Character Development in a Story – Friday’s with DX #7

Fridays with DX

Hello guys!

I have missed this spot! But don’t worry I will make-up for that. So today I present to you an interesting session between a writer and one of the character from his story. This is a quick glance at the character development stage of a story in progress (Not kidding. This is how it is done).

*Warning* – Please don’t try this at home…. or anywhere else.

Character Development in a Story

Writer: Hi. Your name is Samuel Goodwill. You are American. 5’10”…uh…5’11”. Fair color. Blond hair. 28, Male.

Character: Sounds good.

Writer: You work in a large MNC as an IT engineer with generous salary. The MNC is involved in many criminal activities under the hood.

Character: So I am the bad guy!?

Writer: Not exactly. You don’t know anything about that. But you still secure most of their transactions. Part of your job.

Character: What’s my role in this story? It better be good.

Writer: You play an important role in this story. You will be introduced in chapter 3…

Character: I am important!

Writer: …and murdered in chapter 21.

Character: Wh…What?

Writer: This is a crime thriller. People must die.

Character: But why me? Kill someone else!

Writer: Others will die too.

Character: Do I get to do something interesting before I die. *winks*

Writer: Well… I haven’t thought about that. Story is still in progress.

Character: Give me something. Do I have a girlfriend?

Writer: No. You’re married. And a pervert.

Character: Wow! How is she? How does she look? Do I get a lovemaking scene?

Writer: She’s not that important. She dies in the following chapter after her brief introduction.

Character: Why would you do that? What about that love-making scene?

Writer: Well…I’ll think about that.

Character: Come on man! Give me a mistress.

Writer: You can’t afford one.

Character: You mentioned ‘Generous Salary’, remember?

Writer: Your wife spent a lot of money.

Character: Thank god you killed her! But give me an intimate scene. You know they are important in crime thrillers.

Writer: There are already some intimate scenes. We don’t need any more….

Character: Come on man! Don’t be a party spoiler!

Writer: *Grunts* How about we make you homosexual? Maybe I’ll put in a small intimate scene for you.

Character: Hey! You can’t do that! You’re crossing your limit!

Writer: Yes I can. And I am writer… I have no limits.

Character: But why? And with whom?

Writer: Fernando. The guy who delivers pizza in your office.

Character: The pizza delivery guy? You kidding me?

Writer: You’re a desperate man Mr. Goodwill.

Character: You goddam sexy writer!

Writer: Come again?

Character: Oh look at those eyes! And that beautiful nose. Your lips…

Writer: Ok. Stop it!

Character: Oh I just want to kiss you…

Writer: Bisexual. You’re bisexual.

Character: Better. So how about that love-making scene?

Writer: I just gave you. With the pizza delivery guy.

Character: But now I am bisexual. How will the readers figure it out?

Writer: Hmmm… you’re right. You’ve earned yourself another intimate scene.

Character: Yes! With whom? How does she look?

Writer: Your Boss’s secretary. Her name is Mary. She’s 41, married, with two kids.

Character: You don’t like me very much Mr. Writer.

Writer: As I said earlier, you’re a desperate man. We need to keep things on track.

Character: What else?

Writer: You complain a lot. But in the end you agree to whatever is provided to you.

Character: I figured out that much.

Writer: You somehow figure out the inconsistency in sales figures. You try to tell it to your boss and then you are stabbed to death.

Character: Gruesome! Why not just a bullet in the head?

Writer: Stabbing is painful. Causes a slow death. Adds to the drama.

Character: Ok. You hate me. I get it.

Writer: I am still not sure about the middle part of the story. Your character plays a critical role here. Do you mind if I adjust your character a little?

Character: Go ahead. You’re the boss. But no more changes in sexual preference.

Writer: Ok. So your name is Ralph Jackson. You’re are….

Character: Not againnnnnnnnn….!


I hope you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to drop your feedback in the comments section below.

Stay alive and keep writing 🙂


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