Interview with Aniruddha Pathak

After a long time, we are back with a interview and that too with a debutant. Aniruddha Pathak is taking over the social media with a storm. He is all over it. Facebook groups, book reviews, youtube videos, instagram, everywhere. He is now coming up with his book as well. Let’s have a small chat with this ‘Amazingly talented person’.


Welcome Aniruddha Pathak. Please introduce yourself to our readers first.

Let me introduce myself the way I do in my YouTube videos, ha ha.

‘Yo guys! This is Aniruddha Pathak and you are reading my interview that is aired on The Author’s Blog!’

Okay, jokes apart; hello, I am Aniruddha Pathak, aged 20, and studying Computer Science. I am an avid reader of Marathi literature, am a music freak, and am a writer by passion. I am here to talk about my soon to be published book, and would be opening up gradually down the lines. Talking about myself, I am an introvert by nature, but I love to explore the people around me. I am the founder of Literamuse – a portal powered for Authors, and Scribblers Write: a portal powered for budding writers. Secondly, I love to inspire the people that I am surrounded with, and hope for a better world than the one which we are living today. I write satire, psychological and horror stories. Also, I blog as Ani – my alter ego – at

That’s me.


Your new book is about to hit the market soon, it seems pretty unique according to some of the promos that you have shared recently. Please let us know about it.

Ah! Yes, my book is about to hit the market soon, in a month or so. I have shared many things about the book, but the actual concept and its name still hides under the veil. Nonetheless, taking the opportunity of this conversation, I am revealing its name.



Canvas of a Storyteller’ is my baby (and debut book) which holds the portrayal of the people of the society, the people around us; where my alter ego – Ani, is the storyteller. Like I said in the promos: The People, Their Stories…One Storyteller; that’s how it goes. The concept does hold interactive narration, and the stories are inspired from real life characters and their lives.

You started as a book promoter and then decided to write a book. What was the kind of motivation that you got from your promotion things?

Promotion of books has helped me understand the perks – ups and downs – of the promotional factors. Though linking it to writing a book might be inappropriate. To be honest, I never expected me to write a book. But the people surrounding me inspired me a lot and my psychological approach towards every person let me observe their traits. Eventually thinking, I decided to go with the short stories’ concept and ended up writing the novella. The thought process too involved conversations with many friends and unknown people that trusted me and shared their life’s story. That is the reason I say: It’s not the work only of my own, but the people that surround me.

You are also a very active admin of many groups on Facebook with thousands of active members. How do you manage all of these things together?

I am a workaholic, on a note. Sitting idle at a place is just a big NO for me, and my strict yet jolly approach towards the groups makes me one of the well known admins of the group. I won’t mind sharing that some of the members fear to message me cause of my dominant nature outside, but that, according to me, is necessary to build a successfully progressing group. Though I ain’t really rude like I portray out there, he he. I believe in providing brilliant and hard working writers to the literature; and this is my first step towards my goal. To my (proud) amazement, the members are taking it seriously and working on it…so am I.

You seem to have pretty unique hobbies. Tell us something about them too.

Ha ha! That’s tricky. I like to do many things at a time. Someday, you might find many windows running on my computer; where I would be writing in one, decoding an app in second, reading something about music in third, watching the dance of Chris Brown in fourth; and not to forget that my love for professional wrestling is tremendous. No matter whatever the profession one chooses, I love the spirit of dedication that a person owes to it.

What dragged your passion towards literature?

My father. He provided me with books at an early age. Also, my maternal place has a pile of comics and books standing proudly, and I – with no hesitation – mess everything and read all of them whenever I am at their place. I am an avid reader of Marathi literature; whereas I prefer reading Indian authors – not commercially famous books – to understand the details of Indian literature and exploring our motherland.

One author whom you idolize the most.

More than anything, I have read horror; Marathi horror books. Ratnakar Matkari is the one I idolize the most, as his plotting of the stories and the storytelling, both amaze me simultaneously. His personality is inspirational and noteworthy as well.

Any word for your readers?

Dear readers, you are the reason why I have been able to progress in my writing journey. Every reader that I have met on this path has been the prime source of encouragement; and the mentor.

You have seen me improving, you have seen me giving up on my dreams…but each time I let myself down, you were the one who lifted me up with your unconditional love. Without you, I would’ve been still struggling to showcase myself; but you all made it happen.

