The Idea of Being Left Alone

We all tend to be in company of people we love and care about – our friends and family. For in their company we feel safe and happy, and a happy human being is a much better human being. And that is probably the idea of life – to harbour love and kindness and to spread comfort and joy.

Having stated the plausible purpose of life and the desire to be in the company of people we love and care about in a harmonious manner, it is the need of the hour to ruminate on the idea of being left alone. I say ‘being left alone’ because it is fundamentally different from ‘being alone’. While the former demands, the latter just accepts. The very foundation of ‘being left alone’ is based on the voluntary need of personal space rather than an unhealthy state of being, which our loved ones usually suspect. And while the idea of being judged by our loved ones is acceptable to a certain degree, the idea of subtle understanding by the same people in matters relating to personal space is still missing.

When the affairs of life transforms into a state of pandemonium, the intention to sit alone and grasp the current state of things in order to prepare for the battle ahead is justified and self-advocated. We can empathize to a certain extent, but we can’t truly understand a person’s current state of being. So the next time one of your loved ones desires to spend some time alone, respect his/her feelings. A matter resolved in solitude of one’s being gives way to acceptance, and a further chance at happiness. And a happy human being is a much better human being.

Evaluate. Empathize. Evolve.


Facebook – How do ‘you’ use it? – My journey over this virtual world.


I think I was late to realize the actual power of facebook. In 2010, I joined this vast network of people from all around the world. The reason of joining facebook was pretty usual and was to stalk girls *Winks* but soon I realized that what I actually was doing on facebook was chatting with my school mates with whom I stay for more than 10 hours daily at school itself.

In 2011, something stuck me and my passion of writing grew. That was the first year of my college life and I was determined to cash this opportunity. Coming out from small town like Agra and landing into the world of passion, Noida (NCR), it was totally a outstanding feeling. In big cities, people actually knows what to do and how to achieve their goals. I learnt a lot from my environment and soon started to live my passion, writing. I started to blog. A story, everyday was my target. Whatever the story is and how-so-ever it feels to write it, I was determined to write.

I wrote for around 5 to 10 days but then lack of audience took over my determination. I was writing but there was no one to read. That was the first time I used the power of facebook. I started sharing my stories in a group of our college. The very next day, people started to atleast recognize me. I won’t say that they started to read my stories, but atleast I came in their attention and that was more than enough for me. Appreciation with some abuses, came to me in package but the most important thing was, connections. Slowly, connections started to build. Like minded people started to appear over my timeline. Chats started to become fruitful. Time spent over facebook increased and parents started to get worried.

That was the time when I met my team of The Author’s Blog and we formed this platform to showcase our skills. We started to explore the layers of marketing of books and came up with many things that could help the authors to reach a larger number of audience. We started to review books over our blog and soon requests started to flood in and the moment your demand increases, it starts to reflect on your pocket. Now parents felt content and we had full support for what we loved to do the most.

We started doing college promotion that attracted many authors and even the publishers. Now was the time to think something big. I launched my first book, ‘Hey Dad! Meet my Mom‘. Facebook was my only way to promote the book and I used every length and breath of the platform. Contacts was the only thing that I looked over facebook and slowly, my ’empire’ started to build. Just while sitting in my living room, I am connected with the whole world, now it was upon me to what to do with these connections. I decided to ‘earn’ living through it.

Soon I co founded Author Paradise that took the concept of ‘The Author’s Blog’ to a new and higher level. Under Author Paradise, we used the connections of facebook to contact authors all around and slowly, we became the fastest growing publicity partner of Upcoming bestsellers.

I am still sitting over the chair of my living room. the platform is same, the world is same in front of me but the motive is different. Facebook, once joined for stalking girls, is now my bread earner. How do ‘you’ use the same?



‘Waiting’ is a Good movie. Don’t watch it!


I know many of you have just clicked on the title just to see why I chose to write such an abrupt title of this post. Well, the reason is the current scenario of Indian Audience’s choice. Last evening, when I entered cinema hall, I witness the audience of 10 or 12 people. Even after reading reviews and everything, people will still wait for ‘entertaining’ movies rather than going to watch such movies that needs to think from the depth of your heart.

Coming to the movie. ‘Waiting’ is a kind of movie that you’ll either love or hate to the core. Movie starts slowly with Naseeruddin Shah building the plot of visiting the hospital to see his wife who is in coma since last 8 months. Naseeruddin Shah has his own Aura of making you believe what he is enacting. Once he appears on the screen, you are forced to forget everything else and fall in place where he wants you to take. Hospital suddenly gets alive in your surroundings. The beeping sounds, closing and opening of doors, doctors and nurses running around the corridors and the ‘Waiting’ of the near and dear ones of the patients.

