If only forgetting was easy……

It was a stormy night, or so she thought. It certainly was windy, and also looked like it might rain. Time and again, a stray yellowed maple leaf would get entangled in her hair, and she would retrieve it with slow deliberation, and toss it to the raving winds.

It was a regular path, taken regularly, to complete a regular task, but
quite contrarily, this was not going to be a regular night, if, of course,
the word ‘regular’ had any meaning…


Jenny wrapped her shawl protectively around herself. It was beginning to get cold, and a drowsy mist suggested that the raindrops too were on their way.
She did not exactly dread getting drenched, but a walk through muddy puddles was hardly what she fancied. A few drops descended on her face as she looked up at the heavily clouded sky. Her heart suddenly skipped a beat, as a similar scene from a few years ago floated in before her eyes.

Hadn’t this been the first place where she met him? , she asked of herself. The wretch who made her suffer, who was also the person she loved with all her soul. How could she ever forgive, and more importantly, forget, him?

For, people who live inside your heart will never leave you, even if they themselves break your heart.

She had been a foolish seventeen year old then, full of romantic stories of the cupid and was easily impressed. Falling in love with a man nearly seven years elder to her, was easy, to say the least, and marriage, then, was a mere celebration of love, something that took place in every movie and mushy novel, and had nothing to do with responsibility. All marriages were happy marriages, since how could two people who loved each not be happy living together? , she had asked herself. She would have prevented a catastrophe had she asked anybody else.

How madly in love she was, and how easily awed by his mannerisms! And how triumphant too for having found the perfect man for herself at the mere age of seventeen! How happy, how delighted, how overjoyed with love!

Her joy, however, had proved too good too last. She could not recognize, in a few months of marriage, the devil she had consented to being wife to. Her joy broke down into sorrow when she came to know that there was a violent streak about him, a tempest of a temper and irrational views when it came to giving her the freedom she so desired.

She divorced him, but it was only after suffering 4 years of hell and
getting inerasable marks, both emotionally and physically. It had been a month since they parted ways, yet it was the torture of those painful memories that would not let her get on with life ‘normally’, and she feared that they never would.


Tears mingled with the raindrops on her face as a vivid picture of her life a month ago flashed before her eyes, making her shudder. She had lately started to become an emotional wreck and would often stop in the middle of the way when she found her eyes flooded, and give way to tears. However, today, she wiped her eyes and continued on her way.

However, the road did not seem to be familiar any longer. Wherever had she wandered off to? This certainly was not the way to her home. This path seemed to be almost deserted, except for a few startling movements in the bushes along the road. Fear flooded her. Something told her that she was being followed, but nevertheless, she could not fully believe in her conscience, since it often deceived her with a picture of her former husband, evil and malignant, charging towards her with a diabolic glint in his eyes. She was paralyzed with fear by now, but decided to run as she had never run before, to wherever the way may take her, since it seemed the only
logical thing to do. She ran for a good half an hour, not worrying that the path grew darker along the way, nor either that the rain battered down hard on her. She was determined to follow the path God had led her to, even if it led to her to the devil.

She eventually reached what seemed to be a large pool of light at first, but on further inspection, she saw it for what it was – a huge lamp post, underneath which stood a boy of about eight. She was startled at first to see him in this solitary place, but relaxed when she saw him smile sweetly.

“It is you I have been waiting for all night,” said he, “not that it is
particularly you. I knew it was somebody in distress.” Jenny, who very much detested the concept of ghosts, just as she detested marriage, took the child’s hand in hers, and oh, what bliss it was! What lovely bliss to feel the satisfaction of having someone by your side, to take in the love he radiates, to share with him her feeling of security! How reassuring to know that there is someone to accompany you when the path is dark and fearful!

This really was a strange night, she thought, never before have I lost my way here, and I am certain that there is not a path in the area that I have not travelled before. In silent reverie, in tender hopes, in thoughtful musing – every path has been taken before for a walk to appease violent sensations. And yet, here I am, walking this deserted path at a time which seems to be somewhere between midnight and dawn, with a mysterious companion whom I know nothing about.

But wait, have I not seen his face somewhere before? In a dream? In images inside the mind? In abstract patterns? In…..God??

Was he a savior, somebody divine?

“I’m not”, said the boy, who seemed to have read her mind. Jenny, startled by his sudden speech, drew a long breath to calm her mind. Meanwhile, the boy had started to speak again. “It is not me you have to think about,” said he, “It is you. Your life, has it not been in a mess for the past few years?
Recall. Try to recall- what went wrong? , and whose fault was it? Pain and suffering is what everybody gets, but a few of us get more than the share we deserve. Is it fair? No. But thing, is it worth learning something from?”

Here the boy stopped and looked innocently into her face for a while. Jenny tried to look away from his eyes, but there was something so powerful, so compelling about them, that try as she might, she could not look away. There seemed to be a bit of herself in them, but that could easily have been her reflection. The boy took a step forward, and smiling a bit, said, “No, I’m not going to vanish into thin air, as you think I will. Forget all about me, but remember my words – it is important that you begin a new life. Do not sit down to pity yourself. The darkness is only temporary – it does not stay forever.”

Before Jenny could even react, she had the strangest sensation of falling into oblivion, into darkness. Various images from her life flew into sight and vanished again – Jenny riding her first bicycle, laughing loudly and crying uncontrollably, Jenny on the day of her marriage feeling infinite bliss, and the days afterward-the tears, the emotional breakdowns and the violent arguing, and silently crying into the pillow thereafter.

