452830868_0f1406ba87_bWriting. Writing doesn’t come to me spontaneously. I have tried sitting in front of laptop  continuously for 10 hours without writing a single word. I just can’t do it regularly. It takes time to build a story inside my head that is exciting enough to be worked upon, and then pour it on a blank page. I usually write when I have a story (or a scene of ongoing novel) that could wake me out of deep sleep. People call me lazy but I am not, I would rather crown myself as a perfectionist. I may spend more than 1000 hrs to write a novel but it doesn’t matter to the ones who are going to read it, spending 6 to 7 hrs of their life. You have to make (or write) something that stays with your reader till eternity. You have to learn to value those 7 hrs of your reader.

My first novel was a disaster. I would have left writing after the first review that I got for the same. I still remember each and every word that he wrote for the novel. I felt bad. It was shattering, but then I had one more shot and came ‘Hey Dad! Meet my Mom’. It was a kind of experiment from my side. The first copy that I received was couriered to the same reviewer. I waited impatiently for his review. The review came and he rated it 4 star. That was the highest ranking that he had given to any book released during that period.

I started to receive responses from across the country. They all loved the unusual story-line, and then something struck me. It doesn’t matter, for general readers, how beautifully you have written something and how in-depth your research is; the only thing that matters is the experience that the reader will have while spending those 7 hrs of reading.

So whenever I start writing anything, I do keep this in mind that how my reader will respond to it. I want to tell them a story that can entertain them and keep them on their toes till the very end. So you may call me lazy, but I am not. *Winks*


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