I owe my gratitude to you, with all my heart.

Keep reading, keep inspiring, and keep spreading cheerfulness. That’s all I wish for. Regards.


So, that’s all for today. We’ll be back soon.



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He’s the one who lives life to ‘Enjoy’, he’s the one who writes to hook you down with his bestsellers, he’s the one crime writer other crime writers are talking about, he’s the one who according to Ebooks-India comes in the list of 51 Indian Authors who deserve to be followed on facebook; he is none other than Vish Dhamija, author of bestselling books ‘Nothing lasts forever’ and ‘Bhendi Bazaar’.

So here’s the little glimpse of the interaction we had with this ‘awesome’ gentleman.


  • How would you describe Vish Dhamija?

With words 🙂 LoL.

Spontaneous, witty, fun loving…

  • Why crime thrillers?

Mystery is a great hook. It entices readers into the story because once they begin reading there is always the desire to uncover the unknown. I haven’t seen any stats, but I’m reasonably confident that crime fiction must outsell every other fiction category except, maybe, romance.

  • Tell us about your novel ‘Bhendi Bazaar’. Why so unusual name? We have a similar title in Bollywood as well, is there any similarity in plots, or just a coincidence?

Bhendi Bazaar is serial killer story, but it’s also an anachronous account of two extraordinary women: Viviane Casey and Rita Ferreira. Viviane, a Russian tourist, a victim of human trafficking in Mumbai shackled by destiny, challenges the norms but fails, and becomes just another fatality of history, a mere file in police annals that Deputy Commissioner Rita Ferreira. has to pull out quarter of a century later when Mumbai awakens to the first serial killer within living memory. The account of Rita’s investigation is interspersed with episodic flashbacks of Viviane’s grim life-story as the latter goes through her ordeal.

Bhendi Bazaar is “behind the bazaar”, the bazaar being Crawford Market — the area in Mumbai where top brass of Mumbai Police are headquartered. Some of the story is set in the location, hence the name. There is no similarity with the film.

  • You are settled in London, so was it difficult to connect with the readers of India?

A good story, in my opinion, will always connect with readers. Indian readers read stories by international authors in a foreign land. I’ve actually brought the story home by setting it in Mumbai. And I have had the privilege of living in India so I don’t see that as a challenge at all.

  • How difficult was to write a novel with your current job?

I write over the weekends, on vacations, but at the end of it all it’s a question of time management and self-discipline. If you want something enough, you will find time for it, believe me.

  • Your first novel ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ was a bestseller. Few words on it. Did you expect such response?

No, obviously not. I mean, it was a good story, honestly told, but if you are an unknown author what are the odds? It certainly exceeded my expectations, and encouraged me to write more.

  • You must be working on a new project. Would you like to unveil the mist for your readers?

Déjà Karma: a legal-psychological fiction to be released later this year. I will take you into the courtroom. It’s already with the publisher.

  • We all have heard about ‘Writer’s Block’. Have you ever experienced something like that?

Are you kidding? I get a twitter-block sometimes :). As I mentioned earlier, I normally wake up at 6AM over the weekends to write. Some mornings I’m not able to write a single sentence in three-four hours.

  • What position does writing hold in your life? Is it just a hobby or passion?

Passionate hobby? It takes me a year to write a manuscript. That’s a lot of work to put in if there wasn’t any passion.

  • If one day you wake up and find yourself in a strange hotel room, in a strange city, in a strange country what would be your first reaction?

I just hope my they’ve transported my laptop and some books with me to this strange place, and they have a good wifi for me to listen to my music. If all that is there, I’ll order a good coffee.

  • Would you like to say something to our young and budding writers?

If you are passionate about writing and you have a good story to tell, do not give up your dream.

  • A few words about us, i.e., “The Author’s Blog”.

Amazing initiative. In the world full of distractions — gadgets, games consoles, films, cricket, Internet — it’s quite a remarkable achievement to attract the reading audience, and you guys have done a fantastic job.

Okay now… Let’s have a rapid fire… just for fun.

  • Your favorite hangout place?

Any good barista by the sea.

  • Your first crush?

Classic cars.

  • If you were to write using a pen name, what would it be?


  • One moment that changed the course of your life.

Motorcycle accident that broke my femur. I still carry the steel rod in my leg.

  • Most overrated and underrated book.

