Written By – Shivam SinghShivam
E-mail- kingshivamsingh@gmail.com

Our first post in the guest category. Enjoy!

My land is beautiful
and so are the people
a spring that’s hueful
with a colony of maple
steamy summer evenings
and the tours to the park
the dawn of gusty winds
and the rides in the dark
morning blurs of winter
and the incinerating tea to heart
that knitting yarn of the old
and ice-creams in the cold
I miss my home, I miss my time
nostalgia at its crown
those busy detours of market
and lousy lane of bargain
dickering at the street shops
and road blockades of pain
desserts of the corner shop
cacophony of the train
that river side at the end
with sunset at the frame
chirping birds and peddling swans
and the temple at the shore
flapping waves and thumping breeze
heaven’s at the top
I miss my home, I miss my town
nostalgia at its crown
the cobwebs of colonies
holds my little swanky home
my altercating mom and little feisty dad
the aroma of the kitchen
and the dining table chats
friends who formed my world
sister who termed them brats
the festive feast of my birthday
and pocket money in cash
such is my heavenly land
which misses me lot I know
I miss my home, I miss my town
nostalgia at its crown