She would try, but would never be able to find the deserted path again. Some things in life were best forgotten, she decided. For darkness was only the absence of light, it had no meaning if the term ‘light’ did not exist……….

Submitted by – Vanya Nigam
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‘Ashu, are you done with your gymming’, Riama shouted out for her brother from the dining area. So, this was her daily routine. Waiting for her brother, Ashutosh, every morning on the dining table playing angry birds on her tab. Ashu was a health freak, punctual in his routine, he would get up at 5 in morning, would go for a jog, and return to burn some more calories in his gymming area. He had it all, a luxurious house, all glittering garlands of life which we sometimes die for. Both of his parents were top notch designers in the industry, ran a successful chain of boutiques in India, and were worked for few production houses so money was never an issue for him. There were other bigger issues.  His gymming area was sybaritic, plasma in front of his treadmill where he was dripping all his sweat, a wall sized window on the back, overlooking the lush green garden in the front. To his right was an exercise bike, an ab blaster near it, a pull up bar facing the window, a rower nearby, a couch also made it to the room, his old early dumbles lay rejected in a corner among the high-tech ones, but they were regularly used by him. Maybe dumbles were his favourite, those old dumbles he never changed, and they were from the bunch of few earlier of his life having a special connection, but those old dumbles may used to think what are we doing in the sea of developed ones, maybe they felt unfit in the sea of fitness, but they were special to him, he would never get rid of them.

He slowly got down of treadmill, reached for a towel and moved towards the window. Soaking all his sweat in the piece of cloth, slowly moving his hands over the six packs he had, on the die for chest of his, looking out , towards the greenness of nature, calmness of environment. It was in stark contrast with his inner self, which was raging to come out, thundering to something new, wanting to be ‘me’, ‘more of myself.’

‘Bro, it’s the limit now. Come down right now’ his thoughts were broken by another call from Riama.

‘Will come in a minute, after a quick bath’ Ashu answered back and moved to his room, adjacent to his gymming are.

After ten minutes he made it to the dining area, all dressed, in his favourite brown t-shirt, and black jeans, his well toned body brimming out of his attire.

‘So what’s to eat today’ he said in his heavy voice.

‘As you said, mixed sprouted pulses, boiled potatoes slightly salted, orange juice or milk, whatever you like. For me sandwiches and coffee, my favourite.’

Meri sehat ka itana dhyan (such concern for my health)’ he said in a flattering manner.

‘Mad or what? Ye sab jaldi ban jata hai that’s why (this all takes too less time in preparation that’s why).’ She said and winked at him.

‘I knew it, my sis and work, two never meeting ends.’ he smiled and began having his breakfast.

‘But then too I at least tried a hand today.’

‘Yup and that’s what I love in you that you love me so much.’

We all love our brothers and sisters. It’s a different kind of bond, a bond with ultimate strength. One which may twist at times but not break .We fight with them, we share our secrets, and we hold their hand at times they dwindle. They are our friend, family and everything. Riama and Ashu shared a special type of bond. Their parents were always engrossed in the page-3 life of theirs, seldom having time for their own pages of life. So they were their own parents, and somehow travelled; holding each other to this phase of life, where things were more clear and they more responsible.

‘Take your car bhai (bro), what is the need of travelling in a bus’ she said concerned.

‘Hmm, ok let’s see, I’ll take a brand a new car out our garage, drive it stylishly over the roads .I’ll look at the outside people staring at me and I’ll stare back at them. All alone I drive to college, and all alone I will drive back. But, tell me one thing, what’s more important, to be stylish and popular or to be happy. I am most happy in that crowded bus crowded with my friends, with those teasing and laughs, and not the loneliness of that car.’

Riama looked at the watch, smiled a bit and said, ‘it’s time for your bus I guess.’

Ashu stood kissed her sis good bye and moved towards the door, but halted. He turned to look at Riama and before he could say anything Riama said ‘I knew you would stop. My brother can never ever forget…..’

‘My cell’ he said cutting her midway and rushed to get his cell.

‘Oh yaah, yes your cell…’ she said in a low voice. ‘Megha, clear the table please’ she called for help.

‘Bye sis, have a great day’ Ashu said coming back.

‘Yup, definitely, I’ll try to have one’ she said and made her way to the room.

Ashu rushed to climb the bus, ‘Hey Sameer, tweeting again.’

‘Hey, look Amelia is following me’

‘Oh wow an unknown foreign girl is following you, great.hey by the way, are you sure that she is a girl at least, like there are many fakes out there.’ He said and laughed.

‘Shut up Ashu’ Sameer said and bus drove further to the next destination.



Wake up! Wake up! Son’ as these words jingled and mingled in the ears of Sameer, his beautiful dream express came to an end, marking the beginning of one another day. Alarm clocks always failed to wake him up. Every day the same story – clock will burst out it’s not so melodious tone, Sameer would try to find it with eyes still dreaming, then a slap on the face of the clock, and here its goes, on the ground, silenced forever.  New day, new clock. Sleeping was something spiritual for him, like it gave him the greatest pleasures of all-time. His mother would always say that sleeping too much will make him lazy, make his brain less efficient but he would hush all such probabilities and would continue his daily-dreamy routine. He loved his dream world, we all do. He was his own master, the creator of his dreams. It was a possible escape door for him, to escape from the harsh realities of life. We all have our escape doors, which we try to find at times of distress, to run away. It does not end the problem, on the contrary it adds to it but this is how we live, or we are made to live.  These doors hide us for some time but the reality has to strike one day, it is destined to. He had his issues, some big issues; the type which cannot be discussed or told. He had to solve them on his own, alone.

