Barefoot to Paradise by Soorina Desai – Book Review


Title : Barefoot to Paradise
Author : Soorina Desai
Pages : 248
Publisher : Frog Publisher
Genre : fiction

Rating :

Cover : 3/5
Writing Style : 4.5/5
Presentation :
Overall :


The sale of a painting that depicts her childhood home prompts Naintara to dissect various aspects of her life:

The awareness of being, the confusion caused by an inner voice, a necessity to co-exist with people and a desire for love that fills one void but causes a deeper one. The need to earn a livelihood, a passion to create that doesn’t always pay and luck, which holds her ransom till it turns. Also, God who doesn’t help slay her demons, about life that shows an uncanny ability to sort itself out and hope, which if nothing else, doesn’t abandon her side.

This book is about the intriguing path life takes in order to bring one to something as simple as one’s own self.


There are not many books around that could make you pause for a moment to recall and think upon your own life and there are not many authors around who could create such magic with their words. For me, Barefoot to Paradise by Soorina Desai is one book that contains both the qualities that are rare in this field of literature.

The first look at the book gives no clue of what the content it stores. The cover is not very eye catching but does give a pleasant sight. The blurb of the book is short and interesting, does create excitement to open and read the book. Now coming to the story of the book. It is about the shaping of mind of a teenager who slowly gets influenced by various people in her life and experiences drastic changes and events. Story is simple as it is taken from lives of characters that we see often around us but the exceptional part of the book is the writing style of the author and her understanding about the life of her characters. She must be a brilliant observer from her real life because creating characters so vivid, lively and distinguish in nature, is not everyone’s cup of coffee.

Another thing that I liked about the book is that she knows how to play with the words and create magic out of it. There were many moments for me while reading the book when I had to stop and appreciate the writing.

Now some of the drawbacks. Talking about the storytelling, for me, it was slow and predictable. I would have loved the story part as well if the book was somewhat shorter than the present version.

Overall, the book is surely one of its kind. The brilliant author of the book makes this one a ‘must read’ for all the literature lovers.


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