‘Darkness and Beyond (A Medley of Many Lives)’ by G.S. Subbu – Book Review


Title : Darkness and Beyond 
Author : G.S. Subbu
Pages : 208
Publisher : Notion Press
Genre : fiction

Rating :

Cover : 3.5/5
Writing Style : 4.5/5
Presentation :
Overall :


Whether it is a journey to the native village ending in the discovery of one’s roots, or the old man who awaits his end with equanimity in the hope that there is always something beyond the darkness that would soon engulf him, GS.Subbu delves deep into the lives of people who we may have met sometime, somewhere and left their imprint on us. The old woman totally immobilized, slipping into dementia; the revolutionary who believes that violence only begets more violence; the young man or the middle-aged woman’s search for an ideal relationship; a visually challenged boy; the patriarch who fights his way back from an abused childhood; the savant’s search for that secret to ultimate happiness and bliss; or the ordeals faced by a young widow, these are nine stories of ‘Hope’; nine slices of life!


Whenever I look at my book shelf, there are very few rare books that I think I should read them again; read them again just to get the eternal feeling that the author has created with his words on the pages. ‘Darkness and Beyond’ by G.S. Subbu is one such book. I got to know that this is the second book of the author and as I have completed this one, I would surely go for the first one as well.

Now let’s talk about the book. I read the blurb after reading the book so I had no idea that it is basically a story collection from the author with a central theme of Hope out of the darkest phases of life. This book is having 9 stories and all of them are class apart from each other. Every story starts with a question and ends with just one answer and that is ‘Hope’. All the stories seem to be so real and the characters so lively that nowhere it seems to be a fiction. Starting from a grandfather’s dilemma and ending at widow’s destiny, there are so many things that are discussed in this book.

Coming to the highlight of the book and that is the writing style of the author. There are only few authors out there who possess the magic of creating hallucination of words without using complex English. Author plays with words and makes his readers feel as if taking a deep swim in the ocean of literature.

At the end, the book has actually surprised me because of the quality of writing. I would surely love to recommend this masterpiece to everyone who loves to read unconventional literature works.



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