‘THE TRIAL OF 2091’ by Sarang – BOOK REVIEW

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In the year 2091, ideal age for human kind, they build a perfect system which ensures justice to all. No crime will go unpunished. It causes a certain change in society. But then a murder in crime-proof system brings together few people- two in love, a father, a genius, and an officer of law. A certain chain of events will trigger and put the whole world on trial. The trial of 2091.


  • Writer reaches at the peak of the imagination and creativity.
  • Detailing was minute and convincing.
  • Plot was very strong and interesting.


  • Lack of smooth flow of words.
  • Arrangement of chapters.


This book will start and welcomes you in the year 2091. Setting of the story is wonderful. Wonderful, indeed. Very imaginative, creative and encouraging. One does not expect a sci-fi fantasy from the Indian authors.

Writing a story in this kind of complex and intricate setting would have not been the simple task. Sarang took the challenge and nailed it skilfully, confidently and sportingly.

“To enjoy the book, try and out-think me- there is more than one mystery to solve”
Sarang said before starting the story

So full marks for the creativity, imagination and the concept.

As author has set-up the story in 2091, a completely new setting, so small things about that new world like seven sense graph, nech –technology, spiders etc needed to be described. And writer does that quite brilliantly. The graphics presented at the start of the book proved very vital in reading and understanding the story.

The writing style could have been smoother. There was lack of smooth flow of words. A few times I felt stuck at the middle of the sentence and then interpreted the sense a fraction of second later.

The arrangement of chapters of this book was unnecessarily making it complicated and also forcefully ensuring it a one-go read. If you go for a break or a movie perhaps you will find yourself indulged in the previous chapters that you have read already to find out what happened when. A simple plain chain of event could have done the work for this already-so-much-interesting-thing-to-understand book.

Overall, The trial of the 2091 was a wonderful, refreshing and courageous attempt. It is a definitely must read book. I could have given it 3.5 out of 5 but extra point five for the concept and attempt.

4 out of 5.


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