Setting and Conflict for short story: #7 Monday with Abhishek

Mondays With Abhishek

As I mentioned in my previous post of Mondays with Abhishek, a short story has three parts; The Characters, the setting and the conflict. The characters I have described in last post of Mondays with Abhishek. Let me introduce you to the second and also most potential idea generator for your story i.e. The setting.

The setting is a place or time where or when your story has been set up. This provides you surroundings to set your storyline. This may be a real word time or place like world war two or 1947: India’s Partition or anything that has been enfolded in the history pages or as author you have the boon to create your own setting for your story like J. K. Rowling did in Harry Potter and J. R. R. Tolkien in Lord of the Rings.

The conflict is the third major part of your story. Conflict, if I put in simple words, is what is going to happen in your story? What is the problem that your character is facing in given setting? The conflict may be a lack of confidence in your character to propose his girlfriend or lack of ammo for your sniper to take his final shot to kill your villain? What is your character going to do in that situation, find out that and your story would be ready with all ingredients. Give it a try.

Happy writing.


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