‘WHY DO WE WRITE?’ – By Sandeep Sharma

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The question that we, authors/ writers, come across numerous of times, Why Do we Write?
Are we being paid heavily? Nope. Lakhs or crores of readers would be waiting for our work? Nope (or maybe, not sure!) Any hidden secret? Well, yes. There are some!

  • We are introvert. For us, presenting our opinion may not be always to debate over the topic. May be we would just like to put forward our thoughts and let it go. We are not good with our verbal communication but still do have ideas and confidence over them that these ideas can make a difference and that’s why, we decided to write them up and the world decide their fates.
  • We have stories to tell. Well everyone is having a story to tell but we are determined to pull it out of our mind and pour on paper for others. We are unable to sleep because the characters that we are developing on our unconscious mind are continuously pinging us up to grand him/her a life.

Whenever you read a fiction, you grand the character of the book a life and his world would be your own mind. Be proud!

  • We can dare to live our passion. Yes, living your passion, now-a-times is the biggest dare. Like every other creative work, writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. You’ll have to face rejections, you’ll have to face criticism, and you’ll have to live the most vulnerable life but believe me, its worth.
  • We are confused in our life and now want to put the confusion forth our readers. We have no clue about the depth of human nature but have the desire to figure it out or in simple words, we are frustrated because of the surroundings, the fake masks all around and all this frustration is killing us inside, every day. So when at night, we get the time to think, in the darkest hour of the day, when we can hear our inner self, we chose to pour that frustration out, on a piece of blank paper.
  • We write because we can write!

5 thoughts on “‘WHY DO WE WRITE?’ – By Sandeep Sharma”

  1. I wish a golden period will come for authors in terms of social and economic way..Although an author is not concern with economic way unless his days r going without any disturbance.


    1. You are absolutely correct but yes, we all do know that a small driving force is necessary to pursue your passion as well. An author puts up around 1000’s of hours to complete a manuscript, he does deserve appreciation in return. Hopefully, golden period will surely come up.

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