Nothing in art is overrated; there’s some audience for it somewhere. Most underrated is Black Dahlia by James Ellroy. You have to read it to appreciate what I mean.

  • An author who inspired you to write.

No one inspired me to start; many have an influence on the writing even now.

  • If you were given chance, whose life would you prefer to live?

My own, and making the same mistakes.


That’s it for now folks. You can read our review over Bhendi Bazaar by following the link provided. Follow the blog for more interesting stuffs in future.


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Hello guys.
We are back again with an author who makes his debut in writing field with an innovative thought. Let’s hear it our straight from the horse’s mouth, here’s the chat we had with Vikas Singal.

Let’s start with a formal introduction. Tell us something about your daily schedule and the things which define you and your lifestyle.
Well. I work for Ribbun Software Pvt Ltd as Co-Founder Director. It’s a software venture with my friend Mohit. I normally work till late in the night, so my day starts late at around 9 in the morning. Work is my worship, Writing is my passion.
‘AND… THEY FELL IN LOVE’, tell us something about it.
These short stories are bases on true incidents which happened to me or people nearby me. One day I wrote them in form of stories and that’s how it began.
Why an e-book? According to your experience, how’s the market?
To be honest, I wanted the paper version of the same but the final cost came too high. I did not want my readers to spend 125/- for a 26 page book. So E-Book was a much better and cheaper option.
Your book comprises of three short stories where strangers meet and fell in love. Do you truly believe in it? Have you had a similar ‘real’ story?
Yes I do believe in it. I believe in it that’s why I can write it. Yes, one of the story is quite near to my own life experience.
‘Writing’, what is the importance of this word in your life?
It’s as important to my life as water. The more I drink it, I feel healthy.
How’s the response from the readers and what were your expectations?
So far so good. I did not expect a lot from it. I just wanted to reach the right audience. Still a long way to go!
Are you currently working on a new book? Would you like to share something about that?
Yes, I am working on two projects. One is a collection of short stories and the other one would be my first full length novel. Both are based on relationships.

According to you, what’s the most difficult part of writing?

Do you read? Who’s your favorite author? And your favorite book?
Yes. I read a lot. “Five point somebody” would remain my best book forever. It was the fiction I ever read. Off course, Chetan Bhagat is my favorite author.

What is your advice for young and budding writers?
Write more. Have faith in yourself. Be yourself. Write the way you want to write.

Your view about us, i.e., “The Author’s Blog”.
Its exceptional. I have been a reader of it from quite a long time now. You guys are doing such a fabulous job.


So that’s it for now. We will be back soon.


To buy the book follow this link.

To read our review on the book, follow this link.


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Hello guys!

Life is all about learning. You can learn from your own experiences or by reading others. Interviews are just a medium to learn and dig out something from the other person’s experiences and try to improve our lives. Today we have ‘Jasper’ with us who recently came up with a novel named ‘And He Wanted Me Dead’. Let’s have a little chat with him.

  • Let’s start with a formal introduction. Tell us something about your daily schedule and the things which define you and your lifestyle.

The Almighty has really been kind to me; sometimes I wonder as to what I have done to deserve this preferential treatment from Him. I think I am one of His favorite ones J.

I have been happily married for the last 18 years now with the most amazing and tolerant woman on this planet; Shipra. We are blessed with 2 extremely talented sons; Jazer and Jeruel, both studying at Montfort School, Delhi. In fact, Jazer has designed the cover of the novel and Jeruel is a budding artist/ actor. We all live with my mother; Regina, at Sonepat.

I work at Personnel Search Services, a premier executive search firm as a Regional Business Head….basically I sell & hunt heads for a living J. Every day is very hectic and at times, we also have to work on holidays, if required. Daily I drive a minimum of 120 kms to & fro work (the time when I think the most, including the plots of my stories) and then there are meetings, internal, external, telecons etc. that’s the daily work routine…whatever it takes to keep getting you closer to your targets. Therefore, I qualify to be called a lazy writer as I don’t get enough time, however whenever I can, I write mostly on holidays.