‘What mom? Let me sleep.’ He said in his sleep-ish voice. ‘Ya! Ya! Please sleep darling but before that look at the time’ his mom said while sliding away the curtains of his room, letting the eccentric calm rays of sun enter his room. ‘It’s already 8.00, and your college bus will arrive in just 45 minutes. Now sleep soundly’ she added in a sarcastic way.

‘What?’  He exclaimed and sat in astonishment. ‘Its 8.00 already and I am still on bed. Mom you never woke me on time.’ He said and rushed towards the washroom.

‘Oh right! I never do that. I just keep shouting each day for more than two hours and then finally you wake to blame me of not waking you up. Great! Let’s see from tomorrow who wakes you up’ his mom said and moved out of the room.

‘Ok mom we’ll see. I bet I’ll make it tomorrow on my own’ he shouted.

‘Really? You have lost millions of such bets’ her mother shouted back.

This was the normal routine of Mr. Sameer Bakshi, student of IFT, institute of fashion technology, India. He always wanted to be a designer; he loved to play with colours, with shapes and fabric. He felt happy to create a design each day, to create something each moment. He never wanted to be on the conventional path of being an engineer or doctor or MBA like most Indians do. He wanted to try his hand out in something new, something of his own choice. He always thought that he would have literally died doing engineering, physics, chemistry, maths never proved to be his meal on the platter. Tall, fair and healthy (not hunky), he sometimes thought to be a fashion model, but soon realised that there are better ones out there. His mother, a homemaker, always supported him. His father, a banking official, wanted his son to be an engineer, maybe not for the sake of a good job or something, only because it would have been a privilege to brag about his engineer son around his folks.  But his dream grounded as Sameers’s decision sprouted. His mother was the key reason that his dad agreed, as he loved her truly and could not see her leave their house, those emotional tricks of Indian mom, you know. So finally he ended up in a fashion institute, with gorgeous girls and smart hunks, in the race of being a designer.

It was already 8:26 as he walked out of his room, all set in his black t-shirt and blue jeans and his favourite axe effect.

‘Morning dad’ he said as he made his way to the dining table, his dad peeping him from the corners of his daily. He sat in an adjacent chair of his dad, and waited for his meal.

‘Mom, again these paranthas (an Indian snack made of flour), you know I prefer something light in the morning. It’s all oily you know’

‘Shut up and look at you. You have lost so much weight; have some solid meal beta (son).’

He reluctantly grabbed one and began eating. He knew he can never win from his mom, he never wanted to.

The silence of the moment was broken by the honking bus. He was the first who the bus picked up. He stood quickly, got his bag, and rushed towards the main door. ‘Bye mom’ he said and closed the door behind him.

He said nothing to his dad; he knew it would not have an effect on him. From the very day he enrolled himself in this college, the ties between them loosened. They chatted seldom, that too on formal issues. He was his mom’s child, too deeply attached to her, open and frank.

He climbed the empty bus and took his lappy out, logged in twitter and tweeted, ‘another day, another way, and for all of you, a hey‼’




‘No one can live it alone; life is all about laughing and not mourn.’ We all need a group of people to admire us, criticize us, to be with us in every upstream or downstream of our life, to laugh with us, and to cry as well. Almighty gave us a family for the same, to support us in every odds and evens, but then he thought a little bit more and made friends. There are things and times in which family cannot take you to the safer shore; sometimes you need something more. Someone different; someone like a friend. Friends are those who may get you into troubles sometimes (yah! like really big troubles), and may bring you out of one. We cry with them, laugh, howl, and sometimes kill with them. Friendship is a different relation, more than love (for some), similar to a family (for others). For some friendship is life, and for some it is life. ‘Life never gives you what you want; it embraces you with what you deserve.’ It’s like an ice-cream really, you know, you lick it slowly and slowly, to take the full essence of it, and then you realise that it had started melting. Now you eat it fast, you realize you are left with much to do, and much to get, but time may not let. All our life, we run behind success, to achieve things but in the race of achievements, we win to lose. We lose those little moments of love, memories, those little laughs and giggles with ours closest, to just fill our closet. With every page beyond, you may find yourself in one of the characters of the story, you may think that, ‘hey, he’s\she’s similar to me’, or ‘hey that happened to me’. And that’s exactly when this fictional tale will begin affecting your life. Just wait till you get your point of collimation, and then live with the story. Maybe in end, some of you will find a realisation to change track of life, or maybe an assurance to continue driving. There is a possibility that you may like the story, or you may not, but that’s the real fun after all, to take everything as it comes. You are most welcomed to suggest your way of turning the story with your twists and turns, or to give your own climax in the end…..   So, let’s begin with— LOVING FRIENDSHIP.


This is our latest guest post written and submitted by Shwetal Gajbhiye. This is a very lovely short story to read. You will definitely fall in love with this.
Enjoy the love.

This was the date which i would never ever forget in my life. Something happened on this date. Something i would never forget.. I didn’t know how to react to this. I was speechless. I didn’t know what was going t happen next. All i knew was it has happened at that moment. You guys want to know what happened ?

