Interview with Aniruddha Pathak

After a long time, we are back with a interview and that too with a debutant. Aniruddha Pathak is taking over the social media with a storm. He is all over it. Facebook groups, book reviews, youtube videos, instagram, everywhere. He is now coming up with his book as well. Let’s have a small chat with this ‘Amazingly talented person’.


Welcome Aniruddha Pathak. Please introduce yourself to our readers first.

Let me introduce myself the way I do in my YouTube videos, ha ha.

‘Yo guys! This is Aniruddha Pathak and you are reading my interview that is aired on The Author’s Blog!’

Okay, jokes apart; hello, I am Aniruddha Pathak, aged 20, and studying Computer Science. I am an avid reader of Marathi literature, am a music freak, and am a writer by passion. I am here to talk about my soon to be published book, and would be opening up gradually down the lines. Talking about myself, I am an introvert by nature, but I love to explore the people around me. I am the founder of Literamuse – a portal powered for Authors, and Scribblers Write: a portal powered for budding writers. Secondly, I love to inspire the people that I am surrounded with, and hope for a better world than the one which we are living today. I write satire, psychological and horror stories. Also, I blog as Ani – my alter ego – at

That’s me.


Your new book is about to hit the market soon, it seems pretty unique according to some of the promos that you have shared recently. Please let us know about it.

Ah! Yes, my book is about to hit the market soon, in a month or so. I have shared many things about the book, but the actual concept and its name still hides under the veil. Nonetheless, taking the opportunity of this conversation, I am revealing its name.



Canvas of a Storyteller’ is my baby (and debut book) which holds the portrayal of the people of the society, the people around us; where my alter ego – Ani, is the storyteller. Like I said in the promos: The People, Their Stories…One Storyteller; that’s how it goes. The concept does hold interactive narration, and the stories are inspired from real life characters and their lives.

You started as a book promoter and then decided to write a book. What was the kind of motivation that you got from your promotion things?

Promotion of books has helped me understand the perks – ups and downs – of the promotional factors. Though linking it to writing a book might be inappropriate. To be honest, I never expected me to write a book. But the people surrounding me inspired me a lot and my psychological approach towards every person let me observe their traits. Eventually thinking, I decided to go with the short stories’ concept and ended up writing the novella. The thought process too involved conversations with many friends and unknown people that trusted me and shared their life’s story. That is the reason I say: It’s not the work only of my own, but the people that surround me.

You are also a very active admin of many groups on Facebook with thousands of active members. How do you manage all of these things together?

I am a workaholic, on a note. Sitting idle at a place is just a big NO for me, and my strict yet jolly approach towards the groups makes me one of the well known admins of the group. I won’t mind sharing that some of the members fear to message me cause of my dominant nature outside, but that, according to me, is necessary to build a successfully progressing group. Though I ain’t really rude like I portray out there, he he. I believe in providing brilliant and hard working writers to the literature; and this is my first step towards my goal. To my (proud) amazement, the members are taking it seriously and working on it…so am I.

You seem to have pretty unique hobbies. Tell us something about them too.

Ha ha! That’s tricky. I like to do many things at a time. Someday, you might find many windows running on my computer; where I would be writing in one, decoding an app in second, reading something about music in third, watching the dance of Chris Brown in fourth; and not to forget that my love for professional wrestling is tremendous. No matter whatever the profession one chooses, I love the spirit of dedication that a person owes to it.

What dragged your passion towards literature?

My father. He provided me with books at an early age. Also, my maternal place has a pile of comics and books standing proudly, and I – with no hesitation – mess everything and read all of them whenever I am at their place. I am an avid reader of Marathi literature; whereas I prefer reading Indian authors – not commercially famous books – to understand the details of Indian literature and exploring our motherland.

One author whom you idolize the most.

More than anything, I have read horror; Marathi horror books. Ratnakar Matkari is the one I idolize the most, as his plotting of the stories and the storytelling, both amaze me simultaneously. His personality is inspirational and noteworthy as well.

Any word for your readers?

Dear readers, you are the reason why I have been able to progress in my writing journey. Every reader that I have met on this path has been the prime source of encouragement; and the mentor.

You have seen me improving, you have seen me giving up on my dreams…but each time I let myself down, you were the one who lifted me up with your unconditional love. Without you, I would’ve been still struggling to showcase myself; but you all made it happen.

I owe my gratitude to you, with all my heart.

Keep reading, keep inspiring, and keep spreading cheerfulness. That’s all I wish for. Regards.


So, that’s all for today. We’ll be back soon.


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