You can’t be choosy about the things that you think you deserve. Yes, you do deserve all the happiness of the world but frankly speaking whenever I get upset on anything that I worked hard upon but failed to fetch, my inner voice just ask one question and that question itself answers everything. The question is, “Was that your 100%?” Answer that came from me was always, “No.” “Then why should you?” My inner voice replied.

There were and will always be numerous ups and downs in your life. Life is never going to be child’s play. Even when you were child, you had numerous challenges to face by your own. Back then even a fly sitting on your nose could create havoc in your life. You’ll surely be facing problems in your life, and believe me that’s fine because that’s life.

I don’t know why but I think I should share a story with you. Story of an angel. Angel? Are you kidding? Is this a kind of fairytale article? Relax. Angel does exist. So here’s the story.

No one have any clue what is going to happen with them in the next moment. Travelling back to my room at Noida from Delhi, in a Metro, my eyes fell on shoes. The toe of the left shoe was torn. I knew I had no money in my account to buy new pair of shoes. I had no money to give the rent of my room and that was more important than buying a new pair of shoes. My ego was holding me back to call my parents for money. I had promised them that I’ll be taking care of myself on economic grounds. ‘Living for your dreams requires a big amount to be paid off’, I had read somewhere and was following just that. Some memories started to flicker in front of my eyes, some happy moments and countless dreams. ‘A broken man’, yes that was the only thing I could call myself.

I reached my room, after playing hide and seek with my landlord for half an hour. Threw my belongings on the table and picked the blanket to cover whole of my body when I lay back on the bed. The moment, lights went out of my sight, tears started to flow. ‘I have spoiled my life’, every thought that crossed my mind had the same conclusion and then suddenly I heard my cell phone beeping. Some messages have arrived.

I picked up the phone, unlocked the screen and read first two messages. First was from my bank stating that 2000 INR has been credited in your account and another one was from Amazon, that your order of XYZ shoes has been placed successfully. I knew who did that. She was my angel.

Now let me tell you why I narrated this story to you? The reason was to let you know that time is the only thing that keeps on changing. If you have determination about anything, just do it. Keep falling, keep rising. Angels are everywhere and they will appear in front of you when you truly need them. Don’t look at the person who seems to be on the upper side of the ladder of success but look at the people who are below you. Be their angel.

If today, you are in a trouble, take a deep breath and start working to make the things right. Don’t wail over your problems, start working upon them.   



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