Let me go back, 16th April 2001, it was the time when I had joined my first job and had completed two years with the company . Working with a institution having a global presence was a proud feeling. A year back when I got this job whoever heard this name said “Working with this company right after your college is a matter of pride”. And that always made my parents feel proud. I had enjoyed my work like anything. We had employee exchange programs where employees used to get opportunity to work abroad for a longer duration which gave them exposure to the global markets. Summer had already started in India.

As usual this morning I got ready to go to work. Since summers had already started in India it was really terrible to walk on streets after 10 AM. Since it was Friday I was happy going to work since weekend was here and most I don’t have to wear those formal looking clothes, shirt, tie and trousers. I kind of found them horrible but over the period of time as I matured in my role I started liking them.

I was perusing my weekend MBA program as well and my dream was to major finance and this dream was going to come true as it was my last semester

And the day arrived when the classes were going to start. I got ready in my denims and t-shirt. Got my college bag with my laptop and a bottle of water. I was planning to eat outside that day so didn’t bother mom for lunch. And after 20 mins i reached the institute. Curiously waiting for my batch mates. I Love meeting new people. Always making new friends. And suddenly my eyes went to a room where i had filled my enrollment form for the MBA program. And i was stunned for that moment. There was this lady whom i had given the enrollment form and sitting in front of her was an angel. Yes she was an angel when i looked at her for the first time. She had innocent looks, hairs tied around with a pin. I said to myself. How can someone be so beautiful? Is it really possible, or am i a dreaming. I pinched myself to reconfirm. “Ouch “. And i was not dreaming. I got this confirmed i was attracted to her. I was on a course of attraction.  Funny isn’t it.

We all sat together it was our first lecture. The lecture began with a brief introduction of the faculty. And then later each one of us introduced ourselves. So here was the chance i got to know her name what she was doing and where she lived. Gosh! I was getting this information readily available. Her name was Supriya and guess what she lived in an apartment very near to mine. I told myself “You stupid where were you looking all these days, were you blind.” Was i falling for her? I don’t know.

The answer was yes but i don’t know why i was not accepting it. Ok so finally the lecture began on the basics and some important concepts. After 2 hours we got a break. Although i was completely concentrating in the lecture i still wanted to talk to her.

Once we went on a break, i went to her and said “Hi this is Raj “. She replied with a smile “Supriya here.”   I wanted to die for that smile. But no i want to live with the feeling of always getting to see that smile.

“So what do you do?” asked Supriya. “I am working and parallel perusing this weekend MBA program. I live in an apartment very near to your house”. I really don’t know what made me say that. Why did i suddenly tell her about my apartment? How stupid i was.

“So how come you joined our program in last semester, I never saw earlier” I asked out of curiosity. I had never seen her in past in our classes.

“Oh actually I work with a research firm here and I had to fly to London for official work so I requested a break from this program and asked them fit me in along with your batch.” She said.

“Ok that’s nice. What kind of research you do.” I asked her. “I work with a pharmaceutical company here in India and we test chemical that are used for making medicines its composition and if there is anything weird that we find we take steps.”

“Can we go out for lunch?” I said with a hesitation. “Ok” She said. I was damn excited. Sam you have hit 2 goals in first half. That’s amazing. We went to McDonald which was just around the corner. So i decided to treat her. Was that going to be a third goal? My mind said go for it Raj. Don’t stop yourself.

“So what do you want to have” I asked her as if I was ready to buy her anything in this world. “A chicken burger with cheese and fries.” She said. We took our order and took a comfortable seat. All this time we simply kept talking about ourselves. A hobby, likes dislikes, those typical questions that always come.

I was enjoying watching her eat. It was a great feeling that there is someone who is always there to accompany me. After the lecture we left for our home. She had some work so she left for the market place. I wanted to accompany her. One thing i liked about her was she was very bubbly in nature. I mean she was so much fun that i would always loved to have her company always.

The next day in the lecture there was another guy who was kind of getting closer to her. I felt like smashing his face. I was for the first time jealous. Lecture went by and we as always were talking the way we always did. I had taken down her number and she also took mine. So our conversation continued even after we were done with our lectures. It was one of the most wonderful times i was having with her. I loved talking to her.

Over the period of time we got along quite well and I can say that we were very good friends. But i had thought of something more than that. The sense of being with her was wonderful. I always enjoyed her company.

As every weekend  it used to happen i came to the lecture. It hadn’t started at that time. So i kept waiting for Supriya. The faculty arrived, my other friends arrived, but she didn’t come. My heart beats went up. I don’t know why, i was very anxious. Mobile phones were a trend those days. But i didn’t have one. Of course i was not a earning member of my family. I didn’t want to put extra expense on my parents. This thing frustrated me further as i couldn’t even call her.

“Damn it!” I said to myself and decided to concentrate on the lecture. I kept listening to the concept as they were important. But her absence was still running in background i really was not able to control my anxiety. And suddenly the door opened. It was her.  I couldn’t control the happiness that came on my face.

I was equally angry at her as well because it was like she made me wait for a long time.  Was it love? Love at first sight? I don’t know i said this to myself. I just left it with time. It was just a start to my career and i don’t know if it was the right thing to do. But liking someone is not bad. It’s not a crime at least:-p.

I wanted to ask her if she was single.  I didn’t know how to ask. My immaturity was showing up on me. I just didn’t know where i was heading but i was going out of control. Not at all concentrating on my goals simply getting distracted. Probably there was learning inside this but i was not able to get it. The attraction to her was something i was not able to stop at all. Each time used to get inside the books i could see her face. It was just she was not going away from me. I felt crazy

One fine day after the lecture we decided to walk as we both had some work. Our destinations luckily were the same. As i was walking with her. I finally asked her “Are you single? “.

