could I forget the 8:00pm courtyard? #uncensored

MPH footsteps: Hacker’s circuit

Hacker's curcuit
Hacker’s curcuit

It’s a more like a place where you may find some kind of DJ personalities or some sort of software hackers with headphone on, wearing loose t-shirt, with carefully done careless hairs, sitting with a group of 5 to 8 coolest guys and girls of JSS, doing some B-Boing kind of stuff and challenging each other to copy their moves. Okay. Ye jyada ho gaya. So what? We all have enough Michal Jackson inside us to woo a girl, At least those who are regularly spotted at MPH footsteps.

R.O. PLANT: Where waiting is worthy

where waiting is worthy
where waiting is worthy

What? Your class has lasted before your friend’s? Don’t worry and don’t bore. JSS presents a perfect place for waiting purposes. R.O. Plant. Here you sit. You gossip. You wait. You stare. Yeah you stare, don’t you? If it is 4:30, it’s girl’s hostel reloading time. (I know you are blushing now). 5’5”, 5’4”, 5’6” moon, stars pass in front of you and makes your wait worth. Each girl passing through wants to ask you same thing, ‘you don’t come here to wait only, do you?’

FC: Your bunk will find its reason here

Bunk finds its reason here
Bunk finds its reason here

Wants to bunk a class for no reason whatsoever? FC is ready with its cheap, fresh and hot samosas (chatni free) and with a reason for bunking a class. All you have to do is escape from the class like you have planted a bomb in it. Sprint to FC like you are the next Usain Bolt. Set your hairs in the glazed gate of FC as you will get a lot of attention of opposite gender, much to your interest, in the next moment. Finance your 7 rupees in priceless samosa. Occupy the most undetectable seat of FC where no one could find you with your samosa. Don’t only eat it, feel it, feel it till each mole of it forego its existence in your saliva. With the last bite of it you will succeed in giving a reason to your unreasonable bunk.



“Do you ever put your arms out and spin and spin and spin? Well that’s what love is like. Everything around you tells you to stop before you fall, but you just keep going. “

From Shikha’s View……

I did not know when I fell asleep that night…..

“Believe me Raj, you’ll be fine.” I was holding his hand and was dragging him in rain.

“You know me Shikha, I don’t bath in rain. I fell ill.” He was resisting himself from coming in rain.

We were standing on a bus stop when it started raining. I loved rain as it gives me more time to spend with Raj before going to home from college. I always think that rain is a shower of life, life starts to blossom in rain. Rain is a blessing of god but for Raj it’s just a part of water cycle which makes him ill often.

“Do you believe me Raj?” I can notice his belief in his eyes. He was ready to give away everything to me. His fear was fading and love was blossoming in his eyes.

I was lost in his eyes, in his deep blackish eyes. I was feeling as if entering into a dark cave without fear; without knowing where it will end, but only believing that in the end everything will be good. It was the first time I experienced the feeling to be spell bounded. When I regained my senses I found myself under the shower of rain. This was the best feeling I had in many years. When fast moving drops of water strikes on your eye lids, you feel something, something very strange. I sensed the same feeling in Raj, he was happy with me. He was lost in the shower. He was trying to look at the cloud and thank them and apologize from them for being so rude with him. Now he was looking at me. But I was not there.

Raj’s eyes were searching for me but I was there, on the empty road. I was dancing. My head was enjoying every drop falling on his face, hands open and I was turning round and round and round.

‘She is beautiful’, his heart said to me. I smile to admire his thought. He smiled in return. We looked to each other without any talks because if we talk our hearts will feel disturbed in their conversation.

He was wearing white pants-shirt and was standing under a yellow street light. Well in that yellow light his muscular body was looking just like a mountain covered with snow, with a hint of sunlight. Oh, I can’t describe it, it makes me feel shy.

My mother always narrated me a story that on the first rain of season, princes come on earth. I never believed her but now I can say, she was right. My prince was right in front of me.

“Will you dance with me?” I forwarded my hand towards him.

He forwarded his one hand towards my hand and he put another hand on my shoulder. I smiled and corrected his hand position. I took his hand from my shoulder to my waist. He was feeling conscious to touch me there. I felt shy and lowered my eyes.

He came closer a bit. I can now smell his breath. At that moment I felt true happiness, the true joy, the true life. I sensed that ‘Yes I am alive.’ My eyes and his eyes were lost in each other’s depth and the rain was playing the background music for us.

Then started our legs moment and with that we started to dance. We don’t know when rain stopped and moon came out from the clouds to see us dancing on an empty road under the street light.

“I love you, Shikha.” His eyes said to me.

“I love you too, Raj.” My eyes replied. It is true enough that when two people are in true love, words stop to talk and eyes takes over the task.

Then he forwarded his lips and he kissed me. That was my first kiss so it has to be a long one. Our kiss got interrupted with his sneezing. He was caught by cold.

I started to laugh and then he joined me too. He put his hand on my wrist and grabbed me tightly and with laughing and smiling, we forwarded on the roads.


I was smiling that night when I woke up. My father was in front of me with tears in his eyes and a smile on his face. He was fully dressed for the occasion.

Smiles faded just like the smoke in the air and a drop trickled down my eye when I realized that I was sitting for my marriage there. Pandit was chanting his mantras and the man sitting next to me is quietly listening to him. Everyone was happy, except me.

I miss you Raj………………… Why did you go so far??????????





