She Cried! (Wednesday’s With Sandeep)

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She cried. He had no clue what was inside her. He always thought that slowly he understands her; he can see inside her, her heart was visible to him but he was wrong. He knew nothing about her but that day when she cried, she let him peak inside her heart for the very first time. Unknowingly she let him in. He wandered for a while, he had no clue, what to do, how to respond; she cried, he listened.

Her ‘shield’ was broken, that fakeness on her face and talks were lost. She let him see the real ‘her’. Yes, he knew from the first day that she was broken but he was wrong, she was not broken but was shattered. There was no hope, no ray of light, the real ‘her’ was hiding somewhere inside her own ‘happy go lucky’ heart.

Normally, it was difficult for him to hear someone crying, he always felt strange and awkward to hear someone crying their hearts out but this time it was different; he wanted to hear her crying. The more he heard, the more he felt good. It was very strange but yes, he was happy to hear her cry. Although he never wanted her to cry, he always wanted and still wants to hear her laughter but for the very first time he felt her cry soul wrenching. He felt stronger. He was virtually there when she cried, no one else was there to hold her but he was there and was listening to her heart and for that moment he said ‘Thank You’ to her.



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“Let me check.” She pulled out some papers. “Yes, here it is, her father, Indraprakash, took her here. He is the one who is donating the kidney too. He told us to inform you only after we starts the procedure. Your husband really loves her daughter a lot.”

I was confused. My husband left me alone, the day she took birth, then why would he come back and if he has come back then who is Indraprakash? Why he wrote this name?

Everything, every question of mine will get answered after this red bulb above ICU gets switched off. I waited with my questions.

Finally, the gates of ICU open up and doctor came out. He said that girl and the donator, both are well. I thanked god. I was not allowed to see my daughter for some days. I tried to gather information about Indraprakash, but nothing helped.

Then finally I got the chance to see the face that saved my daughter. I got surprised to see him lying over the bed. How can he be there? He smiled to see me watching him with tears in my eyes.

I quietly sat over the chair next to his bed. I had questions to ask him but before that I had to thank him for everything he did for my daughter.

“Thank you.” He said before I could say anything.

I was confused to hear him.

“That night when we first met, I wanted to end my life forever. I made up my mind to end up this life and go up meeting my daughter again. You saved me from doing that. You saved me from attempting suicide that night. I had no hope, no reason to live but then after meeting you at medical shop, I got my reason.”

“How you came to know that my daughter needs kidney transplant?” I asked him.

“I am a doctor and that day I saw your prescription. I know those medicine were not for the fever. I also saw the name of the doctor who prescribed the medicine. He was my friend. I met him and he told me everything about your daughter Disha.”

I always thought that this world is full of flesh eating animals and nothing else but this man changed me. I never disclosed my feeling to anyone; I never discussed my fears, my problems with anyone because I thought that there is no one out there who wants to listen to you, or to your problems. They will just show sympathy or laugh on you. I needed neither of that. But then, this man came in my life. He was more than god for me.

“How is Disha?” He asked.

“She is fine.” I said, “But why all this for her?”

“I lost my daughter, Mansi. I know how it feels to be completely helpless from saving your love. I just tried to give homage to my daughter by saving yours. Disha, is now not only your daughter, she’s mine too.” He smiled, I too joined him.

“By the way, her name is not Disha.” I said to him. He looked confused.

I gave him a letter which my daughter gave to me for him. He starts to read it.

Dear Uncle,

Thank you being so kind and helping me to make me able to play with my friends again. Now I can beat my friend meenakshi in cycling again. I know you will be suffering from pain because I can too feel the pain. Doctor Uncle says that this pain will make us strong again and within weeks, we’ll be fit again. Please meet me at home after you feel strong again. I’ll make special tea for you.


I saw tears rolling down his eyes. His love was now back, in his life once again and with that he found a reason to live again.



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“What happened?” He asked.

“Tum saab logo par apisa bahut hota h na. You asked me to sit here and just talk for the whole night and now you have nothing to speak.” I laugh again.

“Have you ever loved someone in your life, Champa?” He asked and in an instance I stopped laughing because my love started to hover on my mind.

I said nothing.

“I loved her a lot; she was my life; Mansi, my daughter.” He had tears in his eyes. I too felt heavy on my heart. “She was the reason of happiness in my life. I loved my wife because she gave me Mansi.” He had a smile on his face when he was remembering Mansi.

“Today she died.” He said with an expressionless face. I was clueless what to say or how to react. “She was suffering from cancer. Medical science had no option for her living but I can’t just let her go. I tried everything but nothing worked.

I had tears in my eyes but had no words to console this man.

