‘The Hacker From Hell’ by Balasubramanya P. – Book Review


Title : The Hacker From Hell
Author : Balasubramanya P.
Pages : 106
Publisher : Notion Press
Genre : fantasy

Rating :

Cover : 4/5
Writing Style : 3/5
Presentation :
Overall :


We are all scared of demons. We think they haunt us in peculiar ways. But they only sow poisonous seeds in our minds that we nourish, until eventually we ourselves turn into demons.

Sharadhi is a middle-aged woman who ends up between heaven and hell, where she learns new definitions of heaven, hell, gods, and demons.

She makes some friends in hell and begins understanding concepts like evolution, genetics, and mutation from the perspective of the gods, concluding that even gods are not above nature. She also learns that there are things that even gods fear. She has to face dark creatures to protect gods and their system.

Meanwhile, Professor Shankar and his team face a great challenge that threatens the existence of humanity.

What are the duties of gods? What do the residents of hell do? How do angels and demons interact with people on earth? What is the challenge that Professor Shankar and his team face? Does Sharadhi fight the creatures off?


It is not that Indian writers are not writing about fantasy. The thing is that it is not getting popular over the western fantasy writing. ‘The Hacker From Hell’ is a decent attempt from Balasubramanya in writing an imaginary fiction based on the afterlife adventure and the controlling of the real world and the people living on earth.

The cover of the book gives no hint of the story but still seems to be apt. The blurb of the book talks about so many things that it actually ignites the curiosity within the reader. So I would say that with cover and the blurb, author actually does a good job. Now coming to the storyline. At the start of the book, you can’t predict where it will lead you. The only hint comes in your mind after reaching the term ARC, which means, Afterlife Residential Complex. There begins the imagination of the author. Author explains the concept of life and death, what is the purpose of life, what is hell and heaven and what actually happens when you die! At present, while reading the review you’ll not feel convinced with everything that I will try to explain but the author has described each and every bit marvelously. For this portion, I’ll rate the author with good points. He succeeded to explain the most complex things with ease.

Another sequence that I looked within the book comes after the 80% completion of the book and paves the path for the second edition of the book. It was the story of Pradeep. How he got influence because of the creatures of afterlife while living on the earth was something that made me appreciate the creativity of the author.

Now talking about the drawbacks. Characterization was missing. None of the character stands out of the book. Author seems to be in hurry to sum up the whole imagination world in 106 pages. The writing and the dialogues were also very weak at some places. Another thing that I personally felt was not so interesting was the fight to protect the towers but I think that they have some significance for the second part so I would give benefit of doubt there.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and the imagination of the author surely deserves to be read.


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