Facebook – How do ‘you’ use it? – My journey over this virtual world.


I think I was late to realize the actual power of facebook. In 2010, I joined this vast network of people from all around the world. The reason of joining facebook was pretty usual and was to stalk girls *Winks* but soon I realized that what I actually was doing on facebook was chatting with my school mates with whom I stay for more than 10 hours daily at school itself.

In 2011, something stuck me and my passion of writing grew. That was the first year of my college life and I was determined to cash this opportunity. Coming out from small town like Agra and landing into the world of passion, Noida (NCR), it was totally a outstanding feeling. In big cities, people actually knows what to do and how to achieve their goals. I learnt a lot from my environment and soon started to live my passion, writing. I started to blog. A story, everyday was my target. Whatever the story is and how-so-ever it feels to write it, I was determined to write.

I wrote for around 5 to 10 days but then lack of audience took over my determination. I was writing but there was no one to read. That was the first time I used the power of facebook. I started sharing my stories in a group of our college. The very next day, people started to atleast recognize me. I won’t say that they started to read my stories, but atleast I came in their attention and that was more than enough for me. Appreciation with some abuses, came to me in package but the most important thing was, connections. Slowly, connections started to build. Like minded people started to appear over my timeline. Chats started to become fruitful. Time spent over facebook increased and parents started to get worried.

That was the time when I met my team of The Author’s Blog and we formed this platform to showcase our skills. We started to explore the layers of marketing of books and came up with many things that could help the authors to reach a larger number of audience. We started to review books over our blog and soon requests started to flood in and the moment your demand increases, it starts to reflect on your pocket. Now parents felt content and we had full support for what we loved to do the most.

We started doing college promotion that attracted many authors and even the publishers. Now was the time to think something big. I launched my first book, ‘Hey Dad! Meet my Mom‘. Facebook was my only way to promote the book and I used every length and breath of the platform. Contacts was the only thing that I looked over facebook and slowly, my ’empire’ started to build. Just while sitting in my living room, I am connected with the whole world, now it was upon me to what to do with these connections. I decided to ‘earn’ living through it.

Soon I co founded Author Paradise that took the concept of ‘The Author’s Blog’ to a new and higher level. Under Author Paradise, we used the connections of facebook to contact authors all around and slowly, we became the fastest growing publicity partner of Upcoming bestsellers.

I am still sitting over the chair of my living room. the platform is same, the world is same in front of me but the motive is different. Facebook, once joined for stalking girls, is now my bread earner. How do ‘you’ use the same?




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