“Mansi knew that her end was near. She wanted me to spend last of her few days with me and her mother. But I didn’t want to give up with the hopes and I lost her. She kept on asking for me but I was nowhere. I was having a meeting with a doctor in a hotel. She died without even saying good-bye to his father.” He cried a lot that night. He told me numerous stories of Mansi. We laughed, we cried, we missed her together.

When we were lost in memories of Mansi, I sensed that the time has come to leave. He too senses my urgency to leave. He searched for his purse; I wanted to say no but was bound to have them. Money was important for me.

“Thank you for this night, Champa”, was his last words of that night.

“By the way, my name is Payal.” I said and left for my home.


“Please do it fast.” I begged him to let me go soon.

I was worried. I wanted to go back home quickly. He looked at the prescription again and again and then finally packed all the medicines. I gave the money to him and turned back. He was there, staring at me.

“Hello, Payal, remember me?” He was the guy I met yesterday. What was he doing here?

“Sorry, I don’t remember you.” I said and left to hire a taxi. In our profession, after working hours, we forget everything about our customer. It’s necessary to lead a happy social life in our society.

There was no taxi in the vicinity. I was getting restless. Then I saw him again in his car. He offered me a lift, I had no other option so decided to sit in his car.

He kept on driving, didn’t say anything; maybe waiting for me to initiate.

“Sorry for my behavior.”

“Oh! It’s okay.” I felt a little comfortable then.

“What are these medicines for? Are you ill or something?” he asked.

“Ya! Just a little fever, that’s it.” He stared at me for a while, maybe wanted to say something but resisted himself.

Finally I reached to my destination. I thanked him. He left.


Night was as usual as always. I dealt with my customers and after getting my pay, came back to my home but then I found something unusual. She was nowhere. I searched for her everywhere but failed to find her. My mind started to think about various possibilities. I dialed numerous numbers to confirm my possibilities but nothing helped.

I knocked my neighbors’ door to ask them about it, they said some people came late at night and took her in an ambulance. Who took her? And where? Bad thoughts took over my thoughts. I couldn’t control myself and started to cry for her; my love, my daughter.


Crowd started gathering but nobody helped. I had no idea what to do or whom to ask for help. Then I heard my cell ringing. I rushed to grab my phone; I had no idea from where it could be.

“Hello, can I speak to Miss Payal?” A feminine voice came over from the other side.

“Yes.” I said while sobbing.

“Ma’am your daughter is about to have her operation, please come fast to Sanjeevni Hospital.” She said and within a second, I picked up pace to rush to the hospital. Everything seems to be like a nightmare. Who took my daughter? What they did with her? Why she was having her operation? Is she safe? Please god, help me.

I reached to the hospital in 15 minutes and rushed to the reception to ask about my daughter.

“How is she? How’s my daughter?” I asked in a rush. I needed answers.

“What’s your name ma’am?”

“Payal. You just called me.”

“Okay yes, your daughter is having her operation of kidney transplant. She’s in the ICU.”

“Who bought her here?” I knew she needed kidney transplant, for the same reason I was gathering the money.

“Let me check.” She pulled out some papers. “Yes, here it is, her father, Indraprakash, took her here. He is the one who is donating the kidney too. He told us to inform you only after we starts the procedure. Your husband really loves her daughter a lot.”



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“So where should we go, hotel, motel or your place?” I asked him in professional tone. He looked pretty aged than me. He must be around 40. I was happy that he will not ask for advanced version of sex. Youngsters always ask for new adventures during the work but above 40 are standard ones.

“Huh?” He said. There was something unusual about him. He was not willing to do anything and I was afraid that he doesn’t change his mind.

“Hotel…… Motel or your place?” I put my hand on his thighs to assure that he doesn’t run away.

“Your place.” He said. I was confused.

“You mean to say your place, right?” I confirmed.

“No, I mean your place.” Was he mad or what? I thought he was just doing time pass. I got angry and took out the knife from my purse. I knew exactly how to handle these kinds of ‘Time Pass’ freaks.

“Now enough, okay, take out my money and get lost. Saala pyar se baat karo to samajh me nahi aata h? Come-on, give me money.”

“I’ll give you 5000 but please don’t leave me. I want you.” He was about to cry. I don’t know what was wrong with him but his eyes told me that something is not right with him.

“Okay… okay, don’t cry.” I put the knife back in my purse and consoled him. “I can’t take to my place but we can go in a hotel.”

“No please no hotel.” He said in a firm voice. He looked afraid of something.

“Okay, we’ll not go in a hotel. Calm down.”

Then we decided to spend the night in a park. That’s the beauty of Delhi; you can find anything you want. There’s never a shortage of places if you have your pocket full.

Pretty easily I found a dark corner in the park. The night was cold and dark, perfect to finish up the thing with him and earn enough to go back quickly to my home. I didn’t want to be late.

We sat on the ground and I started to unbutton his shirt. He found it disturbing so made me stop.

