Again a Suicide. Why? – By Rahat Farooqi

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A Class 10th student (a girl) is committing a suicide after failing in a golden test. Was it a golden test of her life? What caused her to take such a rattle step? These questions must be answered, who’ll answer these questions? Her parents her teachers, her friends, her relatives or the society we are living in?

I’ve noticed one thing, whenever such news came in daily newspapers we read it just like ordinary news. Why don’t we pay any heed to such an irresponsible act by a human being? Why did we take it lightly? Being a human we can’t even think about committing a suicide and how can one go and just kill himself/herself? Well, everything is a reason behind and what’ll be the reason for committing a suicide? Have you ever think about that while reading or listening such a type of news and after finding the reason have you ever tried to act against that? Who will come forward to stop this grave sin from our society?  Isn’t our responsibility to stop people committing such sins? If yes, then act. If your answer is no, and your eyes are on your leaders then listen. Political leaders won’t do anything to stop such major sins because they are not finding it political they all are busy in making a fool of their own people. So, how could one expect that these leaders will act against this and remove this sin from the society? “Getting freedom is an easy task, but removing sins from society is really a big deal”. People are committing such grave sins and it’s our duty to educate our people our friends about such grave sin and if you ever find anyone feeling hopeless, lonely or frustrated, try to talk with that person try to know the reason of his/her hopelessness, maybe you could become a reason to save a life from Hell Fire.

Now, why students commit suicide?  Who is responsible? “Look at Mr. someone’s son/daughter; he/she has cracked IAS/CET or whatever. Has been selected for MBBS/ Engineering or whatever. How intelligent his children are, and look at you. What have you achieved so for”? How many of you have faced this kind of torture?  And if a child shows no interest in these fields, this is how parents react. “You will never do anything in your life, you just know how to play cricket, write songs, stories, wasting time in reading novels, watching movies”. Such a hard time to face.

Tell me dear parents; are MBBS and Engineering only modem to live a happy life?  Do you think Doctors and Engineers are the only creatures with IQ of about 100? Do you think only these creatures have a right to live? Do you think only these creatures are having manners, a good character etc? Do you think securing cent% marks in the examination is knowledge?

Aren’t we so unfortunate that we have to call you our parents? Believe me I sometimes think so. Do you think failure is a crime? Do you think if your child fails in any examination ruins his/her future, ruins your image as his/her parent? Anyone can secure cent%0 marks, but knowledge cannot be gained by securing cent% marks. Failure is not the end of life or future, it is a beginning of your bright life & future. But, unfortunately, no parent understands this fact. When a sucking child alone in a room, tries to take his first step for getting something, the child slips and fell down. You didn’t go to say him/her that the kid of your neighbor walks better than you, why can’t you? Compare that room with the world and that something with the goal of your child. You will get the answer, what I actually want to express.

Mental Torture, Mental disturbance in our youths is spreading like smoke in the air. After hearing the height of mental torture from “now” one of my friends,  I wonder how can a father feel good by not giving his son a note of 40 rupee for a haircut Or 10 for fares? He has money to buy a pack of Cigarette which costs not less than 40 or 100 but when it comes to a haircut of his child or fare he has an excuse ready “I have no money this time or I’ve no money arrange it by Yourself”. When his child has an age to develop himself into an educated person, he has to quit his studies. Not by his own will but by the behavior he is facing by his father at home and from the very young age he has to look for a job as a salesman and anything else like that. When he was in a need of love, care, courage, and help, unfortunately, what he gets is the hatred, rebuke at every step and sometimes a father quit talking to his son. Which forces him to think wrongly about his parents, forces him to take drugs, sit alone in the room. Some have a power of tolerance some don’t have and then sometimes the story ends on a tragic note of suicide. “Mental torture causes more damage than a physical torture” not only to the brain but health as well. Drug abuse in youths is the reason for mental torture. “A sweet talk by father removes all the pains and stress of a child”. Dear parents if your child is failing in examinations just talk to them, parents mostly a father must be friendly with their children’s, try to know what fields are they interested in, try to know what makes them happy your children’s life is not yours.  You don’t have to live his/her life. “Let them be themselves the masters and teachers of their lives” and you the helpers. Do believe in your child “like we believe in tomorrow” because when we believe, we sleep recklessly. And save your children from killing themselves.

NOTE TO REMEMBER: “Life is a struggle do achieve your goals by a struggle, when you achieve thing by struggle you get to know the real meaning of life”. – Rahat Farooqi

Keep hope alive in the heart “One day you’ll achieve the goal of  your Life”. What people are saying on your back. Never pay a heed to that.


Little things that make life great…

Guest Post Alert!

