IF IT’S NOT FOREVER….. By Durjoy Dutta & Nikita Singh





STORY: 3/5
COVER: 4.5/5
THEME: 3.5/5
OVERALL: 3.5/5


Chandni Chowk, Delhi; a place which is known for it’s crowd and ancient shops. Numerous dreams and numerous stories daily roams at this place within the heart of each individual of the crowd.

That afternoon was just like another afternoon in Deb’s life, when a powerful blast rips apart the heart of Delhi. Deb was there and somehow survived but the fear of dying there constantly haunt him for many days; fear of losing Avantika was giving him the worst time he ever thought off.

One day while wandering near the blast site, he finds a half burnt diary, the diary of a person who died there on that fateful day. That diary was a kind of dream of a person which died with him. It contained the last word of a dying men. It was of a person who was madly in love with Ragini but never accumulated the courage of expressing his feelings.

Deb, takes up the responsibility of delivering the diary to the one the dead one loved, Ragini and there starts the road trip of Shrey (Deb’s Childhood friend) and Deb which later got joined by Avantika (Deb’s girlfriend) and Tiya (Shrey’s Girlfirend).

This road trip explores the true meaning of love to these two couples and also reveals the intriguing story of the dead men in pieces to them. This road trip touches there life and also brings up many changes which they loved. Road trip of a life time which will leave you with a question that,  ”If you Die Tomorrow, what would your last words be?”


  • Character sketching is pretty clear and easy to connect with the characters.
  • Title.
  • Concept.
  • Cover.
  • Character contrast between Tiya, Avantika and Ragini.
  • The diary part. It feels great to read it after each chapter and knowing something more about the dead man, slowly.
  • Character of Nivedita. It really brings smile.


  • Excessive use of sex or sex related thoughts. It feels annoying. We are not reading mills & boons.
  • Flow of the story. It was not streamlined, it was turbulent.
  • Ending.
  • Avantika’s description sometimes feel annoying. It looked like half of the novel was about the Avantika, not about the dead guy.
  • During the climax everything ended in a sudden collapse. Events happened so quickly that reader got confused.


Durjoy Datta, his name is enough to encourage the reader to pick up the book from the shelf of bookstores. It’s my second book of him, my first was ‘hold my hand’ which made me pull towards this one. When I read the first few chapters of it, I got to my feet, they reveals the concept of the book and it was awesome. But then when Deb started his sex talks, I felt annoyed. Sex, sex and sex nothing else. What the f**k? The whole concept started to drift away and some other thing picked up. In the middle of it I thought of giving up with it but then came a chapter named ‘Nivedita’ and from there it suddenly started to pull me back. From there till end the story is quite nice and the twist was also good. The end could have been better.

It’s good but not extraordinary.




“You again? Again stealing…. Huh? I shouldn’t have saved you before from the police.” That shopkeeper caught the boy again stealing the bread from his shop. He was holding the boy from his collar of his torn and dirty shirt. He smelled too. Maybe he didn’t took bath from years.

The boy was silently looking somewhere on the other side of the road. Shopkeeper didn’t bother to look where the boy was looking or even thinking. He was angry and wanted to pour all his frustration of not having a single customer since morning.

Shopkeeper keep on abusing him and the boy keep on looking at the other side of the road. Slowly the crowd starts to gather to have fun of the misery of the boy.

“Arre Seth Ji….. ye aise nahi sudharenge…. You call the police.” Came a voice from the crowd.

Hearing the name of police, the boy suddenly came back to his senses. He suddenly shakes his whole body. He started to shiver and in the unison his palms joined together and started to beg to the shopkeeper.

“Sahab nahi, sahib…… Don’t call the Police….” He kept on repeating.

He cried, he begged, he fell on the shopkeeper’s legs, but nobody cared to hear his plead.

Within some more arguments between the crowd and the shopkeeper, came the police. Boy got arrested; he was still looking at the other side of the road. This time shopkeeper tried to look, where the boy was looking; nothing was there.

Police disappeared and with that the crowd too. Shopkeeper was back to his work i.e. sat behind the counter and started reading the newspaper.

Time passed, no customer came. Shopkeeper has already read the newspaper twice and now he was forwarding towards the afternoon nap. He was sleeping on his chair when he heard something coming near his shop. He felt happy as he thought that his first customer of the day has at last arrived.

A little girl, about 5 to 6 years old, arrived to his shop. She doesn’t have one leg. She was holding a stick to balance. She wasn’t looking like the customer but was looking like some beggar. Shopkeeper again felt disappointed and poured his disappointment on her.

“Bhag yaha se…… bloody beggars. Get lost!” Shopkeeper yelled.

“Nahi sahib…… I am not a beggar. I live there, on the opposite side of the road, behind that tree.” She used his finger to indicate the place. Shopkeeper didn’t even bother to see there. “I was looking for my brother who works here on your shop. He just came here to return the bread which you gave him some time before.” Shopkeeper felt strange. He knew that she was talking about that boy who just now created a scene but the other things were out of his knowledge.

“I gave him and he works here?” Shopkeeper asked her.

