A Half Baked Love Story… by Anurag Garg & Gunjan Narang – Book Review

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Title : A half baked love story
Author : Anurag Garg & Gunjan Narang
Pages : 240
Publisher : Srishti Publisher
Genre : Fiction

Rating :

Cover : 4/5
Plot/Story : 3/5
Characterization : 3.5/5
Writing Style & Narration : 3.5/5
Presentation :
Overall :


Have you ever: Been a prey to love at first sight? Proposed your girl after boozing and fainted before knowing her answer? Went to your first date with an empty wallet? Got caught kissing your girl by none other than her father? Risked your IIT exam ‘to meet her for the last time’?

Well, if this excites you enough, here is an enchanting read for you all, A Half-Baked Love Story!

The book unfolds a candid narration by a love struck, dumb struck and spellbound guy, Aarav, who confesses every last detail of his love story to his drunkard friends on a new year night. The tale of his first love Anamika. This story is a feel good love story of these two very different characters as they understand the Pangs and Pleasures of first love while battling with the situations that life has placed them in. The book takes a dig at our so called ‘modern society’ and peer pressure in one’s life.

Just when life seems perfect, Love chooses its own routes. From the first glimpse to the last letter! What happens finally?


‘Half Baked Love story’ was in my reading list since ages and finally when I got time to pick it up and read, I finished it in one sitting only. But was that because of the interest that it developed within me or because of excitement of finally reading it? Will let you know shortly.

Firstly the cover of the book is stunningly designed. It actually built the momentum for a reader. Story starts with Aarav’s college life. The carefree attitude and insulting behavior was the highlight of first few chapters of the book and not to mention, those were utterly boring to read as they were repeated (I have read this many times earlier as well). Now as anticipated, the protagonist, Aarav had a story to tell about his past love, which actually kicks out the boredom of the novel.

The second half is written a way better than the first half. It had some elements that could force your grip over the story tighten and transforms your reading journey to a delightful read. The climax of Aarav’s past story was truly unexpected and had the tendency to leave the reader with tears in their eyes but the good thing about the book was the end of it. It ended on a positive note. Another mention is that Hindi poetry at the very end, superb one.

Overall, the book is having nothing to deliver that could be called fresh but still even working on the tried and tested recipe of a love story, both the author had done justice with the plot and the readers will not feel cheated after reading the story. A decent read.


2 thoughts on “A Half Baked Love Story… by Anurag Garg & Gunjan Narang – Book Review”

  1. please clear my confusions… we see that anamika committed suicide… aarav went to her pyre & hospital … making it true that she died … but how could radhika or miskha can ask in last chapter that where is she now? and aarav replys that i don’t know where she is now but wherever she is she may remain happy


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