Submitted by : Swati Dash

It is said that the best things in life are for free. Life is filled with simple pleasures, the little satisfying effects, we never really anticipate, but always take great pleasure in. They are the gifts of life that we subconsciously celebrate in our own unique way. Something like a glorious sunset? Or an ice cream in the winters? What can be more comforting than a short sleep on your best friend’s shoulder? a dance in the rain? or a cup of tea on a silent night at terrace looking at the countless stars in the velvet sky? and sometimes money in your old jeans?
Most of us think that they miss out life’s great opportunities and ignore our eligibility towards these priceless small things that brings us happiness. What is so great about the little things in life? They are what we will remember and appreciate when we reflect on days gone by. If we neglect the joy of these little things what are we left with? It’s the daily struggles, the disappointments and the disasters that plop on our doorsteps when we least expect it. We tend to think of life as a passage of days, weeks, years and decades.
But, in essence, life is made up of moments. In this competitive world we often need to remind ourselves of what we have accomplished in order to achieve self satisfaction. But at the end, we should value those small little things that make life great.




Before I could begin, I would like to share what inspired me to write this post. I recently read a small excerpt about an autistic child who amazed the teachers by his assignment. Students were told to alphabetically arrange few stated words in the answer box. The kid perceived the statement in a way that he arranged each of the alphabets in each word, in alphabetical order, thus intriguing the invigilators to search for an answer which could beat his imagination. And In fact, he was the only one to get an A in the class.

This read intrigued my thinking to learn the fact that Perceptions and acting upon them can impact the way we look upon the journey of life.

Doesn’t perception play a significant role in our lives? Doesn’t it outline our outlook towards it and define our personality? Well, the answer to these questions too depends in the way we perceive them.

Life presents us with obstacles at every step, but it depends on how we recognize it- whether, we take it as a hindrance of failure or a window to success. All of us have a thing in common- Life and its value can be determined by our perception. Just like how an assignment was identified in different ways and affected its execution, to result in varied answers, our life too can be worthwhile if we see our problems as opportunities. This way, we not only influence a positive environment in our life, but propagate the message across many lives.

An optimistic outlook and the zeal to perceive life positively will make one to search contentment in dark sunsets, find happiness enclosed within tears and feel the rays of hope trapped within the cages of depression.

To perceive mirth is
to catch the wings of glee perched
upon the stalks of sadness.



Insensitive India

Written By : Shivam Singh


Is rape all about inhuman aspects of certain individuals? Is it simply driven by lust? Or it has more to do with mental retardation? All these questions erupted four months ago, when a medical student was fatally raped by a gang of goons. They went unanswered for long but it seems they are plausibly answered today, by an equally spine chilling rape of a five year old girl. So was that driven by lust? Or humanity failed to distinguish a small child in eyes of that pervert?
What India as a whole has lost are emotions, sensitivity towards other’s pain. What made that rascal brutally assault the five year old kid was nothing but a larger manifestation of this insensitivity that actually all of us carry. For instance, if we see a guy dying on the road, in blood and gore we will respond by a few mumbles of sympathy and at the most a prayer for his soul to rest in peace for when he dies lying on the road in that awful condition. If we being among the genteel and educated class in India practice such kind of insensitivity then it’s obviously unwise to expect a rogue pervert to restrain from his satan like cruelty.
The same insensitivity was evident when ACP Bani Singh Ahlawat slapped the girl protester after being aggravated by the incessant protest. So what was the surprise for? We carry similar traits in our souls in different proportions; we are one amongst the insensitive civilization that India has lately developed.
Gandhi JI famously said “be the change you want to see in the world”. Its right to raise voice against the wrongs and it’s our right to protest against the same. But if this highly motivated and young generation of our beloved country wants something to actually change, then that has to come from within, if we abandon the smaller scars in our being, and begin to turn sensitive towards other’s pain then automatically the larger sins in this society will perish to null. So let’s not just raise our voice, let’s make our voice stronger by being more human in this country of Gods.

But we are proud to be an Indian.

proud to be an indian

Written by- Anshul Gupta

We have the best democratic country,
And the common people are still fighting for their freedom.

Every month, a newspaper reveals some big scam of the country,
Where a  local citizen strive to earn a single rupee of our Indian currency.

But still we are proud to be an Indian.

We have the tradition to worship a lady,
And see the several rape cases in the news, daily,

We are known since the years for our humanity,
Just once travel the local areas of our metropolitan city.

But we are proud to be an Indian.

Our pride nation is in the list of developing country,
And still one served with star luxury and millions without local amenities.

Common people have all the powers to elect our politician,
But their promises becomes the incredible corruption.

Even facing all this, if you also strive hard to grow in my best written constitutional country.
you have to pay your bunch of hard earned money, not to any trust but to local criminals for security.

Britishers came, and Divided us , Ruled us !
Our politician also obey the same ,
Divide us on basis of minority- majority, small caste- high caste,
Just to increase their vote bank.

Still a lot to say about my India.
from the heart of common people
but whenever i try to write something.
the ink of my pen disappears in front of their agony.