For me the surprise factor was Kalki Koechlin. She holds you on to her character. The chemistry of both the lead actors, the conversation between the both and the brilliant showcase of generation gap is something that makes this movie an exceptional watch.

One thing that will remain in you after walking out of the theater are its dialogues. There are actually very few conversation between the lead characters but whatever the writer has written, it is par brilliance. The conversation on life, generation and even the Twitter is something that will induce smile over your lips and will make you rethink if you have the required depth to understand them.


In the end, I would surely like to appreciate the makers of the movie to take the bold step of taking the script out for all of us. Do watch, don’t wait to watch ‘Waiting’, that’s the only verdict from me.

A Walk Among Laterals

You must be familiar with one-of-those-days when you finally decide to start something that you have been planning to do for so long even its providence is lost in the sands of time. It was one such morning and I was highly motivated to put an end to the looming question ‘would I ever?’. My phone started buzzing at an odd time of the day but I knew better than to put it off. It took me nearly five minutes to adjust my bearings and another five to put on my shoes. Instead of feeling fresh and vigorous I felt tired and sleepy.

I walked out on the street and inhaled deeply. The air was supposed to be refreshing at this time of the day but I couldn’t feel the difference. So I tried it again but no good. May be it was because of my not-so-active nose or that being my first foray into a new world. I started walking along the lanes and by-lanes of the nearby area and was taken by surprise seeing so many people already on the streets – running, jogging, walking. Even though these were the people whose faces I might have seen at one point or the other, I felt like a floater. And it was not because I didn’t know most of them in person, but because of the fact that I had missed a small detail – my phone. It was nearly five in the morning but everybody was busy with their smartphone, even while walking. The joggers and runners were lost in music with their fancy headphones. The by-walkers were typing furiously on their phones. I wondered who they would be talking to at this time. Or were they just texting to each other? Some of them were playing games, while others were watching videos as they passed by.

I couldn’t help but wonder about our dependency on technology as I walked among the laterals. They were there but they were somewhere else. The concept fascinated me but it irritated me even more. I walked on my path – observing, analysing and contemplating. Everyone seemed to be on autopilot, and maybe I was too as I didn’t try to disrupt the aberrant harmony among the laterals.

A few moments later a dog started following me. Normally I would have shooed it away because of my childhood fear of dogs. I was bitten three times by three different dogs at three different point of time in my childhood. But this dog didn’t seem so scary. It started wagging its tail after I halted and caressed its forehead. I had seen pet dogs doing it. It either meant that it was happy to see me or that it wanted something. Like all living things it just wanted love but I knew better than to be philosophical all the time. I went to the nearby dairy to buy a packet of milk. It followed me. I didn’t know why they(dairy owners) had to open their shops so early in the morning. But it served my purpose so I didn’t give it a second thought. The person seemed nice as he offered me a bowl to serve the milk to the dog. Maybe it was the dog’s usual practice to bring a person by showing affection to passers. Or maybe the person was actually nice. I watched as the dog licked the milk. It was a relief to watch someone, a dog in this case, in its natural state of being in a factitious environment. The dog again started wagging its tail as soon as it finished the milk. I caressed its forehead one last time as I continued my walk among the laterals.

When I returned home from the morning walk, I lay on my bed again trying to digest this new experience. I wondered if tomorrow would be the same experience. I wondered if I would meet the dog again. I wondered if it would recognise me. I wondered if I would even wake up this early the next morning. I wondered if ‘Wonder Woman’ wondered so much. And amid all these thoughts my body decided to relax a bit, result of an unusually exhausting experience- both mentally and physically. The ‘wondering’ part could be completed later.

The Exam Chronicle 4

EXAM. The word invokes hopelessness and anxiety. But that is not true for all of us. Some of us are so adept to the exam pressure that living under duress becomes our way of life. And if the exam, which we are preparing for, is cancelled or postponed, our lives go tumbling down the hill. Today I will share some of the things that you might go through during this phase. If you’re one of those hapless fellows whose single-direction-running-track has been remoulded into a circle, this one is for you.

Here are some of the situations that you might encounter:

  • Hyper-Breakdown-Activity-Paralysis – This might not be an actual medical condition but if you just try it passionately, it could be. This is a ‘state of being when you don’t know what to do because ‘everything that you stood for’ decided to make a run for it.
  • Readmission to social media – Don’t be afraid. Things are still the same. They won’t hurt you. All they want is a like and subscribe. Don’t interact. I repeat, don’t interact.
  • That thing called TV – You might remember it from your childhood. They still show the same mindless stuff, and some good music. You will get used to it.
  • The 24 hour paradox – Yes, there are 24 hours in a day. You might not have realised that earlier but now you know that the threat is real. Every second, a 1000 millisecond long, will make itself count just like a 3 minute Justin Bieber video; you wish it would end but it wouldn’t.
  • To study or not to study – Given your history with examinations and success you want to study. But the exam date has shifted and there is ample of time. What else can you do? After hours of critical thinking you will narrow it down to ‘studies’. But then, there is ample of time. And by the time you could make a decision the day is gone and the night, long.
  • Sleepomnia – Ignore the person who says this is not an actual word. If you’re sleeping most of the time because of your inability to blend in with normal people, you’re suffering from sleepomnia. That’s it!

