4 icebreakers to use on girls: Mondays with Abhishek #3


It’s 11:30 pm already. I am afraid I won’t come up with something for this Monday. Or wait ?? 
Boys, I present to you a list of icebreakers. 
Gear up.

1) hey! I am new in this town. I have this five-beautiful-thing-to-watch list. I don’t understand why am I not seeing you in this.

2) hey angel! I am glad you are back from the paradise.

3) Can I have your photograph for my calendar? You would turn my December into June.

4) Are you free to watch or government has put tickets on you?


4 thoughts on “4 icebreakers to use on girls: Mondays with Abhishek #3”

  1. wow cool pick ups..well if that girl is a nerd she may be liking this too:
    1) I wish i were helicase, so that i can unzip your genes.
    2) You are so cute that you make my zygomasticus muscles to contract ( muscles responsible for smiling )
    3)are you full of BEryllium, gold (AUrum), TEllyrium? you look BEAUTI-ful
    4) i wish i were your tangent so that i can touch your curves!
    5) (this one dirty :p ) Is that a sin to watch your tan body lieing on my cot? (sin, tan, cot are trignometric ratios )
    PS: for geeks only :p PPS: thank you my nerdy friends for using this and now i am sharing that.


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