Rise of the Setting Sun… by Suvashish Mukhopadhyay

10551037_343538402464697_6945419285284199518_n copy

Title : Rise of the Setting Sun
Author : Suvashish Mukhopadhyay
Pages : 318
Publisher : Authorspress Publication
Genre : Fiction

Rating :

Cover : 3/5
Story : 2.5/5
Characterization : 4.4/5
Writing Style & Narration : 4.5/5
Presentation :
Overall :

Overview :

This book is nothing but the candid story of an ordinary engineering student. The central character of the book is named Animesh who is frustrated due to imposition of wrong vocation of Civil Engineering on him by the family members. The book talks of struggle, tears, labour, emotion, stress and lastly joy of Animesh. After completion of graduation in engineering Animesh opted for post graduation. He was a scholar who was wrongly placed in a wrong vocation. The book talks of the childhood, boyhood, student hood and manhood of Animesh. It is shown that in all the critical junctures of his life Animesh had only choice which is none else than teaching profession. A person can be only happy if he gets his preferred profession. Asmita the wife of Animesh had to struggle enormously for the stubborn nature of Animesh. The mission of the author is to show the correct path to the generations to come and awaken the dormant talent within a person which is in deep slumber due to wrong guidance and lack of counselling.

Review :

These are the times of experimenting with the readers of Indian Literature. Slowly the readership is increasing and with that the courageous authors are also coming up, trying to provide something different to the readers and one such experiment is done by Suvashish Mukhopadhyay in his work titled ‘The Rise of the Setting Sun’.

Through this book, author speaks about the most neglected community in India – Students. Animesh, the protagonist of the story speaks about his choices and the influence of the surroundings on his mental state. How small happenings around us, shapes our life, unknowingly and how small decision of ours that we take under someone else’s influence, makes us suffer for whole life.

Animesh was not very bright student and the reason was, he never had any idea why studies are so important and what’s the basic way to study? Different people had different opinion but finally he got his answer and started loving the books. He loved the subject of Chemistry but because of some circumstances, he was forced to take up Civil for his graduation. That was his biggest mistake. Life started to complicate further and that lead to depression and failure on every possible ground for Animesh.  Then he met his hobby and strived to make it his profession, it was the only escape possibly left for him. The hobby was, teaching.

The specialty of the book is not its story but its presentation. Small events of life that do occur with everyone and tends to shape our thinking but we ignore them assuming to be very normal, are very beautifully described by the author in this book. Some events will surely touch your soul and can take you back on the memory lane.

Another thing that I loved about the book is the simplicity of language. Narration of the book actually flows. Each chapter talks about different event of Animesh’s life and in every chapter there’s a hidden message for the reader. Beautiful quotes of the famous personalities, personifies the writing of the book.

This book is basically an autobiography (Author uses a different name but basically it is his own story. Read the story first and then look at the author’s bio, you’ll find many similarities) of an ordinary Indian. It’s the collection of memories that shaped the person out of it.

Now the downfalls of the book. Being a different kind of book, it needs a different approach of reading. You should be aware that there’s no story in the book. When I started this book, I felt an urge to leave it because I can see no particular direction where author wanted to take me forward. Blurb is weak. The basic attachment with the book can be felt after around completion of 50 or so pages. Sometimes narration becomes really slow and that detaches the readers interest from the book.

Overall the book deserves to be read by the readers who want to read something that can leave them spell bounded and make them think over life yet again. This is a kind of book that you’ll surely want to keep in your bookshelf and bookmark some pages to read again and again. Do give it a try, hope you’ll like it.



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