Holi Hooligans ~ {SS #2}

There were colours all around; in the air, on the ground, and every living being was covered covered in them. The surroundings were soaked in captivating essence of various flowers. People were dancing and cheering all around. The environment was filled with so much energy that the usually morbid beings looked as if they had been injected with a new variety of drug, something ecstatic.  The sounds of laughter and joy together cultivated a state of bliss. The smiling faces burst into laughter every time a relatively clean person was soaked in colourful water or bombarded with water balloons.

Soon the thrilling yet peaceful environment was disturbed by the high pitched roaring of extremists, who came in groups, laden with balloons filled with dirty water and pockets filled with tacky colours bottles – the holi hooligans. The smiles faded away giving in to fear, and joy turned into hysteria as the hooligans infiltrated the gathering, celebrating in their own way, exploiting the virtue of a festival they were vaguely familiar with.

The music was still on, colours still soared the sky as the festivities continued, people still celebrating – some willingly and others unwillingly. No one objected and no one cried; the festival of colours, dull and bright.


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Soar[ed] ~ {SS #1}

The sole of his right shoe made a squeaky sound as he walked along the road, loud music thumping his inner lobes. His eyes, glazed as a winter’s morning, were lost in a distant summer; a pool of memories soothing the aching soul. His body seemed to be on autopilot while his mind scavenged parts of a different world, of a different time – neverland of memories.

His hands lay vigil on the steering as his dreamy eyes sought some relief, a reward for their incessant efforts. The loud music on the music player failed to evoke even a sliver of interest in him. The musical notes passed through his habitual mind, as they had thousands of time before, leaving no impact whatsoever. It seemed as if his mind, preoccupied with cramped and limited thoughts, had resolved to maintain its state of being.

His shoe squeaked along the path, his body still on autopilot, his mind still trying to make sense of the complex past. Amid the cerebral rubble, the sun seemed to be a bit over-enthusiastic as it appeared out of nowhere, its brilliance increasing every moment. The pale yellow light broke the interim trance as it met the glazing eyes, and suddenly he saw a truck moving towards him at an incomprehensible speed. The truck driver’s dreamy eyes widened in a state of hysteria as his vigil hand and stern legs seemed victims of a relentless fate. Their frozen eyes met for a brief moment, their minds aligning in a bizarre chemistry as their distant thoughts collided in single pool of horror – Oh fuck!


Enjoy a new story every Friday from my side. Feel free to drop your feedback in the comments below. Any sort of criticism is welcomed. Spread the word!

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Character Development in a Story – Friday’s with DX #7

Fridays with DX

Hello guys!

I have missed this spot! But don’t worry I will make-up for that. So today I present to you an interesting session between a writer and one of the character from his story. This is a quick glance at the character development stage of a story in progress (Not kidding. This is how it is done).

*Warning* – Please don’t try this at home…. or anywhere else.

Character Development in a Story

Writer: Hi. Your name is Samuel Goodwill. You are American. 5’10”…uh…5’11”. Fair color. Blond hair. 28, Male.

Character: Sounds good.

Writer: You work in a large MNC as an IT engineer with generous salary. The MNC is involved in many criminal activities under the hood.

Character: So I am the bad guy!?

Writer: Not exactly. You don’t know anything about that. But you still secure most of their transactions. Part of your job.

Character: What’s my role in this story? It better be good.

Writer: You play an important role in this story. You will be introduced in chapter 3…

Character: I am important!

Writer: …and murdered in chapter 21.

Character: Wh…What?

Writer: This is a crime thriller. People must die.

Character: But why me? Kill someone else!

Writer: Others will die too.

Character: Do I get to do something interesting before I die. *winks*

Writer: Well… I haven’t thought about that. Story is still in progress.

Character: Give me something. Do I have a girlfriend?

Writer: No. You’re married. And a pervert.

Character: Wow! How is she? How does she look? Do I get a lovemaking scene?

Writer: She’s not that important. She dies in the following chapter after her brief introduction.

Character: Why would you do that? What about that love-making scene?

Writer: Well…I’ll think about that.

Character: Come on man! Give me a mistress.

Writer: You can’t afford one.

Character: You mentioned ‘Generous Salary’, remember?

Writer: Your wife spent a lot of money.

Character: Thank god you killed her! But give me an intimate scene. You know they are important in crime thrillers.

Writer: There are already some intimate scenes. We don’t need any more….

Character: Come on man! Don’t be a party spoiler!

Writer: *Grunts* How about we make you homosexual? Maybe I’ll put in a small intimate scene for you.

Character: Hey! You can’t do that! You’re crossing your limit!

Writer: Yes I can. And I am writer… I have no limits.

Character: But why? And with whom?

Writer: Fernando. The guy who delivers pizza in your office.

Character: The pizza delivery guy? You kidding me?

Writer: You’re a desperate man Mr. Goodwill.

Character: You goddam sexy writer!

Writer: Come again?

Character: Oh look at those eyes! And that beautiful nose. Your lips…

Writer: Ok. Stop it!

Character: Oh I just want to kiss you…

Writer: Bisexual. You’re bisexual.

Character: Better. So how about that love-making scene?

Writer: I just gave you. With the pizza delivery guy.

Character: But now I am bisexual. How will the readers figure it out?

Writer: Hmmm… you’re right. You’ve earned yourself another intimate scene.

Character: Yes! With whom? How does she look?

Writer: Your Boss’s secretary. Her name is Mary. She’s 41, married, with two kids.

Character: You don’t like me very much Mr. Writer.

Writer: As I said earlier, you’re a desperate man. We need to keep things on track.

Character: What else?

Writer: You complain a lot. But in the end you agree to whatever is provided to you.

Character: I figured out that much.

Writer: You somehow figure out the inconsistency in sales figures. You try to tell it to your boss and then you are stabbed to death.

