Welcome to The Author’s Blog (TAB).  TAB is an initiative to share pieces of literature in various categories to numerous readers of varying taste all around the world. It is a platform for budding writers where they can share their work and receive feedback from our team members as well as our readers. TAB is open to submissions and welcomes everyone who wants to share their work through us.

To submit your work, please email us at theauthorsblogg@gmail.com

At a time when social networking and blogging is at its peak, the idea of sharing your work through a third party seems dubious and unnecessary. But TAB is not just your regular blogging site. At TAB, we share works of literature in various categories and, therefore, our readers form a diverse community, each with its own likes and dislikes. And that is the best part of TAB – honest feedback from readers of different shades and colors. If you’re a budding writer and want honest feedback on your work in order to grow and evolve as a writer, TAB is just the right place for you. And others, who just wants to share their work with our readers, feel free to contact us.

We also post book reviews and author/blogger interviews to promote the work of fresh authors. If you have a book that has been recently published and want some honest reviews, drop an email. Also, if you have a story and are looking for a way to get it published, contact us and we’ll put you in contact with some of the leading publishing groups that promote and publish budding writers.

The team at TAB is always available to answer your queries. If you like any of the work shared on our site, please share the post and help us grow. Our team will do its best to bring quality content for our readers. In case you don’t agree with any content posted on our site, please contact the team and help us resolve the issue.

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Some of the categories that we post under are:

Short Stories




Flash Fiction


Book Reviews




Guest Posts 


26 thoughts on “About”

    1. Thank you very much. Scrolled through your blog, loved your writing. Some of the post were really good, especially the poetry 🙂
      And your interest in TAB is deeply appreciated. You can contribute anytime 🙂


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