‘Life is not easy’ by Arghya Dutta – Book Review


Title : Life is not easy
Author : Arghya Dutta
Pages : 213
Publisher : Frog
Genre : Fiction

Rating :

Cover : 4/5
Writing Style : 3.5/5
Presentation :
Story: 3/5
Overall :


Life is Not Easy is a work of fiction about betrayal, suicide, passion to live and the dilemma of marriage. Life is all about endless struggle but suicide can never be an option. Yet some experiences are so dreaded and inhuman that we can seldom forget. Rahul is a young engineer who got jailed after his marriage lasted for 72 days. Kavita married Rahul only to extract money; her heart lay with her long-time boyfriend. How Rahul deals with the emotional and financial turmoil in the backdrop of the false law suits forms the base of the story. Destiny has strange ways… Rahul finds love in Avantika but cannot marry her. For Avantika, now suicide seems to be the only way out… Life is just like a game of Scrabble. We don t get to select what alphabets we want but are forced to play with all that we have. You get everything by luck. Skill lies in arranging them. Yes, we commit mistakes and are left to face the reverberations. And sometimes, we have all the letters we need but then it s too late to understand their importance. Thus we end up losing. Something similar happened in the lives of Rahul, Kavita and Avantika.


There’s no denying that life is indeed not easy but for some people, life becomes much more complicated than others. It is all about how we face that situation and overcome from the obstacle that life throws towards us.

Life is not easy by Arghya Dutta is the story of three individuals; Rahul, Kavita and Avantika. Rahul, an engineer gets barred behind the law after 72 days of his marriage. Kavita, with whom Rahul got married is the reason behind the difficult phase of Rahul’s life. False law suit, financial and emotional turmoil becomes the centre theme of the book but then things changes for Rahul when Avantika comes into the picture. Happiness doesn’t stay long because Avantika is suffering from other situations. Life is not easy, becomes the hardest reality for Rahul.

Overall the story of the book is good but the slow pace is the problem in the storytelling. Blurb of the book is good and the cover is highly innovative. The courtroom drama looked interesting at first sight but falls flat. Otherwise on the emotional level, this book is actually a good read and maintains the interest of the reader. Writing of the book is another plus point where the author should be appreciated.


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