Paused for a moment she said ” No i have a boyfriend and we plan to marry very soon.”

After hearing that one statement, i completely felt devastated. I just didn’t react any which ways. I felt everything was finished. Just did not know what to do. That day i finished my work and got back home. I was not doing great. And everyone could observe it. Just that i did not say anything. All i decided that i will not speak to her ever. I wouldn’t call her. I wouldn’t talk to her. In fact i felt a bit sick that day and decided to skip the lecture.

I just picked up my phone and called the faculty “Sir i am not feeling well and i wouldn’t be able to make it for lecture.”  . “Ok no worries, just take rest and we will see how we can cover the back log.” He said and i hung up.

That day in evening my phone rang again and i picked it up “Hello Sam! “. It was her how can i forget her voice. ” . I just wanted to avoid her. Why did she call me? I asked myself i wanted to get away from her. And she was coming near me. “Hey Hi!” I said. “What’s wrong you not sounding good today? Is everything ok?” I said “I am not good i think i have some fever and would not come to lecture tomorrow.”

“Take a crocin rest for the night and let me know your status tomorrow, but do come “She said. I asked myself when i am getting away from something why i am coming back to the same thing. It was just becoming circle of life. I decided to tell her everything. What i thought about her. At least this way my anxiety would get over. And my mind would be monkey.

The next day i made it to the lecture somehow. I was still not good thought. Not the usual me. The way i used to be. And every one observed. My Faculty was quite surprised seeing me. “Sam i thought you were well. You should have taken some rest and get back. ” . ” I am fine. I took some rest last night and since i was better this morning i came.”I said.

“Ok. If you feel you are not doing well do let me know.” He said. Supriya was sitting across me with a smile she waved hand towards me and said i slowly. With hand indications she asked “How are you doing? “. I just showed thumbs up and indicated i am good. It was break and i came to her and told her “Supriya i would like to talk to you about something.” She said “ok i think the break is a bit short so we can talk post lecture.” I said “Fine “.

After the lecture got over we remain seated for sometime in the classroom as they don’t close the rooms so soon. I said ” Listen what i am about to tell you its quite likely that you might not like it. However this is how i feel about you. When i saw for the first time in the classroom i fell for you. I know it might sound crazy but this is how it is.”

“I loved spending time with you. I liked your company and nature always. But the day you told me that you are not single i was kind of devastated and that’s the reason i was avoiding you. But since i didn’t want to hurt you i didn’t tell you all this. After this it’s up to you to decide whether you want to talk to me or not.”

The moment was over. I had said it. I felt so light at that time that i couldn’t even feel myself. But it was very good feeling. My head was not heavy any more with fever.

She waited for a moment, and then came near me. I was actually ready for slap to be honest but she came near me and kissed me on my cheeks and said “Sam you are so sweet. And you have been very honest with your words and this is what I like about you. And by the way you don’t need to be devastated because you haven’t lost me. We have been good friends and we will always remain good friends. You are wonderful person. Though i am not single but you will get a better girl than me.  And let me tell u you are my best friend “.

This gave me the feeling of being the most wonderful person in the word. My course of attraction was over. I found the best friend in a person whom i loved. So what if i could be with her always but she is always going to be my best friend.

The thing that I learnt was we have a soul mate made for us. But it should naturally get attracted to us rather than us forcing things. When we force things we end up having accidents in our lives. A natural progression towards a relation creates a successful relationship.  And that’s what we need to always look at.

After all the lovely conversation we shared with each other she gave me a bad news “Raj, I wanted to tell you that, I am taking a break from this program. I got a very good opportunity to work in Singapore” I was like how is that possible. I mean not that I was still attracted to her but as a friend I was going to lose her company.

“But is it not possible for you to continue the course as it is going to finish anyways soon?” I said.

“That would be something not possible Raj, I would love to do that. But it seems the situation demands something else. I am going to miss you.” She said with perseverance.

It was quite disappointing for me. “You anyways have my number and email address, so we can always stay in touch and meet whenever we want to.  Nobody stops us” Said Supriya.

I was quite satisfied with this statement. There were not too many sessions left. I had a lot to do. So many things. A successful career was waiting for me in the future.

People do come and go in your lives but it is important that we stay on course in terms of what we want to achieve. After 4 months time my first year examinations were due. So at any cost would have not messed with it. I knew I was on a journey, just that I had to successfully reach my destination.

2 months passed, Supriya was already in Singapore we kept in touch for a long time. It was a Saturday evening and my phone rang, and it was her

“Hi Raj.” Said Supriya

“Hey Hi Supriya!  What a pleasant surprise it’s been quite some time didn’t hear from you.” I had a vibrant glare on my face while saying this. “My Exams were over so thought would call you. It’s been quite some time we talked.”

“Yes so what are you up to these days?” I asked. “Work is going good and I am missing India and the typical Indian food. You don’t get authentic Indian food here in Singapore. Hey I am coming down to India for few days”

I was quite excited hearing this. “Are you excited?” She asked. I was like shocked. Was she reading my mind? “Yes” was my answer to her.

“Yes because I would see you after a long time. She said “I want to see you once I am in India.”

“Ok why not” I said positively.  We had become great friends in short span of time. I still found her very beautiful. Though we were only friends and that was the best part of our relationship.