Absolute Laugh

Absolute Laugh


Make me laugh like an innocent child

Not very vivid, just the usual mild

Skipping all the agony, all the pain

A laugh so rare as the autumn rain

Make me forget the worst of my nightmares

Refresh me like cold water dripping through hairs

A laugh so real it accompanies every joy

To enjoy the moment like a kindergarten boy

Make me believe that joy is life

Joy so pure like the rama’s wife



4th installment of the series Seven Ages…..

The car hit me so hard that I fell on road after taking three bounces. Sudden immense pain took over all my senses in control. Then slowly my mind started dreaming, dreaming of her; Shikha.


My eyes were slowly shutting down. The last scene I remember was of opening of gates of car. From the driving seat, a well suited worried man came out and from other seat Shikha came out.


I smiled after seeing her, she cried after seeing me………………………


2 years later………

Evening, the most beautiful time of the day. This is the time from when you start to think of yourself. I loved to sit in the children’s park in evening and see smiles on everyone’s faces. I have learnt a lot in some days, one of which is, you always try to search the thing in other’s life, which you are deprived of! Maybe the same thing I was doing there.

Today also I was following the same routine in evening. I took my favorite bench and got lost in children’s play. Suddenly a plastic ball landed on my feet. I took it in my hand and saw a beautiful girl of age about 5 or 6 came running towards me asking for the ball. She was really cute.

“Can I have my ball please?” She said in a very babyish voice. Oh, she was damn cute.

“No, you cannot have it unless you tell me your name.”

“First you give me my ball, then I will tell you my name.” she knew this game. She was a smart child.

I gave her ball. She started running backwards when I took her hand to stop her.

“Hmmm….. Cheating, tell me your name now.” I was feeling good to talk with someone after a long time. I had a smile on my face as well as on my weeping heart.


Smile vanished after hearing the name. I let her go. My heart’s wounds again got green after hearing this name. This name has taken away everything from me. Every night I see nightmares of this girl; every day I wonder why this name brings live flashes in front of my eyes. WHO THE HELL IS SHIKHA?????

On the day of accident……

2 years back (From writer’s view)

Shikha and her father took Raj to the hospital. He was critical. After several hours, doctors came out of Operation Theatre with the news that Raj is now alright but because of head injuries he had lost his memory.

When Raj refused to know Shikha, Shikha felt totally broken inside. Her father decided to take her away from Raj for the betterment of both and in the mean while Raj’s parents took Raj to London, so that Raj could start everything from new point.

But this eternal love story will not end like this………

Though everything looks to be perfect,

There’s still something lost.

What I have done so wrong,

That it seems that I am paying the cost…

Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces

Life in its crystal form

More of like shattered glass

Each piece having its own image

So versatile yet so brutal

Magnificent & rendering with age

Interrelated within the frame

Not as pieces but bitsy cage

The stories, the emotions bound intact

As on a wimpy diary’s page



Third installment of Seven Ages- The Series….. ENJOY!!!

(Beginning of SEVEN AGES- THE LOST)

“I love you.” I said to Shikha while lying on floor of the back stage of our college with her. We both were tired so were just relaxing after everyone was gone. We were the organizers of the drama society of our college.

When I noticed that she didn’t respond to what I just said, I took her hand and pressed it with passion and again said, “I love you, Shikha.”

“I know that, Raj.” She took a pause. She was totally not in mood. “But my parents still are unaware of that.”

Now I came to know the reason behind this ‘not in mood drama’. She was still angry on me for not going to his father to talk about our relationship. Shikha loved her father a lot so she doesn’t want to hide anything from her father. She wanted me to talk with him. Although she had already convinced her father for our relationship but he wanted to meet me for once and I was really scared of it, so I always try to dodge over it.

Shikha knew that now her overacting can destroy the mood of both of us, so she finally speaks. “Hey Raj, he just want to talk to you, nothing else.” She was talking in a tone just like you speak to your dog. She continued, “Be a man, Raj. He’s not going to bite you.” She slapped me in fun and started to run. I was behind her………


“Hello sir. I am Raj. I love your daughter sir.” No this is not working.

“Hello sir. I am Raj. I and Shikha, we both love each other. We can’t live without each other.” Too filmy.

“Pranam pitaji……….” Pitaji, who the hell talk like that?

Even the mirror was tired now. If he could, he would have definitely killed me for those rehearsals.


“What the f**k?” these shitty sentences always comes out from your mouth when you try to become over smart. I was standing in front of Shikha’s door; I wanted to give her surprise that I was ready to meet her father but I myself got surprised to see a big lock hanging on her door.

“Where are you?” I called her. She told that they were in a restaurant and were coming back. I sat on the stairs in front of her house.

I was cursing myself when I realized that night is not a good time to meet to the father of your girlfriend. In the mean while I heard a glass fell inside Shikha’s house. I tried to sneak peak though window of her house. I found that some people were inside her house. Thieves, I thought. I thanked god for this opportunity. What a nice way to meet future father in law.

I was planning to attack thieves when I heard a scream from someone’s house. “Chor, chor………”, then the same voice from other house. I was confused how they can see the thieves from such a distance.

Now slowly, slowly the clouds of confusion started to move away from my mind when I saw dozens of men running in my direction. “What the…..” I was the thief for them.

My brain ordered me to run; forget about the real thief, forget about meeting future father in law, just run to save your life.

I knew that I have screwed everything. I was just running furiously down the street till I met an accident………

The car hit me so hard that I fell on road after taking three bounces. Sudden immense pain took over all my senses in control. Then slowly my mind started dreaming, dreaming of her; Shikha.


My eyes were slowly shutting down. The last scene I remember was of opening of gates of car. From the driving seat, a well suited worried man came out and from other seat Shikha came out.


I smiled after seeing her, she cried after seeing me………………………