…I Trapped Her

i trapped her

14 February
10:00 pm

Valentine Slam page
1. Name three things which you want to see in in your bf?
2. *With whom you want to fall in love?
3. What is your fantasy?
(* special attention)
And so on……. (I don’t remember all questions).That was the message I sent her in all in the mood nothing-gonna-be-wrong. She replied,” ………, “with my crush” and …….”respectively. (I also don’t remember the answers of the questions whichever I remember.)

We were playing truth and dare through sms. i usually play that with her because she always lose and i love that.

“Ask your question. It will decide the level of game,” I messaged her.

“Who is your last crush?” she started with the most common first question in t&d.

“I was expecting this but as a matter of fact you knew her name.” (She actually knew).

“k..then your turn next.” She replied. As if she had completed the formality of setting the level indeed. Although I was expecting the question but wasn’t aware of this kind of feedback of my answer. She was playing like professionals. No distraction. Concentrated on the game. I don’t think M.S. Dhoni had been such oriented while winning the world cup.

“k. Who is your latest crush?” I simply followed the level set by her with no anticipation. But however, it turned too big to her. She quit in just second question.

“Abhishek I can’t answer this,” she could manage herself to write this. Although I was not so anticipated with my question yet somehow, it turned into a tricky one. First time I smelt something wrong.

“Why, what happened?” flood gates were wide enough to flow out my testosterone and I started bombarding question after question and every time she denied. Few more smashes and she verbalized my name which I had sensed earlier. But one thing still makes me amazed. That’s fine I asked her to play t&d but who said that play it fairly?

But anyway she did what she could. Now it was my turn because that was nothing. Main attack had to be come into action when I asked, ”what about 2nd question of slam page?” I had trapped her.

“We’ll talk tomorrow”, message came after 15 minutes.

WHT ABT 2ND QU.,” I repeated. I don’t know what was she thinking? But I was in the sense of achievement.

We’ll talk tomorrow na.” she also repeated with 1 extra ‘na’.

“Does she need time? May be she does. She is a shy girl and not so spontaneous so perhaps she needs time to prepare her script to re-grip the situation. But my trap is too big to get rid of that. haha..” With all these thoughts i granted her time. “k… but please clear all this.” I sent this and got into my blanket. It was about 12 o clock and valentine day was lasted successfully.

Next day, i woke up and before that i could open my eyes i looked my cell which was flashing one message. It was her. It came at 3:00am. Four words were glowing in it. I LOVE YOU Abhishek.

Disclaimer: All the characters and incident of this story are completely fictitious. Resemblance to any person living or dead or any incident is purely coincidental. :p




At last the moment came for which I was waiting for so long. I rushed to grab my webcam because I want to hold this moment with me for rest of my life; I want this moment to remain in front of my eyes ever.

He was trying to stand on his feet, wow. My son Gaurav was about to take his first step independently on the floor. This is the most amazing scene for any mother in this world and this feeling brought tears in my eyes.

He first stands still for a while, gave a look to me, smiles by showing his newly came front teethes and then strikes his first leg on to the ground. When he lifts his second leg, he starts to loose balance; my heart starts to beat harder. Gaurav rushes towards me just like a toy car which has loosened his control.

I grabbed my baby with happiness and hoped that he will remain with me just like now……………………….


“Mom, I have filled all the required entries.” I listened to Gaurav quietly. “And I will visit you frequently.” He was feeling embarrassed, I knew that. Who will like to stand with his mother in an old age home? After the death of my husband, I was a kind of burden on him and his carrier. The cruel looks of other oldies, like me, was killing him. He wanted to leave the place as soon as possible.

He said bye, and moved back. My heart called him several times but he didn’t look back. My heart called his name for the last time and he looked back. He came near me and said, “I have left my contact number here, if you need anything just call me.” That last sentence of him made my tears to flow down. I wanted to say that ‘I need you’ but there was no one to listen. I watched him leave the room.

I wept a lot that night. After that I took the webcam again and watched my Gaurav, not my 25 years old Gaurav but my 25 months old Gaurav, still searching for his mother’s hug, her mother’s love……………….

Race Against Time

Race Against Time

Time doesn’t stop for anyone, neither it did for razor. Razor wasn’t much of a believer but he prayed this time, for the first time, to win this race against time. He wasn’t sure what he had signed up for and there was no turning back. Razor had a little hope, a ray of light amidst the darkest of places.