I used to be an avid reader earlier but honestly due to the paucity of time I hardly read these days. The last one I finished was Brian Tracy’s GOALS (Non-Fiction). I am lazy by nature and if I am not writing or reading then I love to be indulging in good food and TV (You lock me up with these two things along with my laptop and I can live there, locked-in for the rest of my life). I love to watch thrillers and comedies. I am also a roadie as I love to be out on the road….metaled or non-metaled, it hardly is of any concern to me for as long as I am discovering new destinations and things. I used to sing and was good at most of the sports, especially Cricket and Football but these are all passions of the past now as with age catching up I, at times have to even struggle navigating a high pavement now.

  • ‘AND HE WANTED ME DEAD’, tell us something about it.

The Novel is about….

Inspector Raj who is an honest and hardworking cop. His dedication toward work is outstanding and his career record unblemished….until now!

 His entire reputation is at stake when he is called in to investigate an accident. What looks like a road accident, is it really a simple accident or is there something more ghastly to it? The inspector is flummoxed as he tries to dig deeper to realize what the truth really is. His frustrations rise sky high as the investigations head nowhere but straight into dead ends every time he thinks he has a solid lead. His personal life is already in shambles and now his professional life is also crumbling right in front of his eyes because of this case and a series of other killings which occur in his jurisdiction.

Will he be able to solve these mysteries? Will he be able to keep his reputation of a brilliant investigator intact?

The Novel is about the discovery of the answers to all of this. It’s a fast paced crime thriller. A story of loyalty, friendship and deception….

  • Why thriller/suspense?

During my growing years, I was an ardent fan of THE HARDY BOYS and the NANCY DREW series; I reckon that is where I get my inspiration from. Further, I have seen the crime world from slightly close quarters, having grown up at Bara Hindu Rao & Azad Market; I know some of the people from both sides of the law. I grew up on their stories and was always intrigued by and drawn toward them. So what I have tried to do is that I have served a good concoction of those real life experiences and fiction by weaving the plot around thrill and suspense. The excitement that lurks in the “un-known” has always given me the adrenaline rush and I guess it’s the same with everybody as well. I think that the proof of the pudding lies in the fact that so many books, TV serials and movies in this genre are appreciated by the masses. Talking of the “un-known”, I am also very attracted toward the Super-Natural and the Outer Space/ Aliens… who knows what the future writings might hold.

  • Your book’s title is pretty different, how you came up with it?

I guess that’s our family tradition, to have different names….I was christened Jasper; I christened my sons Jazer & Jeruel respectively. Therefore, it was imperative for me to christen my third baby differently as wellJ. Further, the name (AND HE WANTED ME DEAD) has a sense of intrigue around it which I thought was an apt title for a suspense/ crime thriller which has a string of killings….so it’s a question of who wanted whom dead?

  • ‘Writing’, what is the importance of this word in your life?

‘Writing’ is like a stress buster to me. I can sit and keep writing non-stop for hours and hours if that’s possible. I credit my school, St. Xavier’s (Delhi) for inculcating this habit in me. Very early in our school we were inducted into the creative writing world. We were encouraged to write and originality was given extra points in elocutions, scripts, poems etc. It was there that I picked up this good habit and wrote prose and poetry for our school paper along with writing scripts for my house for the “One-Act Plays’ Competitions”. Later, I realized how assertive I was when I wrote, not that I am not a good orator but I feel I express myself much better while I am writing.

For a long time now, due to the professional commitments my writing skills were reduced to mere mails’ writing, however it was due the consistent nagging of my family that I wrote creatively once again when I started AND HE WANTED ME DEAD. Now, after having this novel published I have taken a decision to keep following my dream of writing. I will continue writing for the rest of my life and maybe even….after life.

  • How’s the response from the readers and what were your expectations?

Frankly, when I had written the novel I did not have any expectations. I just wanted it to be published as a legacy and a reminder of who I was after I am gone but the kind of response that I am getting from my readers is really amazing and has really egged me on to write more. Some of the readers’ reviews are published on my blog:

I have some readers telling me how much they loved the story telling and the plot that they were compelled to finish my novel in just one sitting – start to finish….what more can I say about the response of my readers.

  • Are you currently working on a new book? Would you like to share something about that?

I have started working on my next novel, the working title for which is: DO YOU REALLY REAP WHAT YOU SOW?

It a thriller once again and is a story set against the back drop of the Tihar Jail. It is about a man, the protagonist who is conned into a con, hence lands up behind the bars. It is a story of his ordeals before and after he is imprisoned.

  • According to you, what’s the most difficult part of writing?