“So why not next Sunday are you going to be in India by then?” She asked me in excitement. I said “Yes let’s meet up at McDonalds joint where we always met”.

“Done Deal!” that was a yes from her.

Sunday had arrived; it was the day I was eagerly waiting for I was going to see her after a long time.

It was 6 PM and I was waiting for her to arrive. And there she was the same dress she wore when I had seen her for the first time with hairs tied around with a pin. And with a cute smile she always had on her face, I still wanted to die for this smile.  Was I still on the course of attraction? I smiled and let that thought go away.

“Hi! How are doing” Said Supriya with a smile. “I am good. So did u miss me?”  I said. While she greeted me we exchanged a tight hug and didn’t leave each other at all. It was one of the most wonderful moments of my life. I felt time should remain still until eternity.

“I don’t think so you need to even ask me this question. Actually I wanted to catch up with all my friends. And since you were my special friend I didn’t wanted to miss you. So I met you first” hearing this I was definitely feeling special in my life that day.

“I have got a great opportunity, my company is relocating me to London, for a research project and it’s a wonderful city. It’s an opportunity of my lifetime.” She said.

“I was kind of disappointed that I am not going to see her for a long time.

“So you are going to miss me huh?” She asked.

“Do you think you need to ask this question?”  I said. We both knew the answer to this question. I wanted this meet to get over soon; else my thoughts would change for her.

“Ok Raj I think I need to go because there is a lot to do. I am going to miss you very much. Remember we are always going to be friends and you will always remain special to me. Remember if at any point of time you need me anywhere in this world I will be there for you.” She said.

As we stood up she turned back to leave. But suddenly I saw her turning back to me. She came near me kissed my cheeks and left.  I knew what it was.  Smiling at each other we waved good bye.

I was feeling very lucky that day to have a friend like her.

We kept in touch on emails phones and even video conference on Google after that forever. Although the frequency was less but our relationship had the same vibrations which we shared when we first met.

I was sitting in my living room, while suddenly my cell phone rang. It was Supriya from London.

“Hey Hi!, How are you ?” I said without even taking her name as I knew it was her. In whole of the London city the only person whom I knew was her. “Hey Hi! Raj, how are you? You know what I am going to share wonderful news with you.. They have made me a permanent employee here in London.”

“That’s wonderful Supriya! I am really happy for you.” I said rejoicing as I was happy from my heart for her. “Hey I want you to come to London someday it’s a wonderful city. I will send you my details as to where I am going to be in London, so when you visit London we can meet anytime.” I was actually able to feel next to me. She was so happy and loud as if it seems her excitement was going to be out of control.

“Sure thing the day I arrive London, I know there someone who is always going to be there for me”. I said.

“Bye Raj” She said and the line was dead on the other end.

I wish someday I would go to London. That’s my dream destination.



A very funny experience,

Written By: Bhavana Lalwani

Those days papa was posted at Jaisalmer Air Force station and after completion of my graduation final year exams in the first week of may, my father brought us (me and my mom) to Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer. As people think about Jaisalmer, is a huge attraction for tourists, because of its Desert and lofty sand dunes. Therefore, I was also excited about my holidays in the Golden City of Rajasthan. However, if one has to stay in this city for some time, say for 2-3 years, then it is a very boring place. A sleeping town that wake up only with the noise of military trucks and with the rush of foreigners, who usually come after august. There were no cinema halls, no gardens, no good restaurants and the markets were not much attractive for my kind of shopping lovers. Obviously, life was very dull and boring

The one example I can mention here about its dullness is my Rasmalai treat. At 8:15pm on a June evening I asked for a ice cream in one of the popular restaurant of city called “Bikaner House” and the waiter said, “sorry no ice creams, its dinner time”. He told me that all I can have this time as dessert is Rasmalai.  Later on I came to know that you can’t find ice creams, pizza or any other CONTINENTAL dish after 7pm in evening, until the tourist season don’t get started up. As if, the locals are not that much importance.

 With this fine welcome in the city, one morning I was watching television as usual and getting bore, mom was washing cloths in washing machine and papa was in office. May be something clicked in mom’s mind and she called me, “Monu, come here.”

“Yessss mamma.. What…?”

”Listen I want you to go to the shopping complex and purchase few things.”

“What things? “

Get the list from the bedside.”

I found the list on the bedside and started reading, okkk..some grocery items, a couple of dairy products and a few other households, total 15 items were in the list.

“ but why did not you ask papa to buy them I have never purchased  items like basmati rice, butter oil and what’s that”, I asked while reading the list…”kalounji, jaavitri…?”

“Your father has a busy day today, therefore he almost forget to carry the list and I am busy here as you can see. I need these items urgently as we have some guests for dinner. So go and purchase them. Don’t worry, it would be an experience for you to get the knowledge of such kind of shopping”.

 I thought it is a better option rather then watching television. This way I can get some ice cream and chocolates for me in this hot summer. I took the shopping bag and mom’s purse and was about to step out of the house, suddenly mom called me from inside and I turned back.

 “Monu read the list once again; I think I am forgetting something.”

I read the list and tried to name a few things that could be added, but she said no to them and then came the bouncer.

“A broom, don’t forget to purchase a broom”.

“WHATTT….BROOM….A BROOM”.  I repeated my words. “Yes, she replied, why are you so surprised or reacting like this?”


“I can’t purchase a broom. Is it a thing to purchase !!!!!..moreover how funny I will look carrying a broom with me all the way from shopping complex to home? No, I will not purchase broom”.  

