‘Bestseller she wrote’ by Ravi Subramanian- Book Review

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It is pretty difficult to write something that doesn’t come in your comfort zone and being a successful author on his banking thrillers, trying his hands on something totally different, is surely a thing to be praised. Ravi Subramanian is known for his thrillers based on the banking scenarios. Each and every book of his, creates a ripple among the readers and his fans (I am one of them) just can’t wait to have their hands on it. But this time story was different. Since the announcement of his new book ‘Bestseller she wrote’, a kind of silent anxiety was within everyone. How can he just switch on his genre? How will he be doing justice to it? Many such questions were revolving in everyone’s head. Then finally the copy arrived.

I’ll not talk about the story but will talk about the things that I liked or disliked. Firstly I loved that even there was a switch of genre, author doesn’t left his forte and that is writing a story at a suitable pace. The book is written in such a way that it should not be easy for the reader to put it down. Characters were broadly classified and made sense as they were easy to connect with. Another thing about the book is that it keeps on giving hints that this one is not a usual love story but is having something else to deliver and those who have read Ravi’s previous works, knows exactly that the best work of this author lies at the climax.

Now the thing that I didn’t liked much was the first halve of the book. When you’ll start reading the book you will sense as if you are reading someone else’s work. First half is disappointing for those who love Ravi’s writing style. Another thing was the plot of the book. It was not new at all. Personally, I was a bit disappointed.

Now comes the thing that is out of the box for this book. The climax was something that was not expected by anyone. Ravi proved that he is the ultimate genius and have the ability to fool his readers to give them immense pleasure at the time they turns over the last few pages of the book. The speech that the protagonist gave at the book launch was something tremendous.

Overall the attempt of writing something different was a pretty calculative one. This book is having all the elements to hit at the box office and as the cover says, we’ll soon be watching it up on the big screen. So gear up guys, as we are about to see something awesome.

Do read the book and I can guarantee that this will not disappoint you in any way.


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