#terrorism 2

“A man in his mid-sixties, guarded by four armed men, AK-47s, is delivering a speech in front of a hundred people. His eyes are red and venomous and sparkling. His nostrils are flaring and a nerve on his neck is on the verge of bursting.

His audience is listening to him carefully. They are holding their AK-47s to the sky. Their eyes are full of hate.

At the far corner, a six-year-old girl in her white frock is licking her ice-cream and looking at all of them with puzzled eyes.”


Through STILLS writer would portray various phases and faces of life in the form of stills. Like a photographer. There would be no movement but each element would say its story. There would be no dialogues but emotions would be communicated.

So the concept is very simple. a photographer can capture a moment, but can a writer do the same?


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