My personal struggle has been with taking time out for writing, really; nothing else, I reckon.

If one is determined, well read and well prepared, I do not think writing would be difficult. I always write the summary of the story the moment I conceive it. Then I bounce it off my family and some friends and take their feedback and improve. Once I have locked in the final story I start my research and draw out a flow-chart of the series of events in the story to get a water-tight plot (imperative for thrillers). I also write the character-sketches of all my characters in advance. Post this exercise I start writing and keep using all this material as a reference point whenever I deem fit. If one is well read then apt words and sentences keep flowing into one’s mind as one keeps writing. Therefore, writing is all about how much you read and write….the more the better.

  • Do you read? Who’s your favorite author? And your favorite book?

Of course, I do. I can’t imagine myself surviving without reading. However, honestly speaking it has reduced a lot over the last couple of years due to work pressure and most of it has been restricted to non-fiction, the last one being Goals by Brian Tracy. However, having said that, I ensure that I get my daily dosage of newspaper reading (which runs into a minimum of at least 2 publications).

My favourite author….umm….well…. can’t say that I am fond of just one but some of my favourites are Enid Blyton, F W Dixon, Carolyn Keene, Louis L’Amour, Agatha Chritie, John Grisham, Robert Ludlum, James Hadley Chase, Dan Brown, Ayn Rand and our very own Amish Tripathi.

My favourite Book….there is not one but several but the two that I can very prominently recall are: The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand and The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.

  • What is your advice for young and budding authors

Read a lot & write a lot to improve and have a lot of patience and perseverance as almost every writer has had his or her own share of struggle before penning THAT Bestseller….even Dan Brown got recognition after 3 failures.

Never write to strike it rich but for the love of the art.

  • Your view about us, i.e., “The Author’s Blog”.

I find The Author’s Blog a very solid bridge between the writers and the readers. The critiques on the blog are very candid. The blog covers a lot of new and old writers. It covers mostly all forms of creative writing in prose and poetry, unlike some who focus only on one or two.


That’s it for today. Will meet you again soon with some other personality and give you the chance to hear from them about their journey.


You can buy ‘And he wanted me dead’ from the links given below.

Flipkart                             Notion Press Store


To read our review on the book follow this link.




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Hello Guys!!!

At a time when debut writers tend to stick to campus romance and follow a predictable storyline, Yash Pawaskar’s debut novel ‘When We Clicked – A twisted love story?’ has managed to break the clutter and captivate its readers with a fresh and humorous story. His book is a brilliant read and got successful to grab 4.5 ratings from us. So here’s Yash Pawaskar for you.


Let us start by knowing a bit about you. What defines Yash Pawaskar?
I consider myself as a traveler, enjoying the journey called life. Just like everyone in their twenties, I am also discovering the world and in the process discovering myself. What defines me is the way I perceive the world.

Your book ‘When We Clicked’ has been published recently, from where did the idea of penning down such an unusual ‘love story’ come to your mind?
I started with the thought of weaving a short story but I wasn’t working on it consciously. I had the ‘Eureka’ moment in the middle of the night where my subconscious mind took me back to the concept of a play that I had developed during my college days. The play never materialized but when I fused that idea with the short story that I was planning to write, it resulted in a story that I would have liked to read. In that way, a base for the novel was created and as I started working on it, various characters’ came to life and that gave rise to When We Clicked – A twisted love story?

When we clicked - front cover

What’s the reaction from the readers? What were you expecting?
Readers have been gracious with their praise for my debut venture. Since my book follows an innovative narrating style, I was a bit apprehensive whether it will be accepted or not. Fortunately, readers have not only accepted it but loved the entire concept.
When We Clicked has a lot to offer, as in, it has poems, stand-up comedy-like sections, hilarious dream sequences, witty dialogues, emotional and philosophical conversations, Sachin Tendulkar, Katrina Kaif, car racing, thrill and chills, and the baap of all, the twist. There was something for everyone. Some have loved the poems while some have immensely liked the humor and everyone has enjoyed the story.

Do you write often or is it just an occasional thing?
I work as a creative content writer, so I cannot afford to write occasionally, can I? I write for a living and I absolutely love it. When I am not working, I like to write blog posts, so writing is a daily affair for me.

