8 Points to let you know that ‘Long Distance Relationship’ is turning you MAD!!!

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Welcome to Wednesday’s With Sandeep Sharma. Today’s hot topic of discussion is for all those couples who are burning under the heat of LDR. I salute those noble souls and dedicate this article on their regular activities. Lets have a look at some points which are pretty common between the people who are suffering from the disease called love under the category of LDR.

  • On every single sound from your mobile phone, your heart beat races up and you jump up to the phone expecting her name to appear over the screen but feel heartbroken to see your mobile company’s new offer related message/call.
  • You smile unknowingly, lying on the bed, watching the ceiling fan turn. You have no idea what you are thinking about or smiling at but still your lips get widened.
  • You stare stars a little longer than a normal person do.
  • You feel alien while sitting between your ‘so called’ regular friends group.
  • You start finding Romantic Novels interesting and Bollywood songs lovely. You’ll often cry while doing these two activities.
  • If someone else took his/her name in front of you, you’ll blush.
  • You’ll suddenly turn into a poet/ poetess.
  • While chatting you’ll start interpreting or decoding the messages behind the ‘Different Smileys’.

Being in love is the most fantastic and lively feeling in this world. So if you are suffering from all these listed points don’t feel depressed and just think of your soul mate who is thinking about you right at this moment and is smiling remembering you. So if you are turning mad, feel happy about it because there’s nothing else in this world which is better than this particular madness.


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