REMEDIES (Yes, this is not the end of world) :

  • Netflix and chill.
  • Read ‘Getting Back to Civilisation’.
  • Watch ‘Game of Thrones’ and chill.
  • Make contact with the outer world(at your own risk).
  • Go out with friends and chill.
  • Learn to play an instrument.
  • Do anything and chill.

#Note – It is summer time. The ‘chilling’ part is important.


452830868_0f1406ba87_bWriting. Writing doesn’t come to me spontaneously. I have tried sitting in front of laptop  continuously for 10 hours without writing a single word. I just can’t do it regularly. It takes time to build a story inside my head that is exciting enough to be worked upon, and then pour it on a blank page. I usually write when I have a story (or a scene of ongoing novel) that could wake me out of deep sleep. People call me lazy but I am not, I would rather crown myself as a perfectionist. I may spend more than 1000 hrs to write a novel but it doesn’t matter to the ones who are going to read it, spending 6 to 7 hrs of their life. You have to make (or write) something that stays with your reader till eternity. You have to learn to value those 7 hrs of your reader.

My first novel was a disaster. I would have left writing after the first review that I got for the same. I still remember each and every word that he wrote for the novel. I felt bad. It was shattering, but then I had one more shot and came ‘Hey Dad! Meet my Mom’. It was a kind of experiment from my side. The first copy that I received was couriered to the same reviewer. I waited impatiently for his review. The review came and he rated it 4 star. That was the highest ranking that he had given to any book released during that period.

I started to receive responses from across the country. They all loved the unusual story-line, and then something struck me. It doesn’t matter, for general readers, how beautifully you have written something and how in-depth your research is; the only thing that matters is the experience that the reader will have while spending those 7 hrs of reading.

So whenever I start writing anything, I do keep this in mind that how my reader will respond to it. I want to tell them a story that can entertain them and keep them on their toes till the very end. So you may call me lazy, but I am not. *Winks*

Classics on Call #1 “In the Penal Colony” by “Franz Kafka”

Classics on Call is TAB’s new undertaking. This time, we are digging deep, to the very core of literature. In Classics on Call, we will pick worthy classics(of all time) and we will discuss a little bit about them in this section. This section is open to all. Feel free to share your views in the comment section below. Also, if you have read a classic and want to share a word or two, you can mail us on We will publish it on our blog for open debate. So be a host and pick a call of classic.

in the penal colony
Classics on call #1


Art defines the artist and the vice versa. If you have read The Metamorphosis you would be  aware of Franz Kafka, and if you know who Franz Kafka is, you must have read The Metamorphosis.  The Metamorphosis is Kafka’s most popular work, but alas, we will not discuss it here, as it is too deep to dig, and out of scope for this section. So I shall go with, probably Kafka’s third-most popular work (after The Metamorphosis and The Trial), ‘In the Penal Colony’.

If you have read The Metamorphosis you would be quite aware of Franz Kafka and if you know who Franz Kafka is, you would have read The Metamorphosis.

Kafka is known for his surreal and unreal literary works. Kafka’s work is so surreal and unreal that it’s actually real, as life in its brutal form is. *winks* That’s what happen when you read Kafka for a long time.

Kafka’s work is so surreal and unreal that it’s actually real, as life in its brutal form is.

Talking about ‘In the Penal Colony’, Kafka, through his character (the officer), explains the process of inscription on the body of a prisoner, IN DETAILS…in excruciating details. But it’s not just the process, it’s actually more than that. That’s exactly where I compare Kafka’s two major works, ‘The Metamorphosis’ and ‘In the Penal Colony’, the extraction from both the stories.  In Metamorphosis, you may perceive Kafka’s work as he was trying to tell you, but in  ‘In the Penal Colony’ there is just no certain analysis/perception. There are two endings to the story and four different analysis (that’s obviously for me). You may get more than that, or nothing, as you may perceive it as a violent piece of shit (excuse my language). In that case, I would suggest you to read the story again as you may see a flower blossoming out of it. Like I said surreal and unreal.

I will obviously neither tell you the ending nor my analysis as it would to hinder your reading experience. But I suggest that if you are willing to pick any classic writer in near future, Kafka should be on the top of that list.

And after reading him, if you feel philosophical, vivacious and despairing at the same time, congratulations you have been hit, you have been hit by Kafkaesque.

Happy reading!