Are you an avid reader? Which is your favorite book? And your favorite author?
Yes, I read often and I have grown-up in the Harry Potter universe. J.K. Rowling is nothing short of a guru for me and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite book.

Your book starts with a disclaimer. What was your mindset when you decided to start like that?
This is a unique book and I wanted to be honest to the readers. When We Clicked is not your traditional love story and I wanted to convey it to the readers at the outset. When readers start with the story after reading the disclaimer, they know exactly what to expect and how to approach the book.

What are your hobbies?
Movies, Music, Books, Sports and Traveling

Your book is full of humor. Do you possess the same nature as well?
I am a positive person and humor helps me stay positive. I think people should refrain from cheap jokes and engage in intelligent humor. Smiling and making people smile is what I believe in and I practice what I preach.

Which is your most memorable experience so far, regarding writing When We Clicked?
The entire writing process has been an immersive experience. I enjoyed being in the headspace of various characters, and live and shape their lives.

From what we’ve heard, readers are appraising your writing style and narration. There’s already a demand for another book from your side. What do you’ve to say to that?
I have a few concepts in mind but haven’t zeroed in on any one yet. I don’t want to write the next book just for the heck of it, I am again waiting for that ‘Eureka’ moment. The second book is definitely on the cards.

Which famous person, living or dead, would you like to meet and why?
Albus Dumbledore has had a huge influence on my life, I would love to meet him and I will kill you if you tell me that he is not a real person.

You published your book with Leadstart Publication. How was your experience?
The entire Leadstart team has been supportive. Thanks to them my book is available across online platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Infibeam etc, and in select bookstores all over India.

Do you have any advice for budding & emerging writers?
Patience is an important virtue that every writer must possess, especially in the current scenario. Patience while writing, waiting to be published, after being published and promoting your book. Authors must also take an active part in promoting their book and not rely on publishers to do everything.

If you have to describe the ‘The Author’s Blog’ in one word, what would that be?


So that’s it for now…. keep coming for BOOK REVIEWS, AUTHOR INTERVIEWS, SHORT STORIES, POEMS ETC… Keep sharing your love and keep TABbing.


‘When We Clicked’ is available online at Amazon, Infibeam, Flipkart.
You can connect with Yash Pawaskar on Facebook.
You can also read our review of ‘When We Clicked’ Here.


“Campus entrepreneurship is going to be the next big wave in India.” – Ganesh V (Author of BHAAG!)

Hello Guys!

Very few times, Indian Market comes up with books to be thought of, to be admired and to be cherished. One of them is BHAAG! by Ganesh V. It talks about the topic which never comes up in our ‘Herd Following’ society. The topic is college entrepreneurship and author believes that  “Campus entrepreneurship is going to be the next big wave in India.”

Let’s find out about the book and the ideology of Mr. Ganesh V.


  • Let’s start with a formal introduction. Tell us something about your daily schedule, and the things which define you and your lifestyle.

I am eternally curious. I keep my senses open all the time, which helps me observe, introspect and discover. I love life and live it with great enthusiasm. The things that define me are many: nature and wildlife, mountains and trekking, music, writing, reading, mentoring entrepreneurs, Scrabble, running, low-slung furniture, tea, laughter, silence, humour.….

 My daily schedule is quite fluid, and I love it that way. My day begins with a cup of tea. Usually, I do a bit of writing in the morning. For most of the day, I attend to my business consulting and mentoring work. I take breaks in between. I then write some more late at night. I exercise either in the morning or in the evening. Often, I visit a college to deliver a talk and interact with students.


  • Tell us something about your book ‘BHAAG!’. What made you think of writing about such a different topic – of college entrepreneurs?

Campus entrepreneurship is going to be the next wave in India. I thought a book on this subject is much-needed.

 From my interactions with college students, I noticed that a lot of them are keen to start their own businesses as soon as they pass out of college. Many others want to do it after working somewhere for just one or two years. None of them wants to wait till the age of 30 or 40 before striking out on his/her own.

 At the same time, they are not clear about many aspects of entrepreneurship: how to spot a business idea, how to develop a business model around it, how to take the first few steps, how to build an organization, the problems they have to be prepared for, etc.

 I mean, they don’t have a clear idea about the life of an entrepreneur. And finally, they are also daunted by the prospect of failure.

 And so, I thought college students need a dose of inspiration to get them off the starting blocks. I thought the best way to give them this would be to show them how other college students have done it already.

