Open Letter to Imtiaz Ali – Reaction after watching Tamasha


Dear Imtiaz Ali.

Last evening, I finally decided to watch your movie named ‘Tamasha’ and since then I am feeling a bit disturbed. Firstly, I want to tell you that I am a very big fan of your movies and specially ‘Rockstar’. Rockstar is a kind of movie that moves my heart everytime I watch it. I refrain watching it now because; I lose control on my senses and do something that ‘normal’ people tag as ‘abnormal’. Since I loved Rockstar to that extent, I was pretty excited to watch the trio (Imtiaz – Ranbir Kapoor – A.R. Rahman) again. Somehow I missed the first day show and I do regret it because the reviews started to pour in from everywhere. ‘Midas touch is lost’, ‘same story told yet again’, ‘A totally bad attempt’ and so many opinions disturbed me and soon I lost the interest in watching the movie. I was disappointed to the core but then somehow things turned automatically and on Wednesday, I planned to watch it with my friends.

So now the movie starts and within 5 minutes, I understood that I am going to experience something extra ordinary. In the introductory song, Chali Kahaani, it was pretty clear to me that my Imtiaz is back! First half was predictable and I could see the face of the audience in the intermission that most of the people were disappointed but I still had some hopes that the second half will leave me dumbstruck and believe me, the same happened (At least with me).

Imtiaz sir, hats off to you because the way you portray the characters is something that is unimaginable. Character of ‘Ved’ was something that is not pretty easy to portray on screen because it’s all in his head, the turmoil that he is facing is something that just can’t be expressed to the audience but the moment he stands in front of the mirror and starts to talk is something that took me off chair. Another moment that left me with tears was the scene just before the song ‘Tu Koi Aur hai’. I was unable to leave my seat even after the movie ended. I was still lost in the story of that ‘Nag called Bachchpan’. I have lived my passion and I know how it feels to stand against the world to protect our dreams.

At the end, I want to conclude this with a request that please never stop making these kinds of movies. Let the people say anything but your movies are something that work as fuel for dreams that are burning in our soul. You gave me the reason to work hard and leave the life of mediocrity. I have started to listen to that ‘Nag called Bachchpan’ who keeps on reminding me that I am special. You won’t believe how badly I want to meet you and thank you for this movie.

Your Fan.

(Who started dreaming again!)


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