Book Review: Rage in the jungle, Raj on the street by Doctor Kesi

Rage in the jungle, Raj on the street

Title: Rage in the jungle, Raj on the street
Author: Doctor Kesi
Number of pages: 250
Pubisher: Frog


About the book:

Rage in the Jungle, Raj on the Street, is a story that captures the essence of a group of people caught in a strange predicament. Political activist Neema unwittingly puts her family – a widowed mother, old husband, a little daughter in jeopardy, while pursuing Buddha, the encounter specialist, for his false encounters. Buddha, with his dogmatic belief in an extreme definition of patriotism, was tempted to stage false encounters on a terrorist couple. Chased by his pursuers, he finds himself in an awkward place, which he must have not dreamed of in the wildest of his dreams. Sambhu, an absconded bonded labor-turned Maoist was in Neemas company, knowing precious little of how fast his criminal past would catch up with him. Or that he would again meet the same terrorist-cum arms peddler from whom he had purchased the AK47s, in exchange for hashish, cultivated to fund Maoist activities.



THE LANGUAGE: You pick up this book and writer would take you to a boat decorated with polished language and would sail you to the deep ocean of English literature. Polished English, beautiful adjectives, masterfully placed metaphors make Rage in the jungle… a treat, a delightful treat for literature lover.

THE DETAILING: Detailing of the book was minute, beautiful and engaging. Some incidents were so beautifully written that you can’t just miss a single phrase, given that you have a strong vocabulary or a Merriam Webster to cope with the language used in the book.

THE STORY: The book lacks a brick in here. I wouldn’t say the story was not good. No, not at all. Just it failed to rivet me with itself. The story was told so slow that it tested my patience a few times. But thanks to the writer’s creativity and imaginatively dipped in beautiful English literature, I somehow glued to the storyline.

THE WRITING STYLE: Cant be better, I must say. May be, the storyline was not gripping but the way it has been written has paid the damages wonderfully.

THE CHARACTERS: They were strong and wonderfully written. I could manage to connect each one of them distinctly.


Overall review:

“Rage in the jungle, Raj on the street is a journey of love, thrill, patriotism, suspense, adventure folded in 250 pages inscribed with impeccable and elegant language.”

Rating: 4/5


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