  •  Your book’s title is pretty different. How did you come up with it?

I want to take this book to all corners of India, including the small towns. So, I had to come up with a simple name, which would be easily understood by people in from Assam to Kerala. Yet, I wanted the name to be kadak, rooted in the Indian ethos. Finally, I wanted it to reflect the sense of urgency, the drive and the restlessness of the youngsters I have written about. An unconventional title helps, because it intrigues people and gets them talking.

 I decided to think of the name only after I finished writing most of the book. I rejected a lot of title options, before I hit upon ‘BHAAG!’. There was a phase when I was thinking up names all the time! The name ‘BHAAG!’ came to me one morning on a train. It felt just right!

  •  ‘BHAAG!’ seems to be a thoroughly researched book. How long did you take to write it. Also, how was your experience during the journey of bringing out the book?

Well, I wrote ‘BHAAG!’ in three months. It was an exciting, yet thoroughly exhausting time. I was on an adrenaline high all the time during those three months. Like I was on steroids!

 I had to juggle writing the book with a full-time job; so, writing during the day was just not possible. Also, I had to travel across the country to meet entrepreneurs and understand their respective stories. Since my company did not give me leave to write the book, I had to do all the work in an extremely tight time window. But, I knew I would somehow make the time to do it.

 I ended up travelling and meeting entrepreneurs on weekends and a couple of other holidays. I would do my secondary research and writing late at night, after coming back from office.

 I was keen to put out an extremely readable and inspiring book. I have tried to keep the narrative style somewhat conversational, so that the book keeps the readers engaged from start to finish.

Bhaag_cover 1_rev5.indd

  •  Our country’s youth are afraid to start something new. Everyone is running to become an engineer, doctor etc. What do you say to this?

My answer has two parts.

 While what you say is true to a large extent even today, the scene is changing for the better, more so in the large cities of India. Today, high school students are exposed to a lot of different ideas, different professions. In this, the internet has definitely helped. Role models and success stories are emerging from various fields. Added to that, entrepreneurship has become cool. People have started viewing failure differently – no longer is it the taboo it once was.

 These changes are healthy, but more has to happen. Also, the changes have to percolate to smaller towns and influence attitudes there too.

 Family and parents have a big role to play too, in helping youth get rid of this ‘play-safe’ attitude. We should start encouraging our children to be themselves and pursue what they want in life, even at the cost of failure.

  •  Why do you promote campus entrepreneurship?

See, I am not saying that everybody should become an entrepreneur while in college. The exact moment in your life when you will become an entrepreneur is entirely up to you.

 But in general, I think the earlier you start your own business, the better for you. Like I have said in the introduction to ‘BHAAG!’, your energy level and curiosity are very high when you are 20 or 22. Also, you don’t have any major personal commitments at that age. You can take risks and fail. It does not matter. And finally, that you will find a job without great difficulty, should your entrepreneurial efforts fail.

 And today, the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India is evolving quite fast. It is possible to become an entrepreneur when you are in college or just after you pass out, and still succeed over a period of time – provided your business idea is good, of course.

  •  Are you currently working on a new project? Would you like to share something about that?

I have some ideas for my next book – in a very different genre. But, I can’t share details about it now, because that would be premature.

  •  According to you, what’s the most difficult part of writing?

Bringing out all the essential aspects of the story, while keeping the narrative tight and crisp. Another thing to be careful about, is to write in a style that engages the reader easily.

  •  For writing your book, you interviewed many student entrepreneurs. According to you, which were the most interesting ones?  And how did you select them for your book. Were there any selection criteria?

Every case I came across was interesting, but the most interesting to me are the ones that are trying to do something in the fields of education, renewable energy and greening of cities.

 In selecting entrepreneurs for my book, I looked beyond revenues, profits and deal sizes. To me, the bigger things are a strong vision in the entrepreneur and the need he/she is addressing. Also, I was keen to pick entrepreneurs from small/unknown colleges, and not from the IITs and IIMs. Finally, I wanted to write about people from small towns also, because there is a lot of interest in small town colleges today, about running your own business.

  •  Do you read? Who’s your favorite author? And your favorite book?

Yes, I read a lot. And when I travel, I invariably carry a book or two with me. I love classic Brit whodunits of the Poirot, Inspector Morse and Wexford kind. I also read books on philosophy, ecology and conservation, history, cinema and travel, apart from biographies.

