When he woke up that morning in his bed, his face was still deprived of the sun rays as the window on the wall opposite to him  still closed, like on many such mornings. He looked at the window through the eyelids slightly ajar. He kept lying there for a while, thinking, unlike most of his mornings when he got up overlooking the closed window and ignored his craving for the sun rays. He never dared to open the window, but sometimes he did look at the panels, the layer of dust on it and the bolts which were tightly penetrated into the sill. And then, the next moment, he flushed all those thoughts out of his mind.

They had said to him that there was another world on the other side of the window and he didn’t belong there. This was the world enclosed by four walls and a roof and a window where he belonged. But somehow he knew that it was not true.

They had warned him that there were high mountains, long & cold rivers, piercing sun-rays and the air too fresh to be inhaled. The warnings were critical enough to scare him.

But today when he got off the bed, walked to the window, unbolted and pushed the panel, he saw high mountains, long & cold rivers, piercing sun-rays, and fresh air. He was now aware that he belonged to this world.

I proudly announce that the above sketch is an original work of artist Chakit Sharma. You can checkout his work on his Instagram handle @chakit.sharma

A little about Analogies: Does it happen to you that when you see an object or anything around you, it gives you a thought that defines the life quite perfectly and leaves you contemplative for a moment? Well, that’s what Analogies is all about. By simple things around us what can we perceive about life. Can we really see life through what is already visible?


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