On a plain land where there is no sign of life, not a single one, you just follow hard terra firma, dry and cracked. The continuity of dead land is being broken by a tree in the middle of the plain land. It is leafless and lifeless. The brittle branches are attached to the tree as if sympathising the tree for what is gone and never promised to return. Just a few yards away there is another tree standing in the same cruel surrounding. Both trees are almost similar just that the second tree has a yellow leaf still attached to it as if deluding the tree for what it possesses.


Through STILLS writer would portray various phases and faces of life in the form of stills. Like a photographer. There would be no movement but each element would say its story. There would be no dialogues but emotions would be communicated.

So the concept is very simple. a photographer can capture a moment, but can a writer do the same?


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