‘Anything to look hot’ by Jas Kohli – Book Review

10551037_343538402464697_6945419285284199518_n copy

Title : Anything to look hot
Author : Jas Kohli
Pages : 196
Publisher : Srishti Publishers
Genre : Fiction

Rating :

Cover : 3/5
Plot/Story : 3/5
Characterization : 3/5
Writing Style & Narration : 3/5
Presentation :
Overall :


Sometimes you do come across the books that are written not just to entertain but to give you an insight of the mater which is totally unknown to you. ‘Anything to look hot’ by Jas Kohli is one of those categorical books. The main motive of writing this book was not just to give you a ‘Masaledar’ story but to let you to know the life of plastic surgeon, through his own words.

Jas Kohli, by profession is himself a plastic surgeon so he knows exactly what he’s writing. Anything to look hot is a story of a person who steps up as a surgeon in the industry that works to beautify the world by using medical miracles. He falls in love with his junior who herself is ambitious about her profession. Jas Kohli, through his protagonist explains the life of lime light and also touches the emotional strings of different relationships such as (that I liked the most) father-son relationship. The author, beautifully explains and narrates the story of that lovely relation.

The problem with the book is that it picks up the pace pretty slowly. After about 30 to 40 pages, you’ll understand that the book is something different. It may or may not suit your choice of reading. The book goes a lot more deep into the technicality sometimes that may irritate you and you can end up skipping pages.

The beauty of the book is that it will introduce you to the world that is totally new to us. We haven’t heart lot about the industry of ‘Hotness’. We don’t know anything about plastic surgeons (ignoring the basic knowledge). Their lifestyle is totally different from ours and that’s the key point of this book. Jas Kohli do have some surprises in his book as well, that you would not expect in the first 50 to 60 pages but it does enhances your overall experience of the book.

Do pick up the book only if you seriously want to read something totally unknown to you. If you are picking up this book for entertainment, you may end up getting disappointed.


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