An Ideal Wife… by Sanjay Grover – Book Review

10551037_343538402464697_6945419285284199518_n copy

Title : An Ideal Wife
Author : Sanjay Grover
Pages : 176
Publisher : Good Times Book
Genre : Fiction

Rating :

Cover : 4/5
Plot/Story : 3/5
Characterization : 3.5/5
Writing Style & Narration : 3.5/5
Presentation :
Overall :


“An Ideal Wife…Beware what you wish for!
What happens when the technology savvy Dwarf God, once the driver of the Biggest God in Heaven, sets out to find an Ideal Wife for a man on earth?
Seems like a simple thing for a god to handle, right? But here is the catch – God has never created a girl with all the qualities this man, Sameer, wants in his Ideal Wife. And now, to make matters worse, Dwarf God has to do it without using his divine powers.
Will He be able to find the girl? Will she be an Ideal Wife for Sameer?”


When a simple story is written in an intelligent way and presented in unique way, it results in books like ‘An Ideal Wife’. Writing something funny is not an easy task because you have to be original with your words because that’s the only tool you have got to tickle the funny bones of the reader.

The story starts at the heaven where God is talking about the political scenario of heaven. Due to various circumstances, one of the Gods decides to help out Sameer, an atheist, in finding an ideal wife for him. Talking about Sameer, he’s a stud who never loses a bet. During an office party, he dragged himself in a debate and ended up with a bet of finding An Ideal wife. This bet started to take over his thinking and slowly started to turn him mad. There comes the God to help him out but the demands of for his ideal wife left God in confusion because according to him, there was not a single woman on earth who could match up with the expectations of Sameer. There begins the hunt of ideal wife. Somehow Sameer, with the help of God, did find the match but was he right with the requirements he had for his ideal wife? ‘Beware of what you wish for’, was the only thing that kept on revolving within Sameer’s head.

The story starts with a gripping plot and soon you’ll start enjoying the conversations between different characters of the story. Middle part of the book, the hunting part in indulging as well but the book is pretty weak with the ending portion. Almost 50 or so pages are predictable and the anxiety that the author generated within the reader at the beginning, dies with disappointment.

Overall there are many elements in the story that will keep you engrossed till the end and the conversations between God and Sameer did made my lips part for a smile. The overall story is simple but the concept within which the story has been wrapped is pretty interesting to read.

It’s a fun read, do grab your copy!


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