The Forgotten Daughter – Book Review

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‘You were adopted’.
Three simple words, in a letter accompanying her parent’s will, tear Nisha’s carefully ordered world apart. Raised in England, by her caring but emotionally reserved parents, Nisha has never been one to take risks.

Now, with the scrawled address of an Indian convent begins a search for the mother and family she never knew and the awakening of childhood memories long forgotten.

The secrets, culture and people that Nisha discover will change her life forever. And, as her eyes are opened to a side of herself she didn’t know existed, Nisha realizes that she must also seek answers to the hardest question of all – why?

Weaving together the stories of Nisha, Shilpa and Devi, The Forgotten Daughter explores powerfully and poignantly the emotional themes of motherhood, loss and identity – ultimately asking the question of what you would do out of love for your children?


For Parents the most prized possession are their children but sometimes, circumstances plays a pretty cruel role and same happened in the life of Nisha. ‘You were adopted’, was written on the letter which she received from her parents after their death. Her life is now having a big question mark on her existence and all the answers lies in India, a land pretty unknown to her.

Devi and Shilpa are fighting their own battle against the cruel games of life. Devi is giving her last shot to save the life of her mother who is about to slip in the cobwebs of death.

Three women, three different stories, one connection. A brilliantly written book, ‘The Forgotten Daughter’, takes you to the journey of three faces of womanhood and leaves you dumbstruck with overwhelming emotional ride.

Coming to the storyline. At first the book was little confusing because the author has introduced a totally different kind of writing style. It takes a while to adapt that writing style. The author wants you to be exactly at a position from where you can experience the things that the characters want to convey. Slowly the story gets a grip and from then it never leaves you. The chain of situations, the journey of Nisha to find the truth about her real parents, everything grips you till the very end.

This book is actually an emotional ride of motherhood and is highly recommended for those who love to read ‘good and rich’ contemporary fiction. Author’s writing style is pretty unique and lovable. She knows the art of playing with the words.

The only drawback about the book is its beginning which is a bit confusing. So have patience and I can guarantee that it will surely pay off.


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