Blogtour & Giveaway – ‘Millions of faces in a face’


This year, The Author’s Blog is in mood to giveaway as many books as we can. This time we are back with ‘Millions of Faces in a face’ by Priyadeep Kaur.

The book is already creating lots of anxiety among the readers and is being loved all around. You just have to follow 3 simple steps and the book will be delivered to your doorstep. Excited?

What to do?

Step 1 – ‘Like’ our pages (Stay updated with the world of ‘MILLIONS OF FACES IN A FACE’ & AUTHOR PARADISE ( By whom the book is being sponsored) Page links : ‘PRIYADEEP KAUR‘ & AUTHOR PARADISE

Step 2 – ‘Share’ about the ‘Blog Tour’ on your facebook timeline by copying this text.


Step 3 – What’s your first opinion about the book? Answer in the ‘Comments’ section.

That’s it! If you successfully complete the above three steps, you will be lucky enough to get the book at your doorstep.

Some Important Points to Remember:-

  • This competition is for Indian residents only.
  • The results of the competition will be announced on 31st of January, 2015 on ‘Author Paradise’ page (That’s why we request you to please keep on checking the fb page of AP).
  • Don’t forget to use the Hash Tag (#MillionsOfFaces) while posting about the blog tour on your fb timeline. It will help us to track your participation. Without the hash tag your participation will be cancelled.


Dimple Ahluwalia is a single child with a mobile phone, the single way to get in finger with her love… Mangesh Rahangdale lives his life fullest, He is handsome, and fun loving, possibly, loves for fun… Sumit Sharma, a born genius but fails to crack IITs. Finally, he is in love with cigarette… Nainsi and Tasaffur are born in struggling families with a dream of winning poverty… Some ill-omened one loose their parents and do not understand the kismet, so as is Gurmeet… Beside these bits and pieces, it is the sole propose called love… Will they find the true face of their lives or these youngsters will have to appoint a good psychiatrist?


7 thoughts on “Blogtour & Giveaway – ‘Millions of faces in a face’”

  1. Hey
    I feel the books is going to be really intense and amazing concept of what is life, I guess it depicts, the fake emotions we make and we are not.


  2. The title is intriguing and appealing as it points the different aspects of the pros and cons of the modern youth society and the various mood swings we face in the path of life at various stages. I think this books will show the various pallates of humane emotions..The cover page in quite interesting as it urges you to find out whats inside..:)


  3. Just in case if I couldn’t make it in first attempt, I’m reposting my comment!

    I’ve been following her on her Facebook page since last year and is quite excited about her book as the blurb on your blog reveals some plot, I can see something about IITs and modern Indian society has been cooked inside it. That’s why I want to read this book and since Miss Kaur has been a very nice person to me, I would definitely look after to review it on my blog and on my Facebook account as well.


  4. ‘Millions of faces in a face’- The title is really interesting as it is related to the youth. Well, being a part of this young generation, I can very much relate to this type of story. We all have different opinions, and different ways of expressing our emotions. It may even happen that our own opinion contradict our mood for the time being. Honestly, unlike the title of this novel, the cover didn’t attract me much. Though the cover seems ordinary, i hope the story would be extraordinary. All the best to Priyadeep Kaur for her book! 🙂
    Ps: Like. Comment. Share. -All Done! 😀


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