The Outlander… by Abhijit Haldar – Book Review

10551037_343538402464697_6945419285284199518_n copy

Title : The Outlander
Author : Abhijit Haldar
Pages : 248
Publisher : Leadstart Publishing
Genre : Mythological Fantasy Fiction

Rating :

Cover : 3/5
Story : 3.5/5
Characterization : 3/5
Writing Style & Narration : 3.5/5
Presentation :
Overall :


“I am from a war. I will either end in one, or live it to fight another. It, keeps me going.”

17 years after the Battle of Dert, a war had been waged by Wale over Dorin. The vengeance of Dercallume threatens the whole kingdom as he orders for a dragon-fire. The perished hopes of the outnumbered men of Dorin are revived when Roin Avon comes to the war with an oblivious sword, the Stalwart. Thought to be forged with a soul by alchemy, it is the mightiest weapon in the whole of Darthé that helps them to evade the war and run into exile. They head to the Frozen Kingdom for the Frozen Games, which if won, would let them the strongest weapon of the kingdom.

“Who am I? I am an Outlander. This is not what I should be.”

Supposed to be the last Outlander of the Outlandish race who are people with half souls, Roin’s existence will prove threat to the rule. And with the unfulfilled vengeance of the mad-man, evil forces are allying and preparing for a war somewhere in the West.
Roin must confront the truth and find answers to his questions, and lead the comradeship of his fellowmen to the other kingdoms, while the darker minds are prevailing and aiming for a crown much craved for.


For the debutant, the most difficult question before the launch of the book is always that whether the readers will accept me and if the genre is pretty different from the usual’s in the market then the risk doubles itself. The same question would have arrived in front of Abhijit Haldar, author of The Outlander.

Debuting with a storyline that is based on Mythological Fantasy Fiction is a tough call and I would like to appreciate the author to take up this decision. He wrote something pretty unusual and the imagination used to come up with this kind of book is appreciable.

The book is basically divided into two parts. The first one is ‘The Battle of Two realms’. This is the part where Roin, the protagonist, is introduced. Amidst the battle where every side is fighting for different motive and trying to prove themselves as superior, I loved the way Roin wins over the heart of the reader. Many elements, the war methods, and creatures those were imaginary and other few concepts, do make you think about the beautiful imagination of the author.

The second part takes the story to another level. ‘The City Of Kurmime’ is about the aftermath of the war when Gods start to take up the journey to frozen lands but rests in Kurmime. The city has its own secrets and the description of the city makes this part a lot more enjoyable than the first one.

Presentation of the book is pretty good, writing style is decent but the thing that takes this book to new heights is the imagination part.

Now talking about the negatives of the book. The start of the book is not gripping. The dialogues used to take up the story are very weak. Another thing is characterization. It is almost impossible to imagine the characters as the author haven’t focused on the characterization part.

The first part falls flat in comparison of second part in all respects but that doesn’t mean that the first part was a dull read but that the second part is far more good.

Overall, this book is pretty fresh in the market in comparison to other genres prevailing in Indian scenario. If you love these kind of genre, do pick it up.


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