‘Once In A Lifetime; Happens Again’ – Book Review


Title : Once In A Lifetime; Happens Again
Author : Lovely Kumari & Ashish Kumar Mall
Pages : 224
Publisher : Leadstart
Genre : Fiction

Rating :

Cover : 4/5
Writing Style : 3.5/5
Presentation :
Story: 3/5
Overall :


How far can a girl go to make a guy like her? Meet Ashwin. Know his deepest desires. Nothing more than being in love, and not being hurt in the process. Know Ankita, his best friend, his confidant. What will happen when, not just one, but both of Ashwin’s consecutive crushes, think he is playing a puppet master? Fate, as usual, has its own way.


The first thing that holds the reader is the book cover and the title of the book. For ‘Once in a lifetime; happens again’ both of these things goes exceptionally good. Cover concept is a well thought production and the title is catchy. But when we turn the book, blurb seems to be a bit disappointment. Blurb fails to catch the attention.

Coming to the storyline; story basically revolves round Ashwin and two of his crushes, as written in the blurb. Ashwin’s chemistry with both of his love interest takes up the major part of the book and is interesting to read as well because it evokes our emotions of teenage and make us relive the days of college. Kudos to both the authors to maintain the simplicity while writing the book. Characters are well defined and are well connected as well.

This book is a simple read and is beautifully presented by two young authors. I enjoyed taking a leap into the world of Ashwin, laughed, felt the emotions and for a time being felt the escape which every reader wants to feel while reading a book.

This book is all about teen-age and I think it will appeal to a certain audience rather than everyone. If you love to read teenage stories of crushes and college sagas, this book will surely be your next ‘Good’ read but if you are tired of reading such stories, it will not leave a good impression on you.

Congratulations to both the authors and will be waiting for more in future.


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