#terrorism 1

“LOOK AT THAT man, that one, in the black jacket, standing in the middle of a crowded street. People are going past him and he is frozen like a stone in a steady river stream. His face is pale as wax. What do you think his age is? Thirty? Twenty two. Twenty two is his age.

At one side of the street, a father is buying an ice-cream for his son. Vanilla, his favourite. At the other side a mother is buying a pair of shoes for his son.

His black jacket seems strangely loose. They have installed a bomb in it and assured him the amenities of jannat. But alas, he can only avail that after his death.

His right hand is in his pocket. His eyes are closed. And his last wish is to have that ice-cream for the first time in his life.”


Through STILLS writer would portray various phases and faces of life in the form of stills. Like a photographer. There would be no movement but each element would say its story. There would be no dialogues but emotions would be communicated.

So the concept is very simple. a photographer can capture a moment, but can a writer do the same?


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