Happy Mondays: Mondays with Abhishek #1

Happy Mondays

Hello Readers,

This is Abhishek Dixit from The Author’s Blog and today is, perhaps, the most disheartening day of the week, Monday. Boring. Unexciting. But you know what the worse is- it comes again. But I have taken the pledge. ‘From this Monday I will be here with a post on every Monday ensuring to put a smile on your face by one way or other.’

So today I am here with a post ‘Happy Mondays: if you know the right way’. I have brought down few interesting facts and stats about Mondays from the internet and interpreted in my way and provided a solution of it. Have a look. 🙂

Most People don’t crack a smile on Monday till 11:16AM.

Ask someone to tickle your side belly. Forget smile, you will laugh. You will laugh your heart out. Trust me, I have tested it. It felt good.

Fifty percent people find it difficult to get off bed in morning.

Buy an alarm clock saying ‘Karan Johar is lying next to you, naked.’
It works for both genders. They both jolt. In case if it doesn’t work try it with Tushar kapoor, Justin Bieber and Kamal R Khan.

Sixty percent people don’t make love at Monday night.

Get Mila Kunis or Magan Fox. You will do it 24×7. If not possible, find the available cheap alternatives like Rakhi Sawant or anything which have five fingers (preferable).

17% of suicides happen on Monday.

Now I don’t believe in this stat because watching Suryvansham yet again on Set Max on Monday afternoon doesn’t count as suicide. It would have been hiked to 71% otherwise.


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