That Frequent Visitor… by K. Hari Kumar – Book Review

10551037_343538402464697_6945419285284199518_n copy

Title : That Frequent Visitor
Author : K. Hari Kumar
Pages : 202
Publisher : Srishti Publisher
Genre : Fiction

Rating :

Cover : 4/5
Plot/Story : 4/5
Characterization : 4/5
Writing Style & Narration : 4/5
Presentation :
Overall :


Why are outsiders not allowed on Vypeen Island after sunset? What brought Richard Baxter to the dreaded Clifford Mansion in 1948? Where did Baxter and his wife disappear on the night of Pournami? Who is the visitor that the fishermen fear so much? How do true love and destiny justify their existence? How far will One Man go for the one he loves? Will he go beyond death?

Six decades later, Shiuli Dutta is mysteriously lured into the Mansion, where she encounters the ghost of Richard Baxter. The grieving ghost tells her an incomplete story of its life.
A story that will reveal the darker side of a man’s mind. A story that shall unveil a venomous truth of the past. A story so sinister that it could alter the fate of an entire nation’s future. A story of courage and cowardice, of deceit and insanity.


The genre that still needs to be discovered truly by the Indian authors and readers is ‘Horror’. ‘That Frequent Visitor’ by K Hari Kumar is one of the decent take over the journey of unknown, the journey of writing ‘Horror’ for the Indian Audience (Though the book is not completely for the Indian audience only because the author presents the same book with a pen name of John Harker for foreign audience as well).

I don’t know why but horror genre excites me a bit and before reading the book, I already had high expectations from the book. The cover of the book is exceptional as it creates the anxiety to pick up the book and start reading it at the very spot.

The story picks up its pace pretty early and the slight hint of supernatural hooks you at the very start of the story. Narrative style of the author is something to look for but the story suddenly starts to lose the attention of reader in the middle section of the story but the suspense will never let you stop reading it further. Thing that annoyed me a bit was that, more than being a supernatural drama, it became a political thriller with a pinch of romantic angle in it.

The book fell a bit short to cope up with the vast plot about which the author had to write. Though the author did great work in the climax part as it was totally unexpected and hit the reader out of blue.

Overall the book doesn’t disappoint you because the plot is excellent but if you are looking for something exceptional over the horror genre, then this book is not written for you. The book does contain the flavor of something unique in it and the promising writing style of author, will not let you leave the book midway.


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