Third Degree : Mondays with Abhishek #2

Electric chair, nails mining, eyes damage were the forms of third degree. Very effective. Though I have discovered a new method of torture yet I warn you not to read and execute. Dare to have a look.

third degree

Imagine this; you are in a dark empty room, sitting on a chair at the centre. Your hands are tied behind the chair and your eyelids are forcefully gummed to your forehead. Forced to watch. A guy enters in the room with a tv set and put it in front to you. He walks out, leaving you alone with the tv. You wonder what is about to happen. Suddenly tv is switched on and a female voice coming from it hits your eardrum. It sounds familiar. As you frighteningly turn your eyes to tv, you look at the screen flashing ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ Oh fuck! You are dead.

You quiver your body but the knot is tight on your hand. You try to close your eyes but adhesive don’t allow. You are trapped, my son. Like a fish. You scream, scream for help but there would be nobody but Simar and her sister. Beautiful and distressing. They will cry. You will cry. They will laugh. You will cry.

And then at the end when you would be discharging bubbles from your mouth, and your eyes would be emitting blood and you would be dead like a small insect in the merciless desert. The same familiar voice would sing ‘Sasural Simar Ka’!! 


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