How to create character for your story: #6 Mondays with Abhishek


A story has three ingredients; a character, a setting and a conflict. To write a story you have to create all of them according to your idea. I will discuss setting and conflict in my succeeding post of Mondays with Abhishek. Let’s now discuss how to create a character for your story.

Characters are the most important element of your story. The whole story should revolve around your character. I have come across a few ways you can create your characters:

Observation: let’s say you are in a super market, observe a Joulie buying a pair of undergarment from the nearby shop. Now create a character of Joulie. What is her fantasy? Is she married or not? Does she have children? Is she physically satisfied with her husband? Your Joulie could be completely different from mine.

Name of the character: Imagine a name, say Ronit, what do think about him? My Ronit is a 23 years old charming, muscular dandy who drives Royal Enfield and lots of hot girls. What does your Ronit be like? Again he could be completely different form my Ronit.

You: This is the most common and simple way to create your character. Because it’s none another than you. What do you want? Where do you fall in life and how would you rise up from there? Or anything. Just write yourself and the story around you.

Was it helpful? No? Then, create your own way to develop your character. No hard feelings. It’s fiction, right? Everyone is the creator of his world.
Happy reading.


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