‘Kill me, Again’ by Sekhar Kadiyala – Book Review


Title : Kill me, Again 
Author : Sekhar Kadiyala
Pages : 317
Publisher : Notion press
Genre : Thriller

Rating :

Cover : 3/5
Writing Style : 4.5/5
Presentation :
Story: 4.5/5
Overall :


A serial killer throws an open challenge by killing the wife of case investigation officer; the most baffling case then gets reassigned to Madhumita Sharma from CBI. After an exhaustive investigation, Madhumita unveils the killer’s hatred towards God and the uncanny pattern in which the murders were being executed.
Visesh Gupta, owner of a private investigation firm, specializes in solving missing cases. He gets acquainted with Madhumita when their paths cross during one such missing case. Visesh gives a tip about the serial killer to the police, and in an attempt to kill his so-called last victim, the killer gets shot by Madhumita.
Things take an interesting turn when Visesh solves a mysterious case and in the course, realizes that the notorious serial killer is still on the loose. It gets further complicated when the killer starts a nasty game of hide-and-seek with Visesh while police start suspecting Visesh. Visesh, who is now running against time to save his family, joins hands with Madhumita to stop a killer who is always two and half steps ahead of them.


I feel pity on the publishers when they don’t recognize what they have just ignored. Kill me, again by Sekhar Kadiyala comes from a publisher who is publishing books in dozens every month; notion press. And when a publisher is so busy in publishing books, he can never pay attention over a particular ‘Good’ book.

Well, leaving these things behind, let’s talk about the book. This is my kind of read. Fast paced, unpredictable thriller. From the first page it invites you on a trail to follow a mad murderer and till the very end, you stay hooked to know more, what will happen next, who will get killed, how the hell will he get caught or is there something that is totally out of context? You wait for the climax and once it starts, you forget everything around and immense yourself in the beauty of storytelling. That’s the kind of magic that Sekhar has created in his book ‘Kill me, Again’.

There are many ‘feel good’ elements in the book for every thriller lover. The antagonist is challenging and the protagonist is also strong. One thing that I loved about the book is that the book is not all about blood and gore but there are few elements of love as well. Author is good with his writing style and knows how to unveil the secrets while maintaining the pace of the story and interest of the reader.

The only thing that I felt low about the book was its blurb. It reveals too much. Other than that, book is an awesome read and should be on the shelf of every thriller lover out there.


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