With Leila’s soul in his hand he made a run for it. Leila’s soul was divine as she herself was. She was the purest of all people razor ever found in his life. Yes Leila was the love of his life & to return her soul to the other side was his sole purpose for now.

He ran as fast as he could, dodging the obstacles in between. He was focused & determined to beat the time. But time is the vanquisher, the conqueror. Razor’s fast steps lagged slightly to time’s impeccability. The portal’s size grew smaller with every fraction of passing time.

Razor realized what he had to do. He raised his hand & threw Leila’s soul towards the portal. With a trailing path it crossed the portal fractions before the portal closed completely. Standing amidst the darkness razor watched the diminishing portal with a bright smile on his face. The race was over!

The Disclosure

The Disclosure

“Windsor Street”
The sign board glimmered in the pale light of passing vehicles.
I was crossing this sign board third time this night. This was probably the most crowded place at this point of time. That’s why I loved crossing this place several times during my night walk. Random faces, random talks.

The weather was calm & clear. The cool breeze tickling through the bare skin served as cherry on the cake.
I wish if ria was here, walking to my side. I would have held her hand & enjoyed the breeze. She is beautiful, beautiful as the full moon in a cold winter’s night. I was in love with her since the first time I saw her. She always appeared the same to me, an angel bestowed by the mighty heavens in my vapid life.

Suddenly it struck me. I took out my cell phone & dialed her number(although it was on speed dial) .
“Tring Tring – Tring Tring – Tring Tring – Tring Tring – Tring Tring. . .”

That was all that I heard. Was she busy? Or maybe she couldn’t find her phone(she always did that, i.e, misplaced her phone). So I tried a second time. No luck!
Maybe she was busy with something or the other. She would call me as soon as she reaches her phone.

These thoughts crowded my mind as I walked across the streets. Suddenly I stumbled into a stone & hurt my toe.
“Damn! The right toe again!”.
I stamped my left foot on the ground & stared at the dead stone.
“You are gonna pay for this!”.
I picked it up & threw it in the road side drainage. Well there was nothing I could have done practically but I satisfied myself. So with a hurt toe & a busy mind I decided to walk back home.

“Windsor Street”.

This was the fourth time I guess. I crossed the road to the other side & joined the crowd in motion. Soon I reached the road to greenery. I used to call it that because it was endowed with green trees on both sides. This road lacked the glimmer of street lamps because of the tall trees. But it didn’t matter much as the path was still clearly visible. One of the lamp post was damaged due to the storm the day before. I kept looking below to dodge any further foot injuries.

Progressing on the road to greenery I think I heard something. So I took a pause & looked around. Surely it was someone talking. Someone very familiar!. I recognized the feeble voice but my mind neglected to accept the thought. It was odd. Still I gazed around to check & recheck. I reached for my cell phone but it was unattended to.

At last I discovered an image in the far corner, near a tree. I decide to move a little closer in order to get a better glance. And there it was,… the familiar image, the familiar voice. Yes! She was there. But?!? Yes it was her. I could sense her beauty in the flickering light passing through the leaves. She looked beautiful as ever. My eyes were fixed on her & maybe I skipped a heartbeat or two. Then my mind came in with the obvious question, ‘What is she doing here, alone??’ Well the latter part was discarded quickly as I saw another figure emerging from the dark corner.

This was a new figure, none that I can recognize. He was standing fairly close to her (My eyebrows frowned). Both were looking at each other in an unusual way. My heart beat jumped to 84 or even 90. I was flabbergasted at the entry of this individual in such a moment.
I knew something was wrong but I didn’t knew how to react in that situation. I felt completely blank, blank like an empty glass(Everything but nothing). In a micro moment he took her hand & looked straight into her eyes(I clenched my fists tightly). The quite environment & the serious moment made me restless.

“What the hell is going on??” I whispered in an angry yet calm voice. The guys lips twitched a little & I rushed to my nearest tree. I could hear his voice in the quite environment.
“I know it has been difficult for the both of us but believe me everything’s gonna be alright.”
Ria sobs.
“Just remember that I will be by your side forever. Whenever & wherever you need me.”
Sobbing faded slowly.
“I know… I know…” replied ria in melancholic tone.

