Friday’s with DX #2

Fridays with DX

Hi guys…

So it’s Friday again! Well, time ain’t that friendly after all. Today I’m going to share some of my quotes with you. I hope you’ll like them. Stay blessed!


• “When you can’t change the game, change the rules.”

• “Life’s all about making the right choices… and covering up the wrong ones.”

• “If you can’t defeat your enemies, kill them!”

• “An optimist just needs one reason, a pessimist can find many.”

• “When shit turns into bullshit… you better be dreaming.”

• “The world speaks for those who speak for others.”

• “Some of us work in the darkest of nights so that the days are much more brighter.”

• “Be open to experiences and committed to learning.”


So that was all for today. I’ll be back next Friday with some good stuff. Till then, keep TABing.