“Why not, broom is a necessary and useful domestic item, can you imagine a house without a broom, and then what is so bad about purchasing a broom?”  All her arguments were unbeatable.

“But I have never purchased a broom before and I do not know anything about a broom” I tried to escape.

“So what,  this way you will learn how to shop a good useful broom”.

“Ok”, as if broom is such an important object, I thought and surrendered. Besides a thought came in to my mind, it is almost 11:30 am, ladies are busy with their household work, men are in their offices, kids are in school – colleges, that means roads would be empty, who will notice me ? So finally, I started for shopping complex.

Shopping complex was a small market kind of place; it was at some 15-20 minutes walking distance from my house. There were a couple of grocery shops, a vegetable shop, a dairy, a bakery and a couple of such shops.

I reached there in 15 minutes, I did not meet a single person all the way to the shopping complex and at complex, and there were only a couple of women roaming from one shop to another. Obviously, this scenario relaxed me and I purchased all listed items including broom, had an ice cream and bought a five star and two kitkats. Now I was ready to go back home. However, carrying the broom was a problem, some how I adjusted it in the shopping bag, now the down side was in the bag and the upper side could be seen out of the bag so it was some what looking like, I am participating in a woman rally and carrying the “Symbol of Protest” kind of thing. However, I sympathize myself that no one will notice, I will walk fast and within ten minutes I will be in home.

I started walking speedily towards home but I found the shopping bag was a bit heavy for me so I thought ohh, who have time to look for my jhaadoo, so let’s walk easily.

Now the story began…as I first crossed the MES (Military Engineer Service) office building where my father worked. As most people working there, knew me by name or by face so I took a speedy run and luckily nobody was out side the building to see my shopping adventure.

After the MES building, there was another official building, and I saw a man in uniform standing by his bike.

 “What he is doing out there, why don’t he goes inside?” I asked my self. As I was getting closer to him, I transferred the shopping bag from left hand to right hand, so at least he could not notice the broom easily. However, that try went in vain because when I passed from his side I noticed that he was keep looking to the bag in my right hand.  (“Ok, smarty you can laugh but one day when your wife will send you to buy a broom then you too will be a centre point of public attraction”. I thought in my mind)   

But that was just a start up of the whole exercise. I hardly walked a couple of steps then I heard some noise of a vehicle, I turned my face to see. It was a Scooty driven by a girl, that time bag was in right hand, the moment she passed by me, she gave me a funny smile while looking at the broom. Need not to explain that it raised my anger (“ok, now don’t pretend as if you have never used a broom in your house”). But I was helpless.  She did not go much far when I heard another voice of a vehicle and this time it was a Gypsy.

“God!!! what all these people are doing on road at this time, when I am carrying this stupid broom?”  Obviously, the gypsy passenger too noticed when they crossed me and came in front of me. (“What’s the big deal guys, aren’t you ever saw a lady with a broom”). Anyway, somehow I sympathize myself that now I am close to my home. Because the turn from where my colony would start had came. Now confusion entered in my mind, should I take this turn or escape? My house was at the end of the colony, so if I escape this one and take the last turn then I would be at home in few seconds. But for that I have to walk through the road and until that time it wasn’t proven a good idea. I applied my logic of women inside the house and children in schools and took the turn; I did not want more embarrassment.

Before starting walk to my house, I took a sharp glance of the colony, it was calm, and no one was outside of his/her house, the whole path was clean.  I felt relaxed and started moving fast to my house. But I wasn’t aware that many people were eagerly waiting for me.

“Hey Monica…”

I was surprised, who is this!! I turned my face to see…ok that is Suman, my friend in colony, but she is supposed to be in collage at this time. Anyway, I tried to smile and replied, “Hi, what are you doing at home, you should be at college? “

 “No I escaped it today?”

Awe, why you did it today why not postponed it for tomorrow?”

 “So, what’s this in your hand?”                                                                             

“Aumm  …Nothing just went for some house hold shopping…”

“…ohkk..and you shopped a broom too…” you seem good in such household shopping…” she gave me a teasing smile.  Me too smiled and tried to cover my embarrassment, “actually I used to purchase household items and sometimes that include a broom too, you know it is not easy to buy a good broom you need experience to choose a right one” I spoke with an emphasis on the word ‘Right’.

“Oh I see, is it”? Suman was still smiling as if she caught my lie but without expressing it from her voice and facial expressions.

“but I never saw you doing any household shopping”, she asked, without changing the tone of her voice.

“Grrrrr…look at this girl, how simple and sweet, she pretends herself”, I thought but replied with a smile “may be you never noticed, I…I used to go for such shoppings, Ok bye, see you in evening.”  With these words I started moving fast towards home. I hardly had taken a few steps when I heard another voice, “hey Monu didi wait”…

Now who is this, I turned my neck in the direction of voice…”ohh that is Shikha..What she wants?” Shikha ran towards me and asked, “Why are you carrying this broom?”

“I went for some purchasing and I bought this broom too”.

But she did not seem satisfied with my short answer, so she asked again,” really!!! From where you bought it?”

Awwwww why she is stretching the conversation,  once again I thought in my mind.  While she continued her question, “so, do you often purchase brooms and such things?”

“Yes I do, it is my hobby, do you have any problem” I wanted to shout but some how I swallowed my words and tried to smile,” Shikha I am getting late ..Catch you in evening, bye”. By saying these words, I almost ran to my home.