“Wait, please.” He said. I didn’t say anything because we still had some time and I had already made my point clear to him that after 4:30, I’ll go back.

“What’s your name?” He asked in pretty low voice. He looked sad of something. This was not new for me because mostly who come to us are sad or frustrated, we are like medicine for them.

“Champa.” I said and hearing it, he smiled.

“That’s not your name, right?” He said with a sadistic smile on his face.

“Saab, what’s in the name? I am known for my work, not for my name. And why to dishonor the only thing my parents gave to me.”

Silence lingered between us till he broke it again.

“Why you do all this?” It was not the first time I heard this question, I heard this numerous times but still I had no satisfactory answer to it.

“Don’t be philosophical saab, start doing for what you have brought me here. It’s already 3am.” I was not in the mood to discuss these things again. I tried to open up his pants but he again stopped me.

“I don’t want this. Can we just talk? I’ll pay you what I have promised you but please stay with me.” He literally begged to me. I had no other option other than to sit there.

Silence filled up the air again around us. He said nothing for a while and that made me smile. He was confused to hear me laugh.

“What happened?” He asked.

“Tum saab logo par apisa bahut hota h na. You asked me to sit here and just talk for the whole night and now you have nothing to speak.” I laugh again.

“Have you ever loved someone in your life, Champa?” He asked and in an instance I stopped laughing because my love started to hover on my mind.

I said nothing.



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Dark red lipstick, heavy makeup, open hair and erotic cloths; I was ready to get my customer. Our business was very simple and had pure profit. No initial investment and from day one you’ll start to earn good money. Well if thought morally, there is some investment in our business too and that was moral values itself. Yes, I am a sex worker and my business is to sell my body.

There was nothing unusual about that day; it started off just like another normal day. I checked myself for the last time in the mirror before leaving. Then I turned and looked her. I gave her smile and she returned back pretty sweetly and showed me her thumb in the gesture that I was looking perfect. I kissed her and then came out of the room, locked it and rushed to my office.

My office was near Rajpath, Delhi and my working hour starts after midnight till 4 or 5 of morning. Our customer knew about our office, we never needed any visiting card and they were fixed too. I already knew that who will come on Monday and who will come on Wednesday. We just had to stand for them near the roads and wait for their cars to arrive.

That day, Sanju had to come. 22 year old, richest party I knew and always drunken. He told me earlier to wear red, so I was ready with my attire and was waiting for him but as always he was late. We were not their girlfriends, so had no right to scold them for being late or something. We were just toys or more precisely sex toys. They will play with us, ejaculate their frustration in us and then throw us back on the streets. It is not so that I am against of what they do or I am complaining about it; I get my money for all this, so I am happy. I have no issue.

Clock was indicating that today I have to go back without earning anything as the time was now 2 am. This too happen sometimes because as I say, we are not their girlfriends, they are not bound to come to us.

Now my eyes were shifting their gaze over three things. First the clock, second the cars on the road and third was fading redness of my lipstick. When I was about to think about going back, I saw a car, which was not of Sanju, but was of someone rich enough to afford us. It stopped in front of me.

I adjusted my cloths and leaned over the window of the car. He was not looking like a customer because I could see the uneasiness in his eyes. He was not used to it but as I was desperate for the customer, I didn’t back off. He tried to resist himself but then he started looking inside me. I leaned further to give him a perfect look to my curves. Within few minutes, he felt spell bounded. I knew this will work. Every man has a weakness and it lies in his eyes.

He said nothing and kept on staring my breasts. I felt that I had to initiate, he’s a loser.

“Full night, 2000, should we go?” I said in my mesmerizing voice. He said nothing, I could see the redness in his eyes, may be he’s drunk.

I again said, “Should we go somewhere? I’ll be yours for the full night.” I tried to take him to that level of seduction that he can’t say no to my offer.

“Would you be with me for the whole night?” He said, finally looking to my face for the first time. His eyes were red but he was not drunk for sure. Was he crying?

“Yes.” I said and told him the price again but he didn’t hear that and opened the side gate of the car for me. I thanked god that I am not going back without earning, and then quietly sat down inside the car.

“So where should we go, hotel, motel or your place?” I asked him in professional tone. He looked pretty aged than me. He must be around 40. I was happy that he will not ask for advanced version of sex. Youngsters always ask for new adventures during the work but above 40 are standard ones.

“Huh?” He said. There was something unusual about him. He was not willing to do anything and I was afraid that he doesn’t change his mind.

“Hotel…… Motel or your place?” I put my hand on his thighs to assure that he doesn’t run away.



“Hey you mister!” She blasted words on me. I could feel the impact of each word hitting my face, and even some amount of saliva mixed with them. “Why the hell were you staring at me?” She looked damn cute in her ‘angry mode’. Her hairs were dancing on her face. They were kinda helping her to calm down by distracting her attention from me. Her hairs also wanted attention; just like me.