 I’d go mad if I tried to name one favourite book. There are many.

  •  What’s the importance of writing in your life?

Oh, man! That’s easy to answer. Writing is beyond being important to me. It is part of me. I am wired to keep writing.

  •  What is your advice for young and budding entrepreneurs?
  1.  Entrepreneurship is not just about setting up your own business. It is a way of life – a greatway of life. So, try to hit upon a business idea and set up your own venture at least once in your life. Your life will change for the better. Forever.
  2. Do not follow the herd. Do not become an entrepreneur just because someone asks you to, or because you think it is cool to be one. This would be a very wrong reason to take the leap. Instead, listen to your inner voice on whether and when to set up your own venture.
  3. Try to set up a venture based on a solid societal need or opportunity – India has hundreds of them! If you can fulfill a societal need while making money at the same time, that would be great!
  4. Once you take the plunge, give it your all for at least two years.
  5. Take on a good mentor or two, to guide you in building the business.
  6. Be patient. I can’t over-emphasise this.


So that’s all with Ganesh V. You can buy his book from the following links.


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Interview with Bhaskaryya Deka

 7 Days, 7 Interviews

Hello guys!

So it’s the final days of this campaign and we’re overwhelmed with the love and support we’ve received from you guys. Thank you so much! As for the final interview, we’ve another debutante who entered this field with a Suspense-Thriller. So welcome Bhaskaryya Deka, author of ‘The Unwanted Shadow’. The book has been doing pretty well in the market and has been appraised by the readers.

Bhaskaryya Deka

So let’s have this final showdown with Bhaskaryya. Have fun!

  • So Bhaskaryya, let’s start with a small introduction of yours. Tell us something about yourself.

    Well, I am from a small town in Assam, where I did my schooling. Now, I live in Dhanbad. I am studying engineering at ISM, Dhanbad.


  • Congratulations on your book, “The Unwanted Shadow”. How was your experience with it? What were your expectations? How’s the response from the readers?

    The Unwanted Shadow Main

    Thanks a lot. The experience writing it was great. I have always been interested in psychology, and writing a psychological thriller has been immensely satisfying.

    Response of the readers has been encouraging till now. The book was published a couple of months back, so waiting for more reviews to flow in.


  • Why a thriller?

    That question I have been asking myself too. I am a big fan of literary fiction, classics. But when I write, it just comes out as thriller.


  • Tell us something about your book. What’s the source of inspiration behind it, i.e., what inspired you to take on this journey?

    An idea. I had been flirting with the idea of writing on this medical issue. It’s not so much talked about, nor proved, so it looked like an interesting journey to embark on.


  • Tell us something about your daily routine. How do you manage your day? Where does writing fit in?

    I am a student, so most of the day passes by attending lectures, writing assignments. I write in the night. Mostly after nine or ten, as long as I feel like writing.


  • Besides writing, what are you passionate about? What are your hobbies?

    Besides writing, I like music and football. And travelling too.


  • Are you an avid reader. What’s your favorite genre in reading? Favorite author?

    Yes, I love reading. I like all the genres, but I am more inclined towards literary fiction and classics. Love stories- I pick carefully though.

    Lots of favorites- I like Sidney Sheldon, Khuswant Singh, Jhumpa Lahiri, Charles Bukowski, Salinger.


  • In Indian literary market, what’s the scope of a thriller novel because here love/romance is the only genre which becomes an instant bestseller?

    As long as a book is well-written and has a good plot, it would become popular anywhere.


  • What are your plans for life? Do you ‘plan and follow’ or just welcome life with open arms?

    Well, I haven’t planned much. After completing college, will see how it goes.


  • How was your experience with your publisher?

    It has been a good experience. They don’t delay things, give you time to do things best, guide you in matters when you need. It has been a good learning experience for me.


  • You have had interactions with TAB members. How was your experience? What are your views about ‘The Author’s Blog’?

    There are very few book marketers in India. TAB is a good attempt at filling the void.

So this is it. And with this final interview, the journey comes to an end. But don’t worry, we’ll come back with some new project as we always do. A big Thanks to all the authors for their time and support. And all you people out there; keep reading, keep writing and keep TABing.

You can buy Bhaskaryya’s book, The Unwanted Shadow from the following link :