Both remained silent in the moments that followed.
My breathing was heavy & I was trying very hard to listen to any word, any sound. But nothing. I wondered if they were still there or if they just disappeared. I sneaked around the tree to get a glimpse.

‘What the ….!’

For a moment I thought it was one of my mind’s trick. But no. They were hugging each other shamelessly, like lovers do. I reached the state of EXTREME SHOCK. More of shattered than hurt. Betrayal & anger were at their most. My mind flooded with numerous thoughts –
‘She a liar, a manipulator – Slap her in front of this guy – Call her mom & tell her about it – Punch this guy in the face – Snap it & post it on facebook – Call the police!’

But how could she have done something like that to me. Why me?(because I was the other guy?) Why in the world only me? We were in love(Well, I was). What could have possibly gone wrong?
In between these mindless thoughts my ears reacted again.
“Don’t worry. It will all be over very soon.””
“I wish” replied ria with a vapid tone.
“I know I must have told you this many times… but I just want you know that I L. . . …”

I realized what was coming. But I wasn’t prepared to deal with that(not on a casual night walk). I became furious. My mind was not in the state of making decisions. I don’t know what overruled me but in a flick of moment I reacted.
I picked up a fist-sized stone from the ground & threw it in their direction furiously. I didn’t even knew what I was doing & why. As soon as the stone left my hand I turned around and ran, ran as if being chased by a bunch of bulldogs(I hate bulldogs). I was blank & in no state to understand what was happening.

I heard two screams, two high pitched screams. But I kept on running, with a hurt foot and a damaged heart.
I don’t know what really happened but when I regained my senses I was entering my house through the main door.

I hurried towards my room with quick & heavy steps. That seemed the only practical option at that time. I closed the door behind me & gazed at the clock.
’10.20’ it showed.

“Aditya! What happened?”
“Is everything allright?” called my mom in a concerned tone.
“Good night mom” was what I replied to those morbid questions.

I threw my phone on the bed & occupied my chair with the head in my hands. I tried to remember what I had done. Nothing. Nothing at all. No guilt, no anger, no depression, nothing. The emotions were somewhere there deep inside but outside just a stone face. The images of ria & that random guy were flashing before my eyes. Steamed up by the emotional scarcity I punched the table in front of me. Lucky I was as the punch landed on my firm but soft notebook rather than the hard wooden surface.

I gently picked up my notebook & turned around some pages. This notebook had been my oldest friend & the best part was – no complaints, no arguments & no fights. Most of the moments of my life(happy & sad) were inscribed somewhere in between those pages. Turning those pages I realized what I had to do. I decided to pen down my feelings, describing each and every emotion, reliving the nightmare.

This notebook contained various segments of my life & now I was ready to add a new one to it. I picked up a pen from the table & adjusted the notebook on the table. The pen flowed & the words accumulated, emotions revived.


Love unveiled

Love Unveiled

Love and faith are overruled by emerging hate
I can’t help but remember our very first date
The words seems meaningless, emotions hollow
My mouth is full but I can’t swallow
From angel of love to a lover’s kiln
Your picture changed like a moving film
Our moments are fading, losing their charm
The heart is cold but mind still warm
My love
 was pure & so is my heart
But you nailed the bull’s eye with a single dart
Now my love is confused, dying with the moments
And the heart is sinking far from the banks
My soul is hurt, tethered to the fatal blow
And life has suddenly turned into a comedy show
The emotions are shattered, I won’t love again
Back into the grave, I won’t live again….


daughterI am Rajesh, an 8 year old boy who is so unlucky that his parents died within a year he came into this world. I lived in an orphanage before my new parents took me to their home.

They were nice people, my daddy and mummy. They treated me like their son. They gave me love, they gave me gifts, they sent me to school, and they did everything which I ever wished for.

One day I was playing in garden of our home when I saw a girl, sitting under the tree planted at a corner of the garden. She was weeping. I decided to talk to her.

“Who are you and why are you weeping?” I said.

“I am Aradhna and I am weeping because my parents left me alone here.” She said. She was still sobbing.

“So where do you live?”

“I live in your garden.”

“Come let’s go to my parents they will find your home and let you meet your parents once again.”

“I tried it earlier but they scolded me to enter their house.” She said and stopped weeping. There was a spark in her eyes which I liked.

“OK, I will take you to my room without informing my parents.”

She readily accepts the offer.

Somehow I managed to take the girl to my room and talked her a lot there. I got my friend actually and she was my friend. But there was one problem, whenever I talked her about her past; she refused to answer, so I decided to talk to my parents.

“Daddy, have you seen that girl in our garden earlier?”

“Which girl, son?” he was anxious to know but after some more talking, he thought that I was talking bullshit.

I tried to talk to mummy also but received the same replies.

I needed my answer, so continued to question to three of them. My new parents started to think that I am mad or something. They even took me to the psychiatrist.

I didn’t stop to question and they didn’t stop to ignore them but finally one day I received my answer from Aradhna.

We were sitting on my bed and were talking.

“But tell me something about your parents. Where do they live? I know that you know the answer. Please tell me I want to help you.”

“They………… my parents live here, in your house.” I was shocked to hear that but the most shocking thing was yet to be heard. “Your parents are my parents. I am their daughter. I am their child.”

I rushed to my mother, she was in kitchen.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you have a daughter and how dare you to leave her alone?” I was furious.

My mother was looking surprisingly. “Daughter………”

“Yes, your own daughter, Aradhna.” I was shouting on my mother.

She looked terrified, she started running towards her mobile and dialled to my father. He came and took me to psychiatrist again.

That night was a longer one for me. I kept on thinking, thinking everything that I could. I rolled to other side of the bed and saw Aradhna sleeping there. I looked in her eyes, she looked in my eyes. She said something to me through her eyes which my body followed but my mind knew nothing what she said.

I rushed to my parent’s room, knocked it heavily. My father opened the gate.

“What happened? Why are awake in such late hours?” my father asked.

“The almirah……. It’s shaking. Someone is in that, I heard someone’s scream from inside the almirah.” I was panting heavily.

He didn’t believe me but still followed me. He opened the door and went inside, I followed him. The almirah was still. He opened the almirah and without looking inside he said:

“See, there nothing in the almirah.” I was horrified to see inside. I screamed hard. My mother was lying dead inside the almirah.

My father turned to see inside the almirah and saw her wife dead. The fear can be sensed inside him. He turned again to see me but saw Aradhna.

“Who are you?” my father asked Aradhna.

“I am your daughter, daddy.” Aradhna said without any expression on her face.

“My daughter……?”

“Yes daddy, your daughter. Whom you killed before she can come into this world. Whom you killed before taking birth.”

I was horrified. What was happening? Who is she? Who killed my mother? The questions were many but answer was only one, Aradhna.

Then I saw my father falling on his knees in pain. It was looking like someone was killing my father from inside. I tried to move but someone was preventing me to move.

Aradhna went near to my father and said:

“You killed me and I killed you.” She smiled and my father died.

Then she came near to me and smiled. After sometime she vanished in air.

I tried again to move and this time succeeded. I kneeled near my father and cried. The door of my room opened and I saw my mother came in. I looked inside the almirah, the almirah was empty.

My mother was alive and my father was dead. I told everyone the story but nobody believed except my mother because she knew Aradhna. She named her daughter when she was inside her but my father without telling to my mother aborted the child.

After 10 years to this incident, Aradhna is still with us…………


59_1-1024x768“Beta, where were you?” My mother seemed to be tensed. She was holding me tightly, so tight that her nails were getting bored in my skin. She was on her kneels so that she can come to my level. I had never seen her like this before. Her eyes were swollen, may be those were the result of immense flow of tears from her eyes.

I was afraid to see her like this. The sense of fear was shaking me from my toe to head. In the mean while I heard the door smashed and my father came in. He was panting ruthlessly and the same tension was also can be seen on his face.

“Where were you, Sunil? You left my office at 2’o clock and now its 8’o clock.” Now I came to know the reason behind their tension. They were eagerly waiting for a reply. They were standing still on their places, no movement, nothing. They were just staring to my eyes. Their eyes wanted a reply but I was not in the state to reply them. Before I could speak anything, I fainted.

Moments after, when I regained my senses I found myself lying on bed and heard my father’s and doctor uncle’s voice coming from another room.

“I think Sunil fainted because of tiredness and a prolonged exposure to the sun. His age is only ten and that’s why he can’t resist such circumstances. Where were he gone in afternoon?” Doctor Uncle was like interrogating my father.

“Actually doctor, I forgot my mobile in home this morning. So I called Reema (she’s my mother) from PCO to send Sunil to my office with my mobile. You know doctor that for a businessmen living without mobile is like living without life.” My father took a long pause then he again continued:

“So it was the first time when Sunil came to my office so I ordered some cold drinks and burgers and then at around 2’o clock Sunil left my office. I gave him 20 rupees, that’s the rent of an auto and then I came back to my office.”

“And he reached home at 8 in the evening. We don’t where he was in these 6 hours.” This was my mother’s voice. She was still weeping and sobbing.

I decided to call my mother in and tell them that I am OK.

“Mummy………” in the first attempt my voice didn’t came out my mouth well so I tried again and this time it was really loud. “Mummy………”

My parents and doctor uncle came in the room running. My mother came near me, gave me water and then asked the same question.

“Where were you beta?” This time I had to answer.

“Mummy, when papa left me near the auto stand, there were no autos. So I was just lingering there, when she came near to Me.” before I could speak more, my father interrupted in between.

“Who?” then I continued to explain.

“A small girl. She was asking for food. She was hungry, papa. So I gave her my 20 rupees. She bought food for herself and I came back to home on foot.” I finished. I was seeking some reply and it came from mother’s side.

“You came on foot. You walked 15 km. Are you……….” My father signalled my mother to stop being angry on me and he took over.

“Beta, these beggars fools everyone, so that they can earn some money. They play with our emotions. You should not give them money like this.” My father said.

“But she was hungry papa.”

“How can you say that she was hungry? How can you say that she was not fooling you?” This time my mother said. Her tone was a little, no a far angry tone.

“I don’t know mummy, but the only thing I know is that she was hungry. She was crying for food. She was definitely hungry……….”

There was a silence for a moment. All were staring to me. Maybe they were a bit amazed to see how foolish I am. Whatever they were thinking, I don’t care. The only thing which I know was that today I helped someone. I was the reason for someone to smile. I was the reason for someone to eat. I was the reason for someone to live………




Waiting for a bus to Noida at Kale Khan Bus stand sometimes becomes really painful. But we should thank god for making a very good time pass for boys, staring girls. I was busy in enjoying this blessing of god while standing there. I was busy in rating girl’s view. Firstly I saw a girl from back. She was looking great, I rated her 8 out of ten but when she turned that 8 became 5. Then my eyes fall on another girl. She was 9 for me.


This all ended with the arrival of my bus. I picked up my luggage and ran in full speed to fetch a seat in the bus but all ended in vain and all seats got occupied. The bus having the capacity of 50 was filled with 100. There was no space left in between two person standing adjacently. I was struggling to stand properly and in the meanwhile from nowhere came the conductor. I gave him the money and finally got myself settled properly.

In no time I again started to work on the god’s blessing and started my search seat by seat. There was only one girl and she was the one I rated 10. Gorgeous was her look, splendid was her dressing sense and marvelous was her style. My eyes were watching a goddess in that girl. Generally my eyes don’t stare a girl for more than a glimpse but this time my eyes were behaving differently.

She was sitting on a window seat; her hairs were blowing in air as if wind was fighting to touch her. She was feeling uncomfortable with her hairs but wasn’t closing the window.

Suddenly she stood from her seat and started to struggle to make her way out of the bus. Slowly she was coming to my position as I was standing near the gate. After some time she was just near me. Her eyes caught my act of staring her, so I broke the eye contact. Then she passed my position, while doing this her hand touches my leg. Oh, I was in heaven. Then she boarded out of the bus.

I was sad. I don’t know why but this was happening with me for the first time. Is that what people call ‘Love at first sight’? I don’t know?

When I was thinking all that someone shouted in bus “Conductor Saab, stop the bus. Someone has stolen my mobile.” Then another sound came “Oh shit, my purse also gone. Check all the passengers. Stop the bus”. In the meanwhile many passengers shouted and informed about their purses and mobiles. I searched for my purse and even my purse was gone.

Then the checking started. Passenger’s belongings were with nobody. Then I recalled that the only passenger who gone out was that girl. That means that girl was the thief. That means my first “Love” was a ……………………