“Be careful didi, your broom is falling out of the bag”. She shouted form behind.

“Who cares”, I wanted to say.

As I opened the gate of my home, I felt relaxed and took a sigh of relief, as if I have climbed Mount Everest. I was about to enter inside the gate. When my curious neighbor Mrs. Rathi suddenly appeared at the boundary wall…” oh god I had enough for the day now please spare me” I prayed, when I saw her.

“Monu, where did you go in this hot afternoon, and what is this in your hand?”

“I went for some household purchasing”.

“So you are learning domestic work, is it  …Hummm… Good”. “By-the-way, how much you paid for the broom? may I see this? It looks very thin, I guess, you haven’t bought a good one”.

So many questions and statements at a time, only she can do this, between, what is good and bad about a broom, all brooms are same. However, I did not want to stand there for more, so I smiled at her and replied in a polite way, “aunty, mummy is waiting, I will show you the broom later on, bye.”

I ran into the house, and put the shopping bag along with broom on the table with a bang. I was about to shout that I will never shop a broom again, but before I said so, mom came from inside with a broom in her hands. She looked at me with a mysterious smile and said,

“Look Monu what I found in storeroom. We do not need a new broom, because I bought a new one a couple of weeks ago and then I forgot about it. I found this when you left home for shopping.”

“So you don’t need this one which I have brought????” I was still confused and unable to understand!!! “You don’t need this broom which I carried whole way as if I am a cartoon???!!!!!”

“Don’t worry we can use it later, when this one, (directing towards the broom in her hand), would be broken.” With saying these words, she went into the kitchen, leaving me with the broom; irritated, angry and confused. I was still thinking and waiting for some one to explain me the whole thing.

Escape To Nowhere…

Written By: Bhavana Lalwani

Email: blj.jodr@gmail.com


She was running…Speedily…without any pause.. She was just running fast. Why, what was the reason? Don’t know, all she knew was that she was running. The way she was running, anyone could reach to a conclusion that she might be in a hurry to reach somewhere, or maybe she was trying to run away from something, but if she wanted to run away then too she was not looking backward. Whatever was it…her speed was quite fast and her breathing was heavy.

That road where she was running was vacant, desolate and quiet. A long and steady road, doesn’t know from where it started off and where it will end up.  Her eyes were looking into a distant vacuum (which was extended on that long road), towards a distant and endless path.

The two things that were breaking the silence of that road were, first, the noise of her running and second her heart beat which was beating so fast that it sounded like an air pump.

Finally, she got tired off, her legs were badly paining, as if someone has squeezed out all their strength. She stopped in the middle of the road, her heart was beating fast, she knelt down a bit and put her hands on the knees, and then again she stood up straight. She looked all around in all possible directions and to that possible extent where her sight could reach. Nothing was there, neither human being nor any other creature nor any green stuff. It was all quiet, empty and sterile.

Then her eyes fell on a big stone, kept on the other side of the road. She walked slowly towards that stone. Her breath was now getting normal. She sat on the stone in a careless position. She locked her hands with each other; her hairs were swinging all over her face, neck and shoulders. She then turned down her face; tightly closed her hands that were already tangled with each other and thereafter two drops of tear dropped from her eyes and flowed down her cheeks….for the  next few moments tears continuously flowed. Then, she suddenly came back in her sense and wiped out the tears and looked around, nobody was there to see her crying. For a moment she felt relaxed.

But on the next moment she couldn’t control herself and once again broke up in tears. Her cry was noiseless, eyes were shading tears, but she did not even scream for a single time. A lump of emotions and grief in her chest were trying to come out with a big bellow, but each time she swallowed them back. She covered her face with hands and closed her lips tightly and folded them inside, but no longer she could keep them in that position; still she succeeded in keeping her tears flowing silent.

She did not know for how long she cried in that manner; all she knows that she cried…. While sitting on that stone.

Finally her tears dried up and she stopped crying. Can’t say whether she got tired off with crying and she did not have anymore strength to cry or there were no more tears left in her eyes. She stood up and took a sigh and started walking back on the road. She was going back to the way from where she came. However, this time her feet were slow, as if there was no hurry to reach anywhere; she was walking carelessly. This time on the road she came across some people, going on their ways; both sides saw each other and moved on their ways respectively.

She was walking slowly…..and  even more slowly as if she did not want to finish the journey, as if she was not willing to reach the destination. However, she reached there and now she was standing outside the house. She opened the main gate in a very slow manner and then closed it with the same pace, so that nobody can listen or notice her arrival. She then entered into the house and looked here and there. Everything was the same and at its place as she left them. Somebody was reading newspaper, someone was watching TV and she could smell the aroma of food being cooked in the kitchen. Nobody noticed her presence nor saw her. She quietly went into her room and fell down on bed and pretended as if she was sleeping. But before entering the room she felt that perhaps somebody asked her, ”where were you, what were you doing?” but those words disappeared in air as soon as they encountered her ears.

Once again two drops emerged at the corners of her eyes and flowing through cheeks, fell on pillow.

Her mother came into the room and stood near her bed,” lunch is ready, will you eat now?” she removed her tears quickly and very cleverly also, then she replied in a stable voice, “No, later, I am not hungry.” She said those words without changing her posture on bed side.  Her mother stood there for few moments and then left the room with mumbling some words that she couldn’t listen clearly or may be she didn’t want to listen.

She came back into her world and again started crying, swallowing own screams and yells, the pillow was getting wet and so was her face.