‘Blame it on Destiny’ by Soorina Desai – Book Review


Title : Blame it on Destiny
Author : Soorina Desai
Pages : 446
Publisher : Frog Publisher
Genre : fiction

Rating :

Cover : 3/5
Writing Style : 5/5
Presentation :
Overall :


A disturbed counselor who is caught in a violent love triangle, a sculptress looking for an invisible God, a medium for spirits who wants to be loved, a real estate dealer who strives to be a good son and a writer penning an interesting plot are five strangers who never come face to face but influence one another’s lives in a manner which alters their circumstances.The protagonist finds herself being questioned about the unpredictability of life. It compels her to explore the possibility of a human link between life and the events that shape it. Is it an intricately woven web of human actions that determine ones future or is it easier to simply blame it on destiny?


Is it really the destiny or series of happenings around us that shapes our future? Blame it on destiny is something much more than just a book. It will question, it will make you think upon your beliefs, it will make you really enjoy the uncertainties of life.

This is the second book of Soorina Desai that I have just completed and slowly I am feeling that she does possess some magic in her pen. The plot of the book may appear pretty normal; five people never met but influence each other’s life in some or another way, but when we see the depth of each and every character she had introduced in the book, you’ll realize how good she is! Conversation of different characters is written beautifully and now I can surely say that she is actually great at this.

It took me long to complete this particular book and reason was so many characters. Author wanted to write too much between those pages and for that she had to introduce characters. Many times I felt that the book was actually drifting from its centre theme. For me it was difficult to track so many characters as I have a habit of reading 2 – 3 books at a time. So, if you are planning to read the book (you should read), don’t take long breaks in between.

Overall, this book is surely a delightful read and Soorina Desai, is the one author that should not be missed out of your ‘Reading list’ at all.


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