Character: Gruesome! Why not just a bullet in the head?

Writer: Stabbing is painful. Causes a slow death. Adds to the drama.

Character: Ok. You hate me. I get it.

Writer: I am still not sure about the middle part of the story. Your character plays a critical role here. Do you mind if I adjust your character a little?

Character: Go ahead. You’re the boss. But no more changes in sexual preference.

Writer: Ok. So your name is Ralph Jackson. You’re are….

Character: Not againnnnnnnnn….!


I hope you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to drop your feedback in the comments section below.

Stay alive and keep writing 🙂

7 Effective Ways To Improve Your Writing – Fridays with DX #6

Fridays with DX

It’s Friday…again!

I know it sounds crazy but don’t you think Fridays comes earlier than the rest of the days? Don’t ponder over it.

Today I’m going to lend you some secrets to effectively improve your writing. Make sure your glasses are on.

7 Effective Ways to Improve Your Writing

7 Effective ways to improve your writing :

  1. Write
  2. Read
  3. Write
  4. Read
  5. Write
  6. Read
  7. Keep writing

I know you want to kill me right now. Try cursing me instead, it’s much more fun! 🙂

The Art of Projection – Friday’s with DX #5

Fridays with DX

Hi guys!

The day we all wait for is finally here, Friday! Everyday around us we see people trying to wear someone else’s shoes. Trying to fit in a personality contrasting their own. There is no respite from these folks.

So today I’m going to brief you on the art of projection. Here are some points on how to be a projection rather than a person.

  • Develop a fake accent.
  • Use internet slang in real conversation.
  • Periodically correct other people in a conversation, even if they are saying the right thing.
  • React in a fancy manner; LOL, ROFL, OMG, YOLO, STFU etc.
  • Start forming your opinion about anything and everything.
  • Talk about social issues as if you actually care.
  • Smile whenever you’re wrong.
  • If you don’t have an answer, talk something irrelevant and dodge the question.
  • Pick up a trending topic from twitter and update something related to it on facebook.
  • Talk about your achievements once or twice a day.
  • If you’re single, it is because you want to be single. If you’re in a relationship, it is because you’re irresistible.
  • Never talk in your mother tongue.
  • Talk like an anchor, walk like a model and eat like someone would shoot you if you ate an ounce more.
  • Work on that fake accent.

Keep smiling and put a bounty on the person’s head who goes against you.

Why Some People Are Better Than Others – Fridays with DX #4

Fridays with DX

Hello guys!

It’s Friday again! Today I am gonna lay some points as to why some people are better than others. So here we go…

  • Manufacturing defect.
  • They attend ‘How to be better than others’ classes.
  • Their favorite TV serial is ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chasma’.
  • They are good at ‘Role Playing’.
  • They watch ‘Game of Thrones’.
  • They give money to beggars for unknown reasons.
  • They have MPD(Multiple Personality Disorder).
  • They offer free alcohol and cigarettes.
  • They offer money at zero rate of interest.
  • They speak.

In addition to above mentioned points there may be some other useless reasons which don’t actually matter. Some of them are…

  • They are kind and good at heart.
  • They understand the essence of humanity.
  • They are forgiving and easy going.
  • They want to make this world a better place.
  • They are gifted.


Stay alive and keep smiling! 🙂

The BreakUP? – Friday’s with DX #3

Hello guys! I was not available for the past two fridays due to internet problem. Otherwise, who would miss a friday?!
So today I have a short story for you guys. This is a small experiment as I have never written in this genre before. Fingers crossed!


The wind played with her hair like he used to. He saw her beautiful face through the black locks that were trying to shield her face. He remembered how much he loved her cascading hair, and her. She sat beside him, near the shining lake, gazing into infinity. She was much too occupied within herself to respond to wind’s graceful attack. Oh! How badly he wanted to play with those black locks, and how badly he resisted.

She finally decided to defend herself, collecting all her locks into a nice bun. He saw those locks getting caged against their will.

“You know you look more beautiful with open hairs”, he said, swift as the blowing wind.

“It doesn’t matter”, came the instant reply, with a voice fighting to stay put.

“Matters to me”

She looked at his sincere face, with eyes so intense that you just don’t want to miss any moment, and she knew that it did matter. With one swift moment she removed her hair pin, and her black locks were back into the battle. A decent smile curled upon his face. She still cares.

He picked up a small stone from the vicinity and threw it towards the shining lake surface. The small rock piece bounced-off the surface 5 times before finally meeting its destiny.

“Why does it have to be this way?”, she spoke in a voice so innocent, even the most sinful of beings wouldn’t dare to break her heart.

“I don’t know…”, he said, lost somewhere in between random thoughts. But he knew she deserved some sort of explanation.

He continued, “You see, our destinies are like that small stone. We can dare to rise against the mighty water, we can even survive for a bounce or two,but in the end…”, he paused, realizing the sudden silence around them. The wind had stopped blowing and the insects and animals were on a surprise break. It was as if the whole universe was silent, silent for them. In that moment, his eyes met hers, and the silence of the universe spoke for the both of them. None of them blinked, for this divine moment didn’t allow them to. He could only see unconditional love & kindness hiding behind a thin veil of anger. She could only see true love bounded by helplessness; stale mate.

In that moment of silence, their souls exchanged loud memories and moments. He knew he was going to lock away his heart forever, but there was one last thing.

“You know… I still love you… I always will…”, he said, gazing into the blue sky, trying to figure out its boundary.

She looked at him for one last time, her face dressed with a beautiful smile, putting the key into the lock. She silently took his hand in hers and joined him in search of sky’s limit. The universe was back on its regular track. The gentle wind blew once again, playing the songs of nature, bidding farewell to the love which traveled on water, unlike the stone.