Finders, Keepers by Sapan- BOOK REVIEW


It is not every day when you complete a 600+ pages long book. When I got this book I immediately realised that it is going to be journey, a long journey.  A huge graphic of Lord Shiva and silhouettes of two men on the cover inform that it is going to be a mythological suspense thriller. So does the blurb enlighten.

‘Mysterious murders are taking place, one after another leaving same signs and patterns. Two men, one IB officer and other celebrated writer, are appointed to unravel the mystery. In their quest they find that the motive of the murders is concealed deep in the great Indian spiritual history and the victims are the members of the most secreted group of the world. Members are protecting the hidden glorious Indian past of science and technology, worthy enough to change the world and entire human race ’

Mythological thriller. Told you.

Sapan did a fabulous work in setting the plot. His research is indeed mesmerising. The events of the book were presented with so much information that sometimes you took a second or two to realise back that you are reading a fiction work there. So genuinely, I doubt on the need of so much information in simply introducing a character. But nevertheless, Sapan, being a science graduate, did extraordinarily well in writing this tale.

The story is convincing, engaging and keeps you hooked till the end’

The first half of the book is a masterpiece of mythological thrillers. Mysterious murders. Same clues. Two detectives. Right amount of suspense was maintained and exposed at the right time.  But in the second half the book seemed to go on a loop. The story lost its pace. But that did not make it less interesting. The suspense was still maintained. And you still find yourself glued to it.

The writing style of the book was smooth and made it pleasant to read. Otherwise 600 pages won’t be possible to be read. The English used is attractive yet effortless. You can easily read 100 -200 pages in one go. All credits go to story, of course, but you cannot disregard the style in which it has been written.

One major setback of this book is lack of narration and detailing. Almost entire story, especially the second half, has been written in the conversation of the characters. Being a reader of traditional thrillers I had expected a bit more detailing and narration.

Overall it’s a great book. Sapan was genius in writing this story. It is a must read for all the mythological thriller fans and if you are not the same. This, certainly, can be –or better to call- should be your first. So if you are on a long journey or having a long weekend, this is right book for you.

“Finders, Keepers is a saga, convincingly exploring the glorious past of Indian culture and history through a remarkable storyline”




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