“Me?” I behaved as if I knew nothing. My behavior was so innocent that I could even win over a newly born baby in terms of innocence.

“Yes you!” Ah! I felt like kissing her at that very moment. I felt like packing her up in the tight grip of my arms and then….. then a long smooch. ‘Koi to rok lo!’

“I wasn’t staring at you… although you were staring me since the time I came here.” I didn’t let that moment go so easily. I cashed it as much as I could. I didn’t want to be a lover who can satisfy only his eyes. I have many other parts! Dirty Mind.

“WHAT???” She spat the word so hard that it sounded like reality check for me. ‘What the hell did I just said!’ “Why would I stare at yeau?” That ‘Yeau’ was really different from the ‘You’ typically described in English dictionary. But this was not the time to think about ‘You’ but It was time for me to think about the cover for what I have just said. What to do?

“Yes…… Aaaa….” I cleared my throat and then with full confidence I spoke up, “You are staring at me because I am Hot and Sexy.” What? I really said that? “And why the hell would I stare at you?” That’s comparatively good.

She thought nothing and said, “Because I am Hot and Sexy too!” Victory.

I raised my eyebrows. She noticed. I smiled in mischief. She noticed that too. She was feeling shy and the only thing she could do now was to smile and finally, adjust her hairs. Typical girl attitude.

I was lost in her thought when Rahul shook me and asked, “Abe aage kya hua? What happened next? Bata bhai!” He was getting restless now. And I knew how to behave in these situations.

Nothing bro…… Then we went for a coffee… then movie… and then……………” I took a long pause in between to raise the bar of excitement within my audience of 7 singles who were listening to me patiently to know ‘what happened next?’

 “Then what?” Said Navdeep. I could see the lust and pain of being single in his eyes.

 “Then………… Ding, dang, ding, ding, dong, ding ,dong…….” I continued playing the hit music of ‘Ek do teen’ of Madhuri Dixit and left my audience alone in the room to curse me and their relationship status, ‘SINGLE’.




LBN59_waPlan B was simple but effective. Raghav gave the fat man a spy pen and put that in his shirt’s pocket. The spy pen has a camera and a microphone which will send every happening of the store directly to Raghav and with the help of that, Raghav can make a solid plan to get inside the store and rescue all the hostages.

Raghav was sitting in his room and was watching every happening of the store on his laptop.


The fat man got on the terrace and reached that door which was told by the stranger on the phone. He was about to get inside the door when someone fired on his leg from front. The fat man screamed hard and fell over the ground. He tried hard to regain his balance and rushed towards the man who fired but his effort resulted in vain as the man again fired on his leg but this time on the other leg. Now the fat man was lying over the ground, helplessly and was screaming like a little child.

After that two men came forward, towards the fat man and took him to their boss, the Kaal. The fat man was hardly able to see what was happening around him but he knew that Raghav is watching everything and he will help him out.

When the fat man was brought in front of Kaal, the fat man’s wife rushed towards his husband. But Kaal pulled his gun up, faced it towards the fat man and said:

“No, no, no, no don’t come forward otherwise, I will make you widow. Understood, now go back and be the nice audience of your husband.”

The woman got herself back to her original place and holds her children tight. In the meanwhile the fat man was about to fell unconscious because the pain of bullet was getting unbearable for him. Kaal didn’t like it.

“I want this man’s scream to reach to all the police officer standing outside.” Kaal ordered one of his man, “Bring some salt and put on his wound.”

That was the frustration of Kaal which was coming out like this. Frustration of Raghav’s absence. He himself called this fat man and told him to give the phone to Raghav; it was all Kaal’s conspiracy to call Raghav inside the store because he knew that Raghav can be a dangerous man for him. So Kaal wanted to bring him inside the store and kill him.

When salt touched the wound the fat man screamed even louder, so louder that the whole city can listen that. After sometime when Kaal started to feel bored he fired the fat man on the chest and fat man got rid of his pain.

Here Raghav was listening the pain of his fellow man and was cursing himself because he was the one because of whom this all was happening. He can only hear the voice of the store but on the video was only the ceiling of the store because the fat man was lying on the floor with support of his back. His plan gone in vain. Nothing was useful for him to save the hostages. He was cursing and cursing himself then suddenly, their appeared a man on the screen. He kneeled down and pulled the pen out of the shirt of fat man. Then this man pulled his cell phone from the pocket and telephoned Raghav.

“You think yourself smart? You thought that Kaal will never find out that there is a spy pen on this fatty’s shirt? You think………………” He was interrupted by Raghav.

“Wait a minute you are not Kaal.”

“So who am I?”

“But…………..” now Raghav was interrupted by the man.

“But I am not the one sent by you. Right?