‘Journey with Mahatmaji’ by Raj Sharma – Book Review


Title : Journey with Mahatmaji
Author : Raj Sharma
Pages : 235
Publisher : Notion Press
Genre : fiction

Rating :

Cover : 4/5
Writing Style : 4/5
Presentation :
Overall :


This book is about a unique journey which a Bank note travels while it goes into different hands, one after another. Although the episodes are all imaginary, every attempt has been diligently taken by the writer that the reality never supersedes. With the portrait of Mahatma printed on its body, the note narrates what and under what circumstances are felt by it. It understands human emotions, sentiments. It realizes their need and their greed as well. It evaluates its presence and condemns its absence as well. It teaches as it travels and it learns lessons from its mistakes also. It motivates for the journey ahead and regrets for the leftovers. There might be so many hands the note would have travelled through, but just to confine its journey to limited episodes, the note reflects only certain steps of its journey.


Sometimes a brilliant plot is what you need to write a good book and that’s what actually happened with ‘Journey with Mahatmaji’. Here the author has taken a great risk to narrate the story from the point of view of a 500 Rs. Note and for me this risk is actually paid off. I enjoyed reading and witnessing a complete new look of the outside world that we generally ignore.

The first impression of the book is brilliant because of its great cover design and interesting blurb. If you are a YouTube user, you can also see the trailer of the book that is another pillar that will force you to read this book out.

Now coming to the story. The story starts with the narration of a 500 Rs. Note. With every scene described in the book, the owner of the note will keep on changing and the note will tell you how it felt to be with that owner and what the note wished it could do for the owner. From a powerful man to powerless owner, from a needy to greedy; the journey of this note is something that will amaze you and make you think as well. The author has also used some illustrations throughout the book that helps to create an image in front of reader.

Writing style of the author is pretty simple and he is not exaggerating anything in the book. He had kept the note’s (narrator) view simple and understandable.

Now talking about some negatives. There are too many scenes in the book. Sometimes, within a page’s interval the scene changes, i.e., the owner changes. It would be good if the author would have chosen some interesting owners and weaved the story around them only.

At the end, for me the book is pretty interesting, just needed some polish. For me the brilliant plot of the book is the plus point and for that only I will recommend this book to everyone who are eager to read something new.


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