“Yes sahib…. I know you have saved him before from Police and then have him job in your shop. I wanted to thank you for that but my brother didn’t allow me to come here because of…..” she looked at her lost leg. “And then in the morning he came to me and gave me the bread which you gave to him as a gift for me on my birthday. It’s my birthday today.” There was silence for a short time. “But I told him to return the bread because I didn’t want to have so much from you. You have saved my brother from Police and gave him job here, that’s more than enough for me. For me my brother is everything. He’s my gift forever.”

Shopkeeper felt touched. He regrets his decision of sending his brother to jail. The boy was there to return the bread; he was not there to steal it. Shopkeeper’s eyes started to melt.

“Do you know where my brother is?”


DELHI AT DARK… by Ram Vignesh





STORY: 4.5/5
COVER: 3/5
THEME: 4.5/5


Delhi, the capital of our country is now gradually getting transformed into the capital of crime. When night approaches, he wakes up. He looks like human but is a demon. He loves blood and his life only surrounds around the quest to fulfill his own demand of ‘Blood’.

People calls him ‘Cartoon Killer’ because he names his victim as cartoon characters. The brutal killing of people is just a cartoon play for him. He enjoys killing.

He is a genius killer, kills with a pattern and never leaves a clue. Trio of detectives Jay mithra, Asra Khan and Amar Rathore have to solve this case anyhow because next in the hit list of killer are their own relatives.

A thrilling, chilling and full of suspense novel, Delhi At Dark will never allow your eyes to see anything other than the next word of the sentence of the novel. You will feel the thrill and that’s for sure.


  • Simple language.
  • Fast pace.
  • Detailing of events.
  • Story.


  • Cover (It’s not catchy)


I am a big fan of thrilling novels and I really loved this one. Simple language with a detailed description of events and the third person view on the story enhanced the beauty of this full of suspense crime based novel. Nowhere in the novel, Ram tried to create the events more crispy then they really are. He moved the story pretty well. Character description was phenomenal and each character had his own thinking and that was the thing which made me intact with the story.

I would really like to recommend this novel to all suspense/thriller/crime genre lovers.



You been here, suffered a lot
wipe your tears, be strong
people, here, are icy hearted
don’t deserve you, any long


Hold my hand and come with me
I know a place beyond the sky
you believe me, I’ve been there
there is no sorrow and no one cry


Incarnation of great almighty
left alone on steps of shrine
God cried and screamed
“How you dare, SHE was mine!”  


I hate this world I created
I shunned people whom I birth
with moist eyes, and heavy hearted
God left with her from callous earth


Hello Readers!
So here we are again with a guest post. These guest posts encourages us to deliver even better stuff. Enjoy this beautiful piece of poetry.

Submitted By Rahat Farooqi

Those lofty mountains and forests green,
those radiant scenes kiss our hearts

the first ray falls thus,
the cuckoo’s songs caressingly awaken us

the soul is tranquilized by songs of the jhelum,
the breeze moves in a rhythmic manner

the fanatics turn more enthusiastic than they are,
they keep singing to themselves far and far

every object here has a unique quality about it,
every speck here is flawless

the influence of dusk is quite alien,
I wish I would dwell among those lofty mountains

they call it a fragment of heaven,
but I think the heaven is all here

THE MOTHER OF ALL BOOKS….by Rajni Arun Kumar

Author: Rajni Arun Kumar
Publisher: Globen Vision Press
Genre: Fiction, Satire, Humor

Story: 2/5
Cover: 2/5
Writing style: 4.5/5
Dialogues: 4/5
Theme: 2/5
Overall: 3.5/5

About the book:  The mother of all books is all about pregnancy. Yes you heard it right. Pregnancy.  A not-ready-yet lady (mentally) gets pregnant and it starts. In author’s own words from “Are you throwing up yet?” and “Where is your belly” to “Do you have milk?” and “No leaking” this book covers all the stages of pregnancy with the flavour of humour.


  • Humour
  • Dialogues
  • Way of writing
  • Cartoon presentation at the end of each chapter
  • Sarcastic answers


  • Humor sometimes becomes complicated to understand. If you have newly added humor in your genre this is not the book to read.
  • Long under bract sentence are sometimes tedious and slashes the continuity of paragraph.
  • English in south Indian accent is horrible. 

Abhishek’s view :

I wish I was a girl so that I could read this book in its true spirit. But still I enjoyed it throughout (no, nothing get from here). That has been a wonderful experience, especially the humor potion of book. After a long time I had gone through such a class of humor and sarcasm. The book gain its core with word go. Yes, the very first page of preface will project the writing style and core of humor and you will start liking this book.
Sarcastic answers of the common questions, long humorous dialogues, satire, characters these all are the positives of book. Written on the background of pregnancy this book may fail in covering all age groups and gender, but humorous writing style makes it interesting. Do give it a read if you are a woman, but if you are a guy, still you can read it for the sake of humor.

I Will Rise Again

I Will Rise Again

Tethered to these hollow morals
I am bounded, surrounded
Like the roots of a senescence tree
Deep down the earth, grounded
The burden is self-imposed
Gradually rising and abiding
The horizon is yet another mile
With the blistering sun rising
I am ready to dump the rusty pile
For the heavens are forgiving and homeric
History long forgotten will be revived
Like the birth of ages; epic
Enough of these filthy shackles
Delivering nothing but pain
The world shall witness
As I will rise again