‘Dark Temptations: The Naughty Proposal’ by Shanaya Taneja – Book Review

10551037_343538402464697_6945419285284199518_n copy

Naughty Proposals is a story of four people looking for some excitement in life without falling in trap of unnecessary love affairs. Basically the story revolves between the relation of Tara and Dheeraj. They work passionately in their respective professional fields, plan for a surprise meet now and then to explore each other on sexual grounds. For them life was meant to enjoy to the fullest but soon, it became addiction.

On the other hand, the connoisseur of these kinds of activities, Sneha, falls in love with Abhimanyu and things starts to jumble up in their lives.

Coming on to the storyline. Except the climax parts, nothing was there that could hook you till the very end. There were some really good erotic scenes between Tara and Dheeraj, but when we talk about characterization, author totally forgot to work on it.

It’s a pretty short book and you can enjoy it on a short journey or on lazy weekends, don’t expect anything exceptional, just wait till the climax, though that is just okay because you can predict that coming if you are in